How Big Is Your Waist

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Brooke - May 31

I'm 16 weeks pregnant with twins and I'm concerned I'm not getting very big. My waist is 42 inches around the belly button and I was wondering what some of you other ladies were measuring just to compare


amy - May 31

Hi brooke. I'm 17 weeks pregnant with twins but i only measure 46 inches around my waist. I guess some people just dont get that big, or maybe we'll start growing more later on


jb - May 31

i was told that you are only going to grow out in front so far and then you are going to grow out the sides. I haven't checked how big I am and I will be 18 weeks tomorrow with twins.


sara - June 1

That does make more sense. do you know when that is meant to start happening?


amy - June 1

yeh i agree with sara.


Brooke - June 1

It does make sense. I was concerned because I'm not gaining any weight. My bellys getting bigger but the scale hasn't moved. I don't have much of an appet_te


Elizabeth - June 7

I am now 28wks4days and it seemed to take forever to really start to grow. All I kept hearing from everyone was that there was no way I could be having twins, I wasnt big enough. But it finally came I measure over a month and a half bigger than I am. Just wait, you'll grow overnight.


jt - July 1

Im 11 weeks and Im starting to show, Although other people cant tell yet. It just looks like I have a pot belly, but the other day the b___ton on my jeans popped off!


Amanda - July 19

I measure 37 1/2 inches so far which the doctors say is quite small for 19 weeks, but it's about 12 inches more than what is normal for me -- so I think maybe it would be more accurate to compare how big you are with how big you were before pregnant.


Jessica - August 3

I'm pregnant with octuplets because of fertility drugs. I am only 15 weeks and my belly is 65 inches. I have about 15 weeks to go to. I don't know how much i can withstand. Help?


Ashley - August 3

Well, Jessica. I think that it normal. I mean, I am also pregnant with octuplets and i am 17 weeks. My belly is about 74 inches and i am doing fine. No pain. So, good luck on your pregnancy...don't fret.


ummm.... - August 3

wow. EIGHT?


Lisa - August 4

At the "end" of my twin pregnancy (36 weeks), I measured 52.. but I think the unit of measurement was "sonimeters"? At any rate, I was huge, which was why they took them early. They were 6lbs 8 oz and 6lbs 14 oz at 36 weeks, and one got in front of the other one, "tandem style", which accounted for why I looked like a stretch limo, and had to sit sideways at any table in order to reach my silverware. I got a tummy tuck after. Best thing I ever did. My frat girls are now 12. I think alot of the waist size has to do with their positioning, and the length of your waist. I have practically no waist, so there was no where to go but straight out.


Ashley - August 4

hey lisa..can you give me some tipes. I'm having eight babies. (maybe...) I don't know. But can you help me since you have had more experience?


Lisa - August 7

Ashley, I would never deign to give anyone who is blessed with 8 babies any advice, as you are walking in shoes I have never worn. Nevertheless, I do relate to size issues, high risk issues, and can share experiences with you. I had eclampsia with the first girl who is now 15 (siezed, had a mild stroke,and lost my eyesight temporarily due to retinal hemmoraging). I was told it was rare to experience this syndrome in subsequent pregnancies, 'Unless you have a multiple pregnancy" uhhh... when i found out I was pregnant with triplets (one fizzled out week 12, and I ended up with only 2), I was pretty scared that I might have eclampsia or pre-eclampsia again ( archaically known as "toxemia"). My doctor said I could reduce the risk greatly by just laying on my LEFT side... and not doing too much, physically. Some doctors are experimenting with low-dose asprin therapy to prevent pre-eclampsia, but I would NEVER TRY anything my doctor didn't know about and OK. At any rate, I was able to keep eclampsia at by with my multiple pregnancy. I would think, with octuplets, your biggest concerns would be risk of early delivery for the babies, and pre-eclampisa (sudden onset of High blood pressure, uric acid /protein in urine, etc). Since you are a high risk pregnancy and probably being monitored very frequently, you are doing all you can. My babies all had heavy birthweights for their gestational ages (all were early), and I attribute that to ingesting a lot of protein during pregnacy. With the twins I took in 125 grams of protein a day by way of soy protein shakes. Elizabeth Noble's book "Having twins" was a marvelous resource for me, and I took her advice on protein consumption. My oldest was born at 31 weeks, and weighed four and a half pounds, nine weeks early! The twins were born at 36 weeks, and weight six and a half and six pounds, fourteen oz! Term for multiples is earlier, as the stress on teh babies helps to facilitate their maturation, so don't stress on trying to get to 40 weeks. I will pray for you and wish you the best of everything. A marvelous and wonderous thing is happening to you! Congratulations! [email protected]


Ashley - August 15

thanks alot. right now, i need all the help i can get. i just recentlybjust turned 20 weeks. my belly now is 82 inches. my belly touches my legs when i sit and my belly almost touches my toes. It is about 6 inches away. i love being pregnant. i am a cat lover, so when i sit down, i can fit 7 full-grown cats on my stomach. i also can't eat at the table anymore. Instead i put my whole meal on my belly. Lastly, i can't sit in the car. Instead, i have to lie on my back in the back seats and my belly barely touches the top of the car.


ashley - September 13

hello. i am about 25 weeks pregnant. I am trying to go to at leats 28 or 29, but i don't know. How is everyone doing? my belly is 96 inches and strangely, i don't have any stretch marks. Yep, my belly is shiny and huge.



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