How Many Clomid Twin Moms Out There

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JORDAN24 - February 7

hi everyone, me and my husband have been trying for 3 and a half years. we have been together for almost 7 years. we have a 3 year old boy but took us 2 years to catch with him. i have never used any birth control well with my husband. we went to the a doctor after a year of my son being born as we started try for another child as soon as we could and nothing. the doctor refered us to a gcg and they didnt seem like they new what they were doing to be honest and we were messed about for a year i got very very up set and have had angziaty ever since. i then went back to my docs after being messed around for a year the only good thing that came out of it was that we found out that my husband has low sperm count but very strong and very good mobilaty but we only found this out from my doc after all that messing about. my doc then ref us to a fertilaty clinic and after 2 years of waiting for appointment i am now waiting to go back and they are going to start me on clomid. has anyone else beeen put on clomid and any sucsess? i would love to have twins but dont think my chances of even getting pregnant again may be possable after my doctor said my son was a miracle. can any body help with anwsers? this last 3 years have been so hard and i just want to compleate my family. thanks


laceynicole - April 9

Hello all, My husband and i have been trying since march 2009. I got pregnant may 09 naturally and lost it at 5weeks. my doctor has done blood tests and says nothing is wrong to try for 2 more months then he is goin to start me on clomid. it would be great to have twins, even though i heard pregnancy with twins is always harder. i'm 21 btw.. when did you guys take clomid how many mgs and how many cycles did it take?


Mommie - April 16

I'm thinking about taking clomid to get twins


thundermama - May 19

hello thinking about doing a clomid round but want to know what ppl mean by day 5-9, like is that 5 days after the beginning of you cycle???


WaitingForBaby - June 18

Hello everyone! I'm Karen...I've been reading all of your posts and they make me hopeful. My husband and I tried for 13 months to conceive naturally. It wasn't until then that we realized something was wrong. So, I scheduled an appointment with my doctor who in turn ran some tests. The test revealed that I do not ovulate on my own. (No Explanation) The Doctor then decided to put me on Clomid. I have just finished my first cycle of Clomid (50mg Days 5-9) and I'm extremely hopeful that I will have some positive results. Keep us in your prayers.


laceynicole - June 20

:) i start clomid this month. We are so nervous, but hopefully this time is it!! I just dont wanna get my hopes up.. again! I've already started looking at all the baby stuff :)


sstrezi - June 27

I just finished my first dose of clomid. my husband is so convinced we will have twins. but twins dont really run in our families. I have a couple 2nd cousins who are twins but i dont think it is close enough to make a difference. I ovulate on my own but havent been able to get pg for almost a year. and I had miscarriage about a year ago. but got pg with that one and my 2 year old daughter without even trying. dont know what to expect from this.


laceynicole - August 14

PREGNANT!!! yay we're so excited. got prego on the first month of clomid! after trying a year and half it only took 5 little pills!!! 5 weeks now. got an ultrasound in a few weeks!


MommyWearsPrada - September 27

Congrats Lacey, I'm so happy for you (: I'm a mommy of one, a 3 year old little girl. My husband and me have been trying to get pregnant for a year and a couple of months now. We have gone to the fertility doctor & got an HSG test done to make sure everything is okay with me and working properly since I had the IUD after I had my sweet little girl. We are starting our first round of Clomid along with IUI next month. I'm excited yet nervous. Xoxo, Heidi[3


dreaming-of-twining - September 28

Hi, I'm new to all of this! I had my IUD removed Sep. 22nd and started my period on the 24th. Last night (CD 4) I started on 100mg of Clomid. I plan on taking 100mg today and then 50mg the following 3 days. I will have taken 350mg total on CD 4-8. I do not have a problem getting pregnant but I have a really hard time during my pregnancies. My husband and I decided to try for twins. I know that some think that is wrong but this is the decision we have made. The chances of actually conceiving twins is only about 10% but its worth a try. I have been reading forums online for a while and have read of so many successes I hope to be the next success story! Baby Dust to all!!!


clomidtwins - October 6

hello ladies, how are you all? welcome dreaming of twining I hope you get what you wish for, please keep us posted. I would like to hear how things turned out.


dreaming-of-twining - October 7

Today is CD14 I am still waiting to Ovulate! I ended up taking an additional 50mg on CD8 just for good measure! I have been taking ovulation tests everyday for the last three days and the line is so faint and takes quite a while to show up so I think that is a negative??? I will keep you all updated on when I ovulate and what the results are!


anelda - October 7

Hello to everyone. I am 33 years old and have a boy of 3 years old. We desided that it was time for another special baby. The Dr put me the first time on 50mg clomid days 4 - 8. The eggs was not mature, so he decided that we will wait with the IUI. The second round I was on 100mg clomid days 4 - 8. On day 12 I went for a sonar. The Dr saw 2 mature eggs. On day 14 I got the ovidrel shot and the IUI was done on day 15. After 2 weeks I started to feel nausea and my b___st was sensitive. I really believed that the first IUI will not work, but to my suprised I was pregnant. Today I am 7w4d and on the 12 October 2010 I will have my first sonar to see if both eggs were fertilized or not. Remember that God decided when a egg and sperm will fertilize, he already pick a egg and sperm out between millions, because it will be a special baby and just the best is good enough for one of God kids. It was not Gods idea that we must struggle to have kids, but so that we, husband and wife must grew stronger. Baby dust to all!!!!


dreaming-of-twining - October 8

Thank you Anelda! I think that we plow the fields and God brings the rain! Even with the pursuit of a baby or two :) All that we all really want is a beautiful healthy family! Congratulations on your pregnancy and keep us up to date!


dreaming-of-twining - October 11

Well today will be CD18 and I have no idea if I ovulated??? I tested days 12-16 and no positive but the last two days I have felt my mucus a lot thicker I think that is a good sign! I have never tracked my ovulation before so I have been asking friends and family all kinds of questions. I can't track my temp because everyday is so different and it is a little late this month. I have read that if someone is pregnant with twins their hormones are higher and they can get a positive pregnancy test earlier????? I am going to start testing on CD22 and continue through CD28. I am doing this all for more informational purposes for my self and everyone reading this rather than to really know any earlier! I will repost on Friday the 15th as to what my first test reads and then everyday there after!!!


dreaming-of-twining - October 16

I caved and have been testing almost every day since CD19. I am just so anxious!!! I got BFN's on everyone-what a waste of money- but I have a few things I am wondering about... I have had a bad yeast infection the last 3 days and I have had a small breakout on my face. I also have been feeling random pains in my lower abdomin... Could these be from the Clomid or do you think I'm prego??? By the way today will be CD23!



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