How Many Fertile Women Conceived Multiples On Clomid

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hkelley - January 19

Most of these discussions are years old on previous threads, so I decided to start a new one... Many women who are fertile on their own have taken clomid for various reasons. My question is to those women who have conceived multiples while using clomid. I've read many statistics on infertile women and their chances of multiples, but am curious about the chances of multiples for fertile women. Please respond if you have conceived multiples while using clomid. Did you have twins or a higher number of multiples? What days and dosages did you take it? Thank you!


mommyoftwoboys - January 20

I would also be very interested to hear more. I have no problems with fertility but I just ordered u/p clomid online with hopes of getting pregnant with multiples (this will be my last pregnancy but we definitely want more than one baby. If we don't get preggers with twins or more we will look into adopting because I really hate being pregnant - plus I am getting older!). Anyways, I plan on taking 75mg days 2-6. I will also use robitussin and preseed. I am looking forward to hear what you ladies have to say:)


only_three_shots - January 20

I should know by the end of the month if I have more than one in here.


mommyoftwoboys - January 20

Only - how much did you take and on what days? Can't wait to hear how many you have!


hkelley - January 23

Wow, are there really none out there willing to share their story? No moms currently pregnant or have already had multiples after taking clomid?


lisajanelle - January 23

i am guessing that conceiving multiples on clomid isn't as likely as we would like to hope for. i personally only know 2 people who took clomid and they both had singletons. i conceived id twins in dec 2002 while on the pill, although i was also on antibiotics and the dr didn't tell me that effects the pill. i have since been told by dr's that getting pregnant immediately after stopping the pill can result in twins/multiples because sometimes it causes you to hyperovulate (so generally the twins would be fraternal, not identical).


MomToEli - January 23

Well I'm not pregnant yet, but DH and I are going to start trying this summer. I've been doing a lot of research recently to find out how to increase our chances of multiples and here's what I've gathered so far. (I posted this to another question earlier this week, so I'll just copy and paste that here) --- Take 50-100 mg of Clomid on CD 3-7 * Taking early in cycle (1-5 or 2-6) produces more eggs (higher chance of twins) but possibly not mature (leading to m/c) * Taking late in cycle (5-9) produces less, more mature eggs thus decreasing chances of m/c * CD 3-7 should give best of both --- Take Mucinex 600mg from CD 6 to end of O (NOT 100% SURE WHEN TO TAKE IT YET) This is to prevent your CM from drying as that is a side effect of Clomid --- Take baby asprin from O to BFP/BFN (AGAIN NOT SURE ABOUT EXACT DAYS TO TAKE) It will thin your blood slightly and improve circulation to the uterus and hopefully help with implantation. Do not take after you get your BFP. --- Use Progesterone suppositories from 3 dpo to BFN or continue to 10-12 wks pg if BFP. I have a history of m/c and clomid is sometimes known to thin the lining of your uterus making it easier to m/c. I don't know if this has a negative effect on someone who doesn't need it, so do your research. I'm getting mine at (same place I'll order my clomid) * Take one AM and one PM * Start with 100mg (up to 200mg if needed) * Lay down an 30 mins to and hour after insertion as they can leak out * Can cause a delayed period (+ 3-4 days) * Can cause heavier, more painful periods --- Use Preseed during BD (I recently read it increases your chances for a boy because it changes your PH but I'm not sure I believe that one) --- Drink milk/eat dairy. Some say there's a link and it couldn't hurt anyway since you will most likely be healthier. --- - Take B vitamin Folic Acid supplements (in addition to Prenatals I believe. Not sure about dosage) --- Take Evening Primrose oil (stop after Oing as it can lead to m/c. Again, not sure about dosage) --- Drink Red Raspberry Leaf tea *The sooner you start the better. I'm not sure on when to drink yet...I think everyday? sells a fertility tea that contains Red Raspberry Leaf along with many other herbs that are beneficial when ttc --- AF to O: Take baths in Epsom salt (not sure why - I think the magnesium you absorb through your skin from the bath helps with implantation and m/c prevention - but I read it on one of the forums and I take Epsom salt baths anyway to relax. Walmart carries some with the bubble bath that has Eucalyptus and Spearmint Oil and it's heavenly!) --- Try They only sell TTC related products and seem to offer everything (although you may want to shop around to find a cheaper price on some things) --- PLEASE RESEARCH overstimulation symptoms if you're not being monitored. AND research all the things I just told you for yourself! I'm offering the info I've found in my months of looking, but I can't guarantee it's completely accurate or safe. It's what I will be doing and I have to be responsible for myself, but I don't want to tell you something that might put you in harms way. It's always better to be safe :) HTH ladies! Load of baby dust to all of us TTC multiples!!


only_three_shots - January 23

I took clomid cd 2-6, primrose until o, folic acid and a prenatal until o, and wild yam extract until o. (I started all the supplements the month before) I of course took the mucinex and baby asprin from cd 6 until o as well. I will let you all know how it goes on monday.


ptlsmama - January 24

I ordered with a script clomid, mine came in blister packs that said clomifene citrate and they are orange round tablets...does that seem right???


