How Many Follicles Did You Have

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twinsmichelle - September 16

6 mature follicles, got twins, one vanished. got smarter and did not want to risk it, so took less clomid, only had 1 decent follie, not even great, and 1 supposedly unviable according to the dr (yeah right), and ended up with fraternal twins anyhow.


MonkeyB - July 12

Argomez: I'm so sorry, you are not alone, all the ladies on here have felt this way and one time or another, your time will come really soon, I just know it. I know you really liked your doctor but a specialist maybe just what you need to up your clomid dose and take more action. I will continue to pray that you have you BFP soon. We are all here for you and we will all pick eachother up when we feel hopeless and sad. Keep your chin up and survive another day Xxxxxxxx


rus_teodora - September 15

Hi! I'm am new to this so please help me with some answers. I had my first IUI this morning, after I took clomid from day 3-7. On day day 8 day tested me to see how many follicles i have. This morning the doctor told me that I had one and that is ok to go forward with the procedure. Now I am a little bit worried because I was thinking that the hole point of clomid was to help me have more then 1 follicle. It's is possible that others follicles got matured in this time - from day 8 to 14? It's is possible that more than one good ovule is been released? Is there any risk of multiple pregnancies?


mommystheword - August 10

I did my u/s on cd11. Was told that there is 2 19mm follicle. What is my chances of both follicle being realease during ovulation. Rgds


Wandada - October 21

I have PCOS. I have lot of immature eggs but my body doesn't mature them and therefore, I don't ovulate. I only get my period almost once a quarter. My RE put me on clomid 150mg for 5 days. Got one big follicle, did an IUI and had a miscarriage on week 6. The fetus stopped growing so I had a D&C on week 9. Last month he put on clomid 100mg for 5 days. Got one follicle and we did time intercourse but it wasn't successful. This month I took 100mg clomid again but no response. From ultrasound, CD14 looks like CD3. So my RE put me on 150mg clomid immediately and I got 4 big follicles, 15,16,18,18.5mm. We did an IUI on Wednesday. My RE said triplet and quad chances is very low but twins is 20-25%. I am worried that it will be triplet and quad. Anybody has the same experience that they can share. Please help. 



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