How Can I Get More Info On Taking Clomid To Concieve Twins

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Lizbeth - August 31

I am fertile and want to badly have twins I started researching Clomid, but am confused on how and when we take it, when we have s_x, why you need to take baby aspirin and robitussin and what is baby aspirin. What is preseed. Where else can I chat with women who are in my situation? It seems like most of the women on these site are having multiples.


Jasmine - August 31

*This is a Twins and Multiple Birth section, which is why most here have twins *You would take Clomid around CD2-6 or 3-7, it's a personal choice - there's not much research on whats best, but the earlier in your cycle it's taken the more follicles are produced. CD1 is the first day of a normal period. *Most women have s_x 'every other day' after the last pill. Really the most important time is 'in the fertile window' which you can check using ovulation tests or temperatures. *Baby asprin isn't really necessary, mostly the women who take it have a bleeding disorder which can interfere with implantation or increase miscarriage *Robitussin is a cough mixture an 'expectorant' which basically makes all the mucus in your body run a bit freer, Clomid tends to dry Cervical Mucus up and create a hostile environment for sperm. *Preseed is a lubricant without spermicides in it (Most others have spermicide, which really defeats the purpose!) There is a --flame free-- site you can go to for support without ha__sles:


lewa - August 31

U take clomid on the 2nd or 3rd day of menstral cycle take 50mgs for 5 days thrack ovulation with OPK(answer OPK are best 20 test strips instructions and cup for 19.99) Robitussin cuts down on the mucusy cervical fluid but I forget what the asprin does preseed helps the sperm get to the eggs.We can chat if u want [email protected] can get clomid from look under FERTOMID it cost $24.00 no shipping fee usaully comes within 14 days.Good Luck and Baby Dust Feel Free to contact me.



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