How Did You Find Out It Was Twins

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ashley - January 1

I was just curious how far along you were and how youf found out it was twins. Did you hear two heart beats? Did you get an early U/S? Were you measuring large and got an U/S? Any body not find out until thier routine 20 week U/S? I suspect im having twins by instinct and by severe morning sickness, severe fatigue, showing very early and am big and only 3 months into this pregnancy. I am not at risk for twins so to speak so they won't do an early U/S. I was not on clomid and I am 27. She only heard one heart beat, but they are so tiny at 10 weeks unless you suspected twins you wouldn't search for another heart beat. Thanks for your info.


TripletMom - January 2

Congrats on your pregnancy. Any doctor and/or experienced U/S tech would probably have seen another sac and/or baby or heard another heartbeat by now (I would think). However, when was your last U/S done? Have you brought this up to your doctor? From personal experience - I had triplets and wasn't big at 3 months so I dont think that the way you carry is necessarily an indicator either way. Hope this helps.


onetwothree - January 2

I know a couple of moms who had their first u/s at 20 weeks to find twins and it was a complete shocker. The only thing that is going to answer this is your u/s. Is this your first pregnancy?


Melissa - January 2

We found at with an early u/s at 8 weeks that we were expecting twins. Congrats on your pregnancy!!!


ashley - January 2

I don't get an U/S until 20 weeks. That is why I was curious... I've only had one appointment and we had quite a time trying to locate a heart beat because it was early.


Trish# - January 3

I've been going thru fertility treatment and thus am getting tight monitoring. My hCG levels were really high when I got my BFP. I had a scan at 5w 1d since I was going out of town for the next 10 days. They saw 2 sacs. One is much bigger (and already has a fetal pole) than the other and nurse said she didn't think the smaller one would make it, but you just never know. I go back on Monday and nurse said a lot will have changed by then, will hopefully see a heartbeat (or two!). I agree that your 10w U/S in all probability would have shown twins were you carrying them.


twins4us - January 3

ours were found at the 20 week u/s and it was a SHOCK!! I didn't measure big until 18 weeks, only one hb was heard. What you are discribing can be experienced by moms carrying one also. Early u/s are pretty accurate...they only miss twins 5% of the time and that is usually id twins sharing a single sac.


KATZIIZ - January 6

ASHLEY--->>I had a gut instinct too. I had 3 u/s before my 20 week u/s...the first two they saw one baby. I even asked the tech to make sure there wasn't another, because I suspected there might be. She did not find a second one. At my 3rd, I was 11 weeks and if the first baby had been sleeping, they would never have seen the 2nd baby behind it! And...contrary to what others may say, they are not sharing the same sac...they have separate sacs and a fused placenta. At my 20 week u/s the tech had a hard time finding baby b because baby a is directly in front of it. So I do wonder if they would have seen a second baby if they did not already know there was one there!??! :-) Also, even now at 26 weeks, my ob still has trouble finding two heartbeats. I even went to L&D this past week and they had trouble finding the second heartbeat to monitor...just due to one baby in front of the other. So, yes, it does happen. I suspected twins due to larger size, excessive weight gain, and stronger pg complaints - lots of nausea, cervical discomfort and heaviness were my clues. I do have 3 other children and knew this felt different. I was right. I also am on a twin forum where several in my message group had similiar stories to mine...didn't see the twin on first early u/s!


bump - January 8



Corona - March 13

Hi there. Yhe only sure fire way to diagnose twins is by u/s. I knew at 7wks that we were having twins as they are the result of IUI & we had an early u/s. At 11wks we could clearly hear 2 heartbeats by doppler in the OB's office. We also had an u/s at 11.5wks due to bleeding and at that time I as unable to hold in much water let alone keep it down (bad nausia). Even without much water in me, both babies were clearly visible.


twins4us - March 13

My girls were NOT found until my 20 wk u/s. I didn't measure big until 18 weeks, only one hb was heard and I didn't really have an "twin" symptoms. The only sure way is an u/s. I have seen more women think it was twins by symptoms and most of them it was only one. To Kats...u/s only miss twins about 5% of the time, espeically at the 11 week mark.


kats - March 13

thanks corona and twins4us for the reply, well i really hope its a girl because i feel very different and would love a girl but then again pregnancy does all sorts so it could even be a boy which i will be just as happy ,as im not intending on having just 4 anyway lol.



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