How Many Fertile Women Conceived Multiples On Clomid

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LindaS - February 7

hkelley, I can give you what you are looking for, unfortunately, I had horrible outcome. Here's my story. Don't be afraid though, as I plan to do what is necessary to conceive again, even take clomid again. I have given birth to 7 children so far. I have suffered through secondary infertility a few times, but this is the first time in my life I've tried alternatives and even clomid to become pregnant. My hubby and I have no biological kids together. I started clomid(along with baby aspirin and other natural remedies the first month, and stopped everything except the baby aspirin daily and Vitamin B, along with clomid when I conceived) at 50mg per day the first month, starting on CD 3 through CD 8. Nothing but HORRIBLE O pains on both sides that month. My second month, I used baby aspirin and clomid...50mg per day on CD 3 to CD 7. I conceived. At first, my u/s's showed one sac and a LOT of blood and clots in my uterus. I started spotting and was told I was m/cing....did not happen until a month later though. I pa__sed one sac on December 31st. u/s showed no sac, only blood and clots. 7 days later, spotting on and off and had already pa__sed over 40 blood clots(30-something were larger than a half dollar and the rest were as big as a quarter), had u/s, again, it showed another sac....WTH???!!!! Ok, there was a sac, I did conceive twins, however neither were viable. I continued on spotting and taking methergine to help. Well, I ended up having a D&C on January 30th, as the other sac, blood and clots would NOT pa__s. So, yes, I've conceived twins on clomid. Yes, I do ovulate every month, most months from both ovaries as well...without clomid. The issue is, my hubby and I tried for 19 months before conceiving our twins without clomid.....we had 5 m/c's along the way....m/c'd more than one set of "spontaneous" multiples without the help of clomid. Clomid was supposed to help my eggs and keep us did not work that well once we conceived. Now, we are waiting on my recovery to complete and we will move on. I'm not sure if we will try again before we add clomid to our regime or not. I'll update when I know something. Good luck. I can't say for sure that the clomid helped us conceive the twins, since we've conceived multiples on our own, but it did help us keep our pregnancy for a longer period of time than we have without it. Unfortunately, it did not end well...clomid or not, we are still fighting with unexplained infertility. Baby dust to all my sisters here! I hope I made some sense in this post. If you need clarification on anything, just say something :)


19mo. TTT #3 - February 9

Well I do o on my own supposedly. I have a normal af every 28days. I am also on my 4th and supposedly final round.(trying to work on taking it 6mo.) I o on 50 but was upped to 100. My doc really thought the first month it would just happen, since he had givin it to another women and poof worked first month. I can't afford an RE and there for am unsure what to do next, i am really losing hope. I have 2 boys from a previous marriage and my DH has a daughter. They have done every test they can at my GYNO. So now i am beginning to lose all faith that we can ever concieve. I believe that after this than i am honestly ready to give up. I have taken musinex this last cycle and think i will try asprin this cycle with my musinex. Sorry i don't have a success story, but God willing i will.


LisaLS79 - February 14

Hi there everyone! I would love to try clomid but I'm having a bit of trouble finding a good site to order it from. If anyone can suggest some sites, that would be great! Preferably ones that accept paypal. I have irregular cycles and suspect that I don't O as frequently as I should so want to try clomid for a couple of months to see if that does the trick :)


only_three_shots - February 17

Had my scan. Only one little baby. On the plus side we don't have to get a new car!


greatgreta - February 18

i thought i would chime in, seeing as we recently found out we're expecting twins. i have no fertility issuses and used u/p generic clomid. so, yes! it is possible. however, i'm beginning to think that the statistics of 10% are about the same for fertile and infertile women!


jessnjays - March 19

Hello to all of you. I am new to the site but am wanting to concieve twins using clomid but also dont have any problems oing on my own. I wish more people would post so we would know what are chances are of this.


jusdee - March 19

hey jessnjays! i concived twins on clomid i have no problems getting pregnant but i really wanted twins too :] so if you have any questions just ask the girls on this site are way smart and wonderful! baby dust to everyone!


jusdee - March 19

hey lisa! i got mine from mezmeds dot com the reason why is they have a clear background they dont give you one thing and say its not you know? it is the real deal! hope that helps! hot rockermom good luck! baby dust!


luckynanu - March 20

it is such a relief to know that ptlsmama got the same clomid, yesterday i read on another website that clomid is white in clour, that scared the hail out of me as i have been taking unprescribed clomid for 4days now on cd 3-7, i thought i've taking some fake medication which might harm my body. am so glad to know that the one i bought is not something else. it am so pa__sionate about having twins that i asked my DR what i can take to increase my chances but all she did was to tell me about all the negatives of having multiples. Good to know that other people feel exactly the same ways. am taking Folic acid in the morning and clomid at night at the moment everything is ok no side effects so far. i am hoping that it works for me and i come out of this cycle with multiples. i can't wait to give my testimony on how clomid has worked with me. baby dust to all


luckynanu - March 20

greatgeta good to hear your good news, please can you tell me what days you took the clomid and if you took other medications with it? i'll also like to know when to be BD


azizam - March 23

hi everybody. this is the 3rd forum Im writing to and no answers so long :-( my question is: those who took u/p clomid, and got pregnant with twins, in what dose, from which day did they take it? Im a bit scared of overstimulation and too much doc would be suspicious I think. I have o on my own and had no probs to get preg one year ago. My plan is to take it from day 4 50 mg. Is it right, what do u think? Thanks a lot.


greatgreta - March 23

Hey everyone, had my scan this morning, and both babies are growing well and very active! luckynanu- i took clomid on CD3-7 CD3 50mg CD4 nothing, as it was new year's eve and i'd had some alcohol CD5 100mg CD6 100mg CD7 50mg a little mixed up, but i took 300mg in total. i was taking pre-natal vitamins and having regular accupuncture. i STRONGLY recommend accupuncture to anyone trying to concieve!! i didn't have many side effects while taking the clomid, but i now have several cysts, so that is something to weary of! good luck and babydust


Mi_chelle - March 23

Hey, I am new here. I having trying to conceive for over year now. I have been doing some research on u/p clomid. I know that you can get clomid without a prescription, but I don't know which websites are trustworthy. Does anybody know where I could purchase it from? I live in the United States. Thanks in advance for any help.


luckynanu - March 25

i took clomid on cd 3-7 and am on cd 12 but experiencing some sharp pain in my left ovaries and spotting, has anyone experience these effects?


LindaS - March 25

Luckynanu~~ Yes, I experienced that on CD11...didn't O till CD 17 though. The sharp pains are normal too. I bet you'll conceive this month. The same thing happened on my last conception with my twins. I got a BFP yesterday this time on 7 DPO!! Good luck and baby dust to you!


SoReady - March 25

Congrats LindaS! I hope that all goes well.



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