How Often Does Did Your Doctor Do Ultrasounds For Twins

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Kathy S - November 27

I have read that most obs do more often ultrasounds for twin pregnancies. My ob seems to stick to the same schedule as singleton pregnancies. So far the only difference I have been told by my ob is that I will start going every two weeks once I hit 24 weeks. The u/s tech told me I might be in at least once more before birthing to assess positioning of the babies. What are your experiences regarding frequency of ultrasounds and/or visits? It sounds like some women are getting u/s a lot more often than I am.


cb - November 27

Hi Kathy S, congratulations on your twin pregnancy, I am pregnant with identical twin girls, they are sharing one placenta and chorionic sac! And I am having ultrasounds every 2-3 weeks, to keep an eye on there growth, the dividing membrane and the amniotic fluid around each baby!! But I think towards the end of my pregnancy I will be having them weekly!! Good luck with it, and I hope you find the answers you need!! How far are you? I am 23 weeks & 4 days!


Kathy S - November 27

Thank you cb~and congratulations to you as well!! :-) I am currently about 21 weeks & 1 day today.


cb - November 29

Hi Kathy S, do you know what you are having yet? (if you want to know) How is everything going with you pregnancy? Are these your first? I have a two year old son!! Take care :))


Kathy S - November 29

These are my first twins! LOL I have a 2 year old son as well :-), also a 18 yr old daughter and 19 yr old son. I wanted to know what the babies are but my husband did not. So I guess we are waiting then. :-( We are both hoping for boys though. We can't tell if they are identical or not. They are seperated by a membrane...but looks like they have one giant placenta...doc says could be two placentas fused together. I am wondering if they are indeed id's though becuase in earlier u/s we actually did not see the 2nd baby. The 2nd is directly behind the 1st. Like right on top of each other. I think it would odd to think two different eggs happened to implant right next to each other like that?? I guess we'll find out later, eh? I don't think the ob I am using has much experience with multiples though. At least that's the impression I get from her. She doesn't seem to think they are any higher risk involved than with a singleton pg...Or with the fact that I am older, 37. But so far things seem ok with the pregnancy. They looked good at the 20 wk u/s and they are very active lil guys! :-) How is your pg going? I have the heartburn kicking in pretty good now! :-(


Mary - November 29

Kathy, Congratulations on your liitle ones. I am also having twins 33 weeks now and still worried. When my OB GYn found out I was having twins which was at 10 weeks she had me go see a Perintologist. They deal with high risk pregnancies. Twins/multiples are considered high risk and more so at age 37. They check for everything from the amount of amniotic fluid to size etc. I had my first ultrasound with the Perintologist at 15 weeks from that point every two weeks until I hit my 24th week then he found that every thing was going well so he scheduled it for every 4 weeks. I would say I have had about 5 ultrasounds. If you are unsure or feel that your doctor is not capable then this is the best time to change doctors. I found out at the last minute that some of the doctors in the practice did not deliver twins v____ally and that made me very angry. I should have asked before I chose them and this far into the pregnancy would be silly to try and find another one but you still have time. Some doctors don't like it when the patient knows too many procedures. My little ones are in seperate sacs with a fused placenta. Good Luck!!


Melissa - November 29

Hi Kathy, I gave birth to my boy/girl twins 10 weeks ago. I had two transv____al u/s before 20 weeks and then I went every 4 weeks until I delivered. Of course, they check them out (positioning wise) before you deliver as well, but that one doesn't really a__sess their growth. As far as ob visits, I started going twice a week at 26 weeks and once a week at 34 weeks. I also had non-stress tests once a week from 32 weeks on. I delivered at 38 weeks, 1 day (when I requested an induction because I was just getting so uncomfortable). Hope that helps and congratualtions!!!!



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