How Do Those Babies Fit In There

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mmmom - November 11

hi, im 20 weeks along with two boys in there. just wondering if some of you are small framed and are wondering where the heck those babies are going to find room in there? we had an ultrasound the other day and each baby was 1pd 1ounce. although im a pretty pet_te person- 5'4 112pds, i did have a 9 pound boy last year. but im getting a little concerned as people ask me if im due and day now and iv'e still got 4 months to go....


sphinx - November 11

I'm also 5'4" and was about 120 pre-pregnancy. You'll just get bigger and bigger... there will be enough room. It will get cramped but there will be enough room. If you carried a 9 # baby than you shouldn't have a problem carrying two 5#ers. I had to gain 20 pounds before becoming preg because I was not menstruating. Then I gained another 70 while I was preg(I got up to 210!). My waist was about 65" around if I remember correctly... Now I am about 135 and the twins are a year old... doing great! They were both 4#4oz at birth. And they are fraternal, so they both had placentas and water bags.


freebird - November 11

I'm not sure where they go, but there will be enough room for sure :) I'm 5'2" and pretty small framed. My babies were 5 lbs 13 oz and 6 lbs 13 oz when they were born. I was pretty big out front. You body makes room.


mmmom - November 11

thanks for the reply, not too worried about losing the weight after but more so about all that stretched out skin. i live in hawaii and am at the beach alot. hope i dont have to start wearing a one peice! but then i guess i wont be at the beach a whole lot once those babies show up. I also have 2 placentas and water bags but the doc cant tell if they are fraternal or not, was your doc able to tell beforehand?


mrssolo - November 11

mmmom They really can't tell if my babies are fraternal or identical. As far as where the babies go. I'm not sure they are sticking out everywhere and my stomach is measuring 42 weeks and I'm 34 weeks. people keep telling me not to go into labor at the stores and what not, lol. They definitely find their selves space and I stretched, I'm not sure I'll ever go back to where I was before these babies.


Rachel Jones - November 11

Well I wish you good luck! I am 24 weeks with identical twin girls and I am huge. I am 5'8 and was 130lbs pre pregnancy weight and I have gained 45 pounds, and I do have stretch marks now on my stomach. I look as if im full term with a singleton. My doctors have told me that it is completely normal. Think about it this way... its not just the babies in there its lots of other stuff! All of the fluid volume for two babies is alot to account for! = )


twins4us - November 11

LOL...they just do ;-). I am about 5'5 and carried my girls to 38 weeks...they were almost 6lbs each. The body is a wonderful thing.



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