How Many Fertile Women Conceived Multiples On Clomid

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wifelady - August 30

MommyRN- You're definently right about the fear of miscarriage, i was deathly afraid of miscarriage with my first pregnancy... which ended with a healthy little baby girl! But it is a very rational fear as i've come to find out. Which is exactly why we should be taking all necessary precautions! Like getting the hubby healthy... not just because we'll have a better chance of conceiving but because the better the little swimmer is that gets us pregnant the less likely we'll be to have a miscarriage. It's an easy enough thing to do... and for them... once that test turns positive they can go right back to their old ways!!! haha As for me... nothing has changed... talking myself out of trying this month... and trying to figure out how many mg of isoflavenos to take! I will definently keep you girls updated on how the isoflavins go...!!! Maybe it'll be a lucky charm for me and then you might decide to use it... you never know! lol Well GL to all the girls ending their cycles!! Tomorrow is the hubby's birthday so i may or may not be on... we'll see!!! Take care! -Rachel


Hopefully2 - September 16

Hello all...I am new to the forum and I see no one has updated in a while but I hope one of you will soon. I am very interested in starting clomid to try and get two little bundles of joy(or more would be a bleesing too) I have researched it alot and I just wanted to know of some women who have actually done it and know if you could give me some advise as far as when to do what...any feedback is much appreciated!


preggerstimes2please - September 30

hello ladies, I am so glad that after a long search, I have found the perfect thread. one free of judgement, just women who want to have twins and are taking clomid to help us achieve that goal. i will be taking clomid sometime within the next 6 months. right now i just want to prepare my body and mind and do as much research and get as much info as possible. right now i am just taking folic acid. in the next weeks i will begin to take holistic herbs known to help fertility and begin accupunture. then move my way up to clomid. from what i have read from the thread. it seems like the biggest side-effect most women face when taking the clomid are cysts. i am looking forward to continuing to hear your stories and hopefully share mine with you one day. thanks!


preggerstimes2please - October 3

would love to hear from women on this thread who are in the process of taking clomid to conceive multiples. started taking my fertility herbs this month. i'll work them in slowly to get to a good mix of several herbs. right now i'm drinking red raspberry and red clover teas everyday. will add more herbs in this month and hopefully be on a good herbal regime by end of october. my plan is to take clomid in the spring of 2010. just a little background on me: i am soon to be 38 years old. no children. in my youth, whether i was just irresponsible and had bad luck or am indeed very fertile, i have had several pregnancies that ended in voluntary termination. now i am 38 and finally in a wonderful relationship and am ready to have a family. i am taking fertility herbs because i did have a miscarriage at the age of 34. it was at 11 weeks. and so i just want to give myself the best chance of not only conceiving twins but being able to carry them full term. i hope to conceive twins on clomid. i look forward to hearing your experiences and advice for me on clomid.


wifelady - October 4

hopefully2- Hey my best advice ist definently keep researching and reading these forums because they are just filled with experiences and informaion. This is my first cycle on clomid and i'm not even to ovulation yet so i'm a newbie! Good luck though! preggers- I totally dig your enthusiasm! I am currently on my first round of clomid. 100 mg cd 2-6 but i missed cd 6 and took it on cd7. I consider myself lucky because my only side effect was hot flashes! haha if you take it right before bed then the side effects are mostly gone by morning anyways! I have read that the more times a pregnancy is "voluntarily terminated" the more problems it can cause in the future like making your body think it's supposed to terminate a pregnancy! I hope thats not the case in your situation. I recently experienced a miscarriage/ d&c at about 13 weeks so this is my first shot at trying again. I was pregnant with twins but found out the day before we found out that i had had a missed miscarriage. It is always a good idea to start prenatal vitamins and stuff now if you know that you will be trying in the near future. Anything within a year and you should be on vitamins. I am only on cd 15 and have not yet o'ed but i will keep you updated. Welcome to the thread ladies! :)


greatgreta - October 5

hello ladies! havent posted on this site in a long time, but just wanted to let you know that my gorgeous b/g twins are finallyn here!! they arrived slightly earlier than expected at 36+4 weeks, but are very well. life is crazy busy, but i wouldnt have it any other way! i'm totally in love with them! good luck and babydust to you all


divadivina2u - October 6

hey greta how was the delivery?? when was it? was it normal??? how much clomid did you get again?? let us know,, I have been keeping track of you!!!!


