How Early Can You Tell The Sex Of Twins

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MichelleA - July 11

Hi! I am 15 weeks pregnant with twins and I'm dying to find out what they are. Someone else I know that had twins said she found out at 14 weeks. The ultrasound technician said maybe. I go tomorrow for my second ultrasound (my doctor's office sees twin mothers every two weeks and gives ultrasounds every 4 weeks). I have a 2 year old and I found out he was a boy at 17 weeks. Can anyone tell me how far along you were when you found out what s_x your twins were?


... - July 11

I found out I was having two girls at exactly 17 weeks. Your almost there. Take care.


Michelle A - July 14

I went to my doctor's appointment and they really couldn't tell me for sure because they said it was too early. However one is more than likely a boy. My next ultrasound will be at 19 weeks. The ultrasound tech. said they really can't confirm a girl for sure until 24 weeks. One post said they found out they were having girls at 17 weeks, has anyone else had a girl confirmed 19 weeks or before? Thanks!!!


melissa - July 14

In my first pregnancy, I was told we were having a girl at 19 weeks. They were right. At my 18 week ultrasound this time around (with twins), I was told one boy and one girl. That was 3 ultrasounds ago and they are "still the same". Good luck. Isn't the waiting game hard??


Michele - July 29

I just found out (I'm 16 weeks) that mine look like a boy and a girl... although they said it was too early to be 100%.


Robyn - July 29

18 weeks, a boy and a @ 27 weeks and dyin in this heat!


Anne - July 29

Ughhhh! I'm dying! I won't find out for another 3 weeks (If the babies are cooperating and spreading their legs!)


jade - August 1

I found out at 14 weeks


krystal - August 1

I found out at 14 weeks.My twins are identical,we could only see one pecker,but that let us know for both!!!!!


Lisa - August 2

I am pregnant with twins, and found out at 18 weeks they are both girls, and they felt 99% sure. Good luck


Leah - August 7

I am 13 1/2 weeks pregnant with twins and very excited this is our fourth pregnancy and I can't wait for the ultra sound that tells me what we're having. Be blessed everyone. :)


Lisa - August 7

16 weeks I was told I had a girl and a kid who wouldn't sit still for the technician to know. many weeks later, they decided the wiggly one was maybe a boy (saw a p___s, which ended up being a cord). Toward the end (34 or 35 weeks), the technician told me to tell my husband that he was going to be "father of the brides' (meaning the wiggly one was indeed also, a girl). Sure enough, I had two girls. They are 12 years old now, and the wiggly one is still the mischief-maker and night-owl of the two. The one who didn't move much is a shy, reserved, highly organized, and goes to bed early, just like in utero. I really felt like I knew their personalities even before they were born, based on their movements and patterns of wake/sleep, and the extent to which they responded to my voice. Claire got very excited and kicked the hell out of me. Madeline just kind of rolled a bit when I talked to her. Both are still that way. It's so fun. :)


MichelleA - August 7

Thank you for all your postings! I go again tomorrow for another ultrasound. I will be 19 weeks so I'm hoping they can tell me what the other one is. I'm so nervous that they won't be able to tell again. I'm crossing my fingers and will post tomorrow evening with what I find out.


MichelleA - August 8

I just found out today that my other twin is a girl. That means one of each. I'm so excited. I guess 19 weeks was the time for me to find out the s_x of my twins. I hope others can find out sooner (many of you that have posted did) because the wait was terrible. The suspense was killing me. I don't know what people did before ultrasounds. It makes it seem so much more "real" now that I can put names to both babies. Thanks everyone for the posts! If anyone else is around 19 weeks or so (my actual due date is Jan. 2nd) and you want to chat please let me know.


Tamara - August 17

MichelleA; I am 17 weeks today with twins and my next ultrasound is on Aug 29. My husband & I are going nuts with anxiety because we want to know what they are so bad, so we can prepare and refer to them with names, instead of just "the babies". I was told I have identicals because of the type of placenta they share. So we'll see! :-) You can email me and we can chat anytime. I WAS due Jan25, but they changed my pregnancy to a 8 mo. one instead of 9 because of the twins AND my history of 3 early labor babies...and 3 episodes of bedrest at 6 mos. Argh! ;-) Anyhow, now I am due around Christmas! Email me at [email protected] Best wishes to everyone!


Michelle C. - August 18

I am almost 14 weeks with twins (IVF). I know for sure that 1 is a boy because we put in 3 boys and 1 girl. It is killing me to have to wait to find out if the other one is a Zoe or a Logan! I was wondering if anyone knows of a website you can check out that is just for people with twins to check on current symptoms of their particular week, month, etc.?? Any help would be appreciated. This is my 4th and 5th child. I have a 15, 14 and 6 year old. Good luck to all. I would love to correspond with anyone due around the same time. My due date is February 18th. Thanks and hope to talk to you soon!!


Tina - August 22

I found out at 13 weeks that I was having two boys. Good Luck!



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