MomToEli - January 25

~ ptlsmama ~ I'm not sure what color they are, but clomifene citrate is the spanish name for Clomid. ~ only_three_shots ~ GOOD LUCK!!! And please keep us posted!


hkelley - January 25

lisajanelle: I think you may be right. All the old threads made it seem like most women taking clomid conceived multiples, but I am really not seeing any stories from the actual women who did. Most just say they know someone who did and then all the women on the boards are trying to. MomToEli : Thank you for posting all of that information. I have seen most of it, but I'm sure many have not. :) only_three_shots : Can't wait to find out if you are having twins!! Please let us know. Best of luck to those trying to conceive (or will be)!


hkelley - February 1

only three shots... how did the doctors visit go? Did you find out if your having twins?


only_three_shots - February 3

No idea yet if there are more than one in there. I have my next appointment on the 16th and my u/s on the 17th. SO I will know for sure by then.


hotrockermom - February 4

hello ladies Im a 23 year old mom of a precious 10 month old baby girl. I m/c last week,doctor couldnt find a sac,she couldnt tell i was pregnant at all in was my hcg levels that confirmed it,but it was a chemical pregnancy she suspected. It left me devastated and EMPTY.Anyway,im ready to get pregnant again,and would love to have twins to complete my family.My doctor wont give me clomid ofcourse,but in my country u can get it without prescription from the pharmacy,so its pretty easy to access. Im waiting now for af to show up,I have no idea when it'll show coz of the m/c i had,but ill be waiting impatiently.I have no problems at all,cycle usually 26 days,ovulate mid cycle.but to attempt to conceive multiples,Im planning to take clomid 50mg cd 3-7. Im a coward though,I keep on thinking what if smthg happened,ot i had twins and delivered prematurely,or other horrible stuff. plus,dh would love twins,but wont approve of me taking meds,sooooooooooooo,he doesnt know of my plan. im also worried my doc would find out somehow,and i really dont want that.can she know somehow? what do u think ladies?should i give it a shot for just 1 cycle and see if it works?or is it all too risky. Im soooo lost,i dunno what to think. ill keep u updated with my attempts and thoughts. please id love to hear ur opinions ;)


hkelley - February 5

Hot rocker mom... welcome! I understand your concerns. Some women choose to take the risk while others decide it is not worth it. I've looked and looked online and see many women who discuss using clomid to have multiples. There are many forums dedicated to this... however, I don't see much of any success stories (which is what I was looking for in starting this thread). Most of the statistics are geared toward women who have fertility issues, not women who are fertile and use the drug solely for conceiving multiples. It is really hard to determine what the chances are of it actually working. Of course, if it did, there is no guarantee that the pregnancy would go smoothly... some women do fine with multiples during pregnancy, others do not. I wish we could hear from more fertile women who did conceive multiples while on clomid, to truly get an idea of the odds. Keep us updated with what you decide and best of luck in ttc! -Helen


hotrockermom - February 7

Well,I finally gathered up my guts and spoke to my doctor about my plans. She told me to go ahead if I really really want it,but again,gave me a lecture about how high risk twin pregnancies are,and the effects on our babies,she said that its a fact that twin babies have lower IQ than singeltons.Ofcourse I already knew that twins are high risk,but coming from her mouth,it scared the hell out of me. Soooo,I guess I wont be taking them after all if I dont need themHowever,she told me that if after 6 months I dont get pregnant,then she'll give me the ok hereself to use them. Im hoping and praying March will be my month.


LindaS - February 7

hkelley, I can give you what you are looking for, unfortunately, I had horrible outcome. Here's my story. Don't be afraid though, as I plan to do what is necessary to conceive again, even take clomid again. I have given birth to 7 children so far. I have suffered through secondary infertility a few times, but this is the first time in my life I've tried alternatives and even clomid to become pregnant. My hubby and I have no biological kids together. I started clomid(along with baby aspirin and other natural remedies the first month, and stopped everything except the baby aspirin daily and Vitamin B, along with clomid when I conceived) at 50mg per day the first month, starting on CD 3 through CD 8. Nothing but HORRIBLE O pains on both sides that month. My second month, I used baby aspirin and clomid...50mg per day on CD 3 to CD 7. I conceived. At first, my u/s's showed one sac and a LOT of blood and clots in my uterus. I started spotting and was told I was m/cing....did not happen until a month later though. I pa__sed one sac on December 31st. u/s showed no sac, only blood and clots. 7 days later, spotting on and off and had already pa__sed over 40 blood clots(30-something were larger than a half dollar and the rest were as big as a quarter), had u/s, again, it showed another sac....WTH???!!!! Ok, there was a sac, I did conceive twins, however neither were viable. I continued on spotting and taking methergine to help. Well, I ended up having a D&C on January 30th, as the other sac, blood and clots would NOT pa__s. So, yes, I've conceived twins on clomid. Yes, I do ovulate every month, most months from both ovaries as well...without clomid. The issue is, my hubby and I tried for 19 months before conceiving our twins without clomid.....we had 5 m/c's along the way....m/c'd more than one set of "spontaneous" multiples without the help of clomid. Clomid was supposed to help my eggs and keep us did not work that well once we conceived. Now, we are waiting on my recovery to complete and we will move on. I'm not sure if we will try again before we add clomid to our regime or not. I'll update when I know something. Good luck. I can't say for sure that the clomid helped us conceive the twins, since we've conceived multiples on our own, but it did help us keep our pregnancy for a longer period of time than we have without it. Unfortunately, it did not end well...clomid or not, we are still fighting with unexplained infertility. Baby dust to all my sisters here! I hope I made some sense in this post. If you need clarification on anything, just say something :)



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