divadivina2u - October 6

hey greta, was the delivery normal?? how was it?? when was it?? how much of clomid did you take again??


tobesmum - November 8

Hi ladies, haven't caught up on all the posts, only on page 3 lol. Anyway not sure where everyone's from, I'm from Australia and you can only get Clomid on script from here. I have seen a fertility specialist because even though I already have one child and it only took 3 months or less to conceive him, we've been trying this time since Sept last year and no prize. I have normalish cycles of 35 days with a 12-13 day luteal phase (i.e. from post ovulation to period), I don't ovulate till cd21/22 which naturopaths/acupuncturists seem to think is too long but the FS doesn't think it's a problem as my luteal phase IS over 10 days. I am currently starting to have acupuncture by my cousin who is a trained one, am doing that weekly. The FS only wants to put me on Clomid to "help stimulate eggs etc more during ovulation". He told me that there is a 7% chance of multiples but that seems pretty low or so I thought until everyone I had spoken to who had been on Clomid had either produced twins or more or knew someone who had. I do know that I ovulate because I get the pain, I use ovulation predictor kits that tell me when I'm + and I get the fertile cervical mucous. So I'm worried I will produce more than twins if I go onto Clomid. Anyway sorry I digress, I have recently heard from a friend who is studying to be a midwife and who herself has twins from being on Clomid, that if you are on Clomid, the chance of a woman falling pregnant with fraternal twins is 1:25 which is pretty common! And she said especially if women are already pretty fertile. So there's some numbers for you:) I would sort of like twins I think and think it would be a good idea to have the scans mid cycle to make sure that I try not to get more than twins, do you think they can tell?


Momma_Mause - February 12

Im very interested in this thread, but I cant understand most of it :( Im not sure what things like AF and the likes mean... Anyone tell me where to find out? Thank you! and so much luck!


Momma_Mause - February 12

Anyone know where I can get clomid in discrete packaging? I live with someone that will tell the entire state if she finds out I am trying to conceive, and I know she knows what clomid is. Any mention of medicine or the company I think would set her off... thank you and much luck!


mommao3 - June 24

hi i'm a 27 yr old mother of three...i have a prolapsed uterus and have been told i can still have more children... so i would like to experience becoming a mother 1 more time, and would really like to have twins. i have had no trouble getting pregnant. i was wondering what is a good web site to purchase clomid w/out a rx? i'd preferribly like info from mommas who have been succesful in gettin prego w/ twins.


Niobe - October 3

i would lie to know how much women concieved on u/p clomid amount of babies concieved doesnt matter


linden85 - December 16

Hi everyone!! I'm 25 and a stay at home mommy of 2 BEAUTIFUL little girls my oldest will be turning 3 in February and my youngest is 17 months. I REALLY want twins!! My husband is 14 years older than me and has 3 other children from a previous marriage; a girl who is 20 (and just found out she is going to be a mommy in I guess that makes me a step 25...haha) a boy who is 14 and another girl who is 10. When we got married he had a vasectomy and had it reversed in Dec of 06. I haven't had any problems with fertility, but have had some irregular periods as of late. I was on bc for 3 months to try and regulate it, but have still had some minor issues. I am scheduled for a pap in Jan. I plan on starting clomid (not Rx) in Feb/2011. I'm still trying to decide on weather to take 50mg or 75mg. From what I've researched the higher the dosage the more risk of cysts. Is this correct? Also if anyone can recommend some other sites to help with research or any advice I would love it!!! Hope to hear for you soon!!!


watchmegrow - December 19

Hi all, I am new to this forum 35 yrs old and doing it over again. Read all of your comments, Congrats to all how have had success, I have 3 older boys 17,14 and 10 now TTC for another. DR put us on 50mg of clomid from day 3 to 7 ended the dosage on the 13th of Dec I have had hot flashes,headaches and some cramping from both sides of my stomach. I also came down with a wicked cold but took nothing for it. I forgot all about the aspirin, hopefully without it it will happen for us.. Did anyone get cramps days or even a week after taken the clomid? Nest period due Jan 2nd to the 4th so fingers crossed it doesn't come. We have had 2 M/C in this pa__s year.


number5? - January 19

Hi All, I am 30 and have 4 darling children ... am not sure why but since my last remain so broody. I ordered my clomid months ago and tonight I plan to take my 1st one (day 3 of period) I am very nervous about taking the tablet thinks thats down to some peoples horror stories. I think this will be my last pregnancy so crossing everything for twins.



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