How Much Did You Eat With Your Twins Or Singleton

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4buzybeez - November 22

Hi, i am pregnant at the moment with my 4th child. my youngest is 1.5 yrs old now. i don't know how many weeks i am yet but will being having an u/s next Wednesday. I just wanted to ask, how much more did you eat while you were pregnant with twins? and how big was your belly? i estimate myself to be around 2mths, but not sure. With my other 3 singleton pregnancy i was a very bad eater, i was always struggling to put on weight. My belly was always at the right size for age, well unsized for my 2nd pregnancy. But with this pregnancy i am constantly hungry!! i just ate an hour ago and had a very big filling and now im starving again! all i same to think about all day is food!! My belly is also alot bigger as well, can it be because this is my forth pregnancy? or is it i may have a chance of having twins? we dont have twins on any side of the family. i am a very small size person, only 149cm tall! so any extra kilo really shows!!!


samehere - November 22

It just sounds like it is a different pregnancy. I couldn't eat with any of my pregnancies but m/s seemed to come and go tthe entire length my twin pregnancy. You showing is probably because it is your 4th pregnancy, you aren't sure how far along you are, you are eating a lot and you are small. This being your 4th pregnancy does raise your chance a bit for twins (slight), though. Let us know and good luck!


4buzybeez - November 23

hi samehere, i usually have very bad fatigue which last until around 2pm. i usually just sit there all day , have no energy to do anything! i dont have bad nausea either, just the no energy feeling. Somehow today has been a good day for me. i woke up, felt tired but it was ok, managed to do some house work. maybe its cos i started to take iron and folac pills. will keep you on posted after my u/s.



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