How Many Clomid Twin Moms Out There

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sharn536 - July 13

I am on clomid on the first month, i havent had twins, but i am not sure if i will have twins because i am a twin and my partner is a twin and my partners mother is also a twin,


Ashley - July 14

Lauren: I would take Clomid on the 5th day on my period and continue for 5 days! I started at 50 and then went to 100. Other then feeling pregnant already things are going great. I am surprised at how big i have gotten already and that i can feel the babies move around sometimes. My 3 yr. old daughter is very excited as well, she hopes for girls! But any combination will due. Hopefully we can find out here the end of this month what they are. It is very nice that you get so many ultrasounds done, i have already had 2 done! I am not due until Dec 26, but i am not sure if i will make it that long. My doctor tells me that i will be put on bed rest around 28 weeks, does that seem right, it seems kind of early to me. Are you or have you had twins lauren?


Ashley - July 14

Lauren, sorry after reading over the past conversations, i see you are not pregnant yet. I wish you the best of luck. I did not mention to you that i also was on a carb diet because of PCOS. It was to help maintain my weight and to stay healthy. Until now i really didn't realize how common it was to have twins on clomid. The warning states it increases the chance, but i never would have thought that it would be me. Just stay positive and it will happen soon enough. My husband and I would always make some type of fun game each time we were making love/baby making! It took the pressure off what we were really trying to accomplish. After trying for two years, our s_x life had went down hill alot, we are only 21 and 22 yrs. old, it should still be GREAT!! And once we made fun games with it, i think that not haveing the extra stress helped us conceieve our babies!


Ashley - July 14

Lauren, i was on clomid for 4 mths until i got pregnant. I started at 50mg and then went to 100mg. I am not sure how many months i was on the 100mg, it would have been no more then 3. i think i was on 50 mg for 2 months and then 100mg for 2 months and then i was pregnant. It all happened so fast, and it happened when i least expected it to b/c the ob told me that the way my body was reacting anfd in many cases, you won't get pregnant before 6 months. Sometimes it can take years. He had gone over all the risks and the chance for us to have twins and his opioion was that it probally wouldn't happen b/c of the way my bosy was working. So just b/c your ob states that he/she doesn't think that it will happen, that they are right. I believe that everything happens for a reason, not many girls get pregnant at 17 and have a baby and then marry the same guy and have a wonderful life. But i did, i have a great career and a loving family and now twins. If you would of asked people 3 years ago what was going to happen to me, they would of said that i would turn out to be nothing and that i couldn't be a good parent b/c of my age. But they were wrong, i am kinda of subject here, i just want you to keep a positive outlook on things b/c that is when things go your way, when you least expect them to! I am only 16 weeks, so i still have a long ways to go, i would like one of each, my daughter wants girls, and of course my husband wants boys! A lady that works in the same building as me had twins about 3 months ago and she also was on clomid and she was only on 50 mg but she had other problems too. but i believe she said that it took her a about 8 months to get pregnant. But her twins were identical, so i am not sure if that was b/c of clomid or not.


Lauren - July 14

Ashley - wow you guys are sure on the right track (the lord is amazing). I hope I will be joining you in Aug pg with Twins your right I can't get so down...I will be happy with one of course I just might have to go through another pregnacy to have 2 is all. thanks you made my day.


Ashley - July 19

Lauren, i wish you the best of luck with everything, keep me posted! It would be nice to have someone else to talk to who is pregnant with twins, or even just pregnant! I'll let you know next week what we are having!


Lauren - July 19

Hi Ashley - I will keep you posted today is cycle day 16 so we are doing the baby dance everyother day. I think I o'd yest. Will let you know soon..pls pray for us! I can't wait to see what you are having. I sort of feel its going to be one of each.....just a feeling.


Ashley - July 20

Hi Lauren, I am excited for the anticiaption just find out if it works for you this month! I really feel like it is one of each and my husband thinks it is two girls! I REALLY would like one of each! How many mgs of clomid are you taking?


Lauren - July 20

Ashley - I bet your 3 yr old is just so elated. I only took 50mg this mth so I'm not feeling that positive on twins...pretty low chance for me. I go in on Monday for blood work to check that I O'd. I was wondering did you feel any diff. in the beginning compared to your 1st preg. One of each would just be perfect for you! I'll talk soon.


Ashley - July 21

Lauren, well i was almost 5 months pregnant with Haillee, my first child. So really i can't remember what my feelings where. I was only 17 and my period was never right, i played sports, went to school and worked alot. So i never really payed that much attention to how i was feeling, i never had morning sickness and the same with this pregnancy. Before i got pregnant this time i thought i was pregnant a couple of months ago, and which case i wasn't. So finally i really didn't think that it had worked but then my period never came, so i took the test and sure enough i was, but i never really thought that it was twins. Besides being tired and being hungry alot more then i normally am i wasn't sure that anything had changed. My midwife said there was a possiblity b/c of my size that there might be two, so i went for an ultrasound early! And there they were, so in my case really there was no sign that there were two! Let me know how you make out on your blood work! Have you been having troubles trying to concieve? Is that why your on Clomid? If it is, there is always the chance that the 50mg won't work and you'll get moved up to the 100mg! Keep me posted


LaRae - July 21

I concieved twins on Clomid the lowest dosege!


LAUREN - July 21

LaRae - Great to hear & was just wondering what days you took your clomid? & if twins runs in your family...there is hope!


Ashley - July 21

LaRae, are u pregnant now with twins, if so when are u due?


rachael - July 25

On my first iui and clomid attempt, I was pregnant with triplets!!!!


Ashley - July 25

rachael, when are you due? Congrats and good luck! Lauren, how did your blood work come back?


Lauren - July 26

ashley - got the good news I O'd for the wait begins. How r u?



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