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Nadine-B - June 28

Hi, just wondering how many of you found out that you were having twins even though you were not having fertility treatments and there was no family history of multiples?


pinkrox87 - June 28

yup thats definately me. went in for an ultrasound at 6.5 weeks and were extremely surprised to find we were having twins... even more so as they were naturally concieve and there are no twins in any of our families. i am 17 weeks now and still coming to terms with two but am so very excited :D


samehere - June 28

no treatments or history here. got pregnant with twins twice. lost the first set though.


wannababyboy - June 28

Hey girls I was suprised as well when I found out that I was preggo with twins, we conceived naturally as well. No twins in our families. But it has to start somewhere LOL. I can't wait to to have my two babies, what a blessing!!!


Nadine-B - June 28

There are a few of you out there. Samehere I'm sorry to hear about the loss of your first set but how surprised were you when you found out that you were pregnant again with twins! Did any of you have a feeling you were having twins before you found out? what number pregnancy is your twin pregnancy? It's nice to know that you can concieve twins even though they don't run in the family, I don't feel so silly about my suspicions about my pregnancy possibly being twins. I guess I won't know either way until I finally get an ultrasound [the wait is killing me]


Nadine-B - July 3

Do you think it's silly for me to think it may be twins? I always joked around with my other pregnancies that it was twins but this time I just feel different, alot of people have turned around to me and said "are you sure it's not twins" even b4 they knew my suspicions. My 4 Y.O has also told me that there are two in there and we hadn't said anything about twins to him. Did any of you have a Gut feeling? Do you think I'm reading to much into what people are saying?


Nadine-B - July 7

Getting an ultrasound done on Tuesday, so I guess we will find out soon. I'll Keep you all posted. Thankyou all for your replies.


Nadine-B - July 11

Went for the ultrasound today and I guess my maternal instincts were off. They found one healthy baby with a strong little heartbeat so I am happy!!!


write2sarah - July 11

1st pregnancy, 1st try, no treatments, no family history. we were completely shocked. and excited. the thought of twins breezed through my mind a few times before we knew when i read about twin symptoms. each time, though, i read that the "twin" symptoms could be from a regular pregnancy, so i just dismissed it.


Nadine-B - July 12

write2sarah, how far along were you when you found out? Do you know the s_xes yet? What symptoms led tou to think it was twins?



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