How Often Does Early US Miss Multiples

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destany - April 3

Hi everyone, congratulations on your pregnancies and multiples! I'm a little down at the moment, but I was currious about how often an early (7wk. vag.) ultrasound can miss a multiple pregnancy? I've heard of it happening but I'm not sure what to think at this point. I had an US at 7 weeks, vag, because of cramping, it only found 1 baby. I have had more severe symptoms than my other two pregnancies, but the main reason I still suspect muiltiples is because my abdomen is HUGE. I started showing at two and a half months, no joke, I had to go and buy maternity wear at three months! I've only had three ob appt, the doctor hasn't been measuring my abdomen and I've kept my suspicions quiet except for my husband. He said he suspected it as well before I said anything, but I'm like, "I had an ultrasound!" I found out today that my quad screen was abnormally high, though only a little, I'm trying not to get too worried but it's hard. I've been reading up and found that other than miscalculated age of the fetus (mines confirmed) the most common reason for a false positive is a multiple pregnancy. And since 97%-98% of all posatives are false, my suspicion of multiples is stronger than ever. So really, what are the chances? Is it common to miss a twin on an early ultrasound? I really appreciate your input! Destany


TripletMom - April 3

First - congrats. We saw 2 sacs at 5 weeks and then 3 babies at 7/8 weeks. I dont know statistics, but I guess that early on it is possible. When they found my trio my doctor said not to be surprised to find a 4th at the next ultrasound.


MelissaSLP - April 3

We saw our twins at 8 weeks on u/s. I think they can be missed if your Dr. is not specifically looking for more than one. We were thrilled seeing the first heartbeat b/c we had just had a m/c. Then the Dr. moved the "wand" around a bit more and we saw a second one. We were not surprised per say, but still in shock.


destany - April 3

Thankyou for your input and congratulations on your baby's! The only reason I had an US at 7 weeks was to confirm the pregnancy for me. It took us over a year to concieve, suffered two miscarraiges, so after six home pregnancy tests, and a seventh at the OB, I still didn't believe the doctor. I had a blighted ovum before my oldest child, so they did the US to a__sure me that I was really pregnant. The tech was nervous until I explained why we were doing the US, she quickly located the fetus, showed it to me, measured it and sent me on my way. This is just such a strange pregnancy, and I feel like my doctor doesn't really take me very seriously. They don't weigh me at my visits and he doesn't measure my tummy. When I have a concern he pretty much writes me off. When he called this morning to tell me the results of the quad screen he wouldn't tell me what they meant. "They're just numbers." he said. I had to look on the internet to realize the result was a positive but not to get too worked up about it. I'm constantly sick with this pregnancy, unlike my other two, I vomit througout the day instead of only in the mornings. I fall asleep so often I feel I must have narcalepsy. I even fell asleep when my dad came to visit for a day and I only get to see him once every year or two. I felt awful but he understood. When I told my doctor about strange poking and movement sensations above where the baby should be, he just told me that there's nothing there but intestines and left it at that. But these sensations are really freaking me out!!! I've been having bouts of hypoglycemia and all they can tell me is to eat every two hours to keep my blood sugar from dropping, but havn't done anything to try and find out WHY I'm having so much trouble... I'm just grumpy and confused and my doc's not giving me any answers at all. I'm having an amnio on Thursday, hopefully I'll find out some answers then. Sorry for rambling, I'm just really frustrated and confused.


MelissaSLP - April 3

Hhmm, it sounds like maybe you need to seek out another OB. If he doesn't want to explain things to you or take the time for you ?'s, how is he going to be if a problem arises or in the delivery of your baby(s). Well, when they do the amnio they have to use u/s, so maybe convince them to do a little "looking around". Either way, are you going to find out the gender(s)? With the help of Clomid, I have a beautiful 3 yr. old daughter and 6 1/2 mo. old boy/girl twins. Good luck to you!!!!!


destany - April 5

Thankyou for the support, I'm feeling better now since I've done more research. That doc scared the HELL out of me! I'm looking at 99.975% that the baby's ok, but I'm going to have the amnio just to be sure. Whatever we would decide, we'd need to be informed and prepared. I go in for my amnio tomorrow morning, I'm extremely nervous about it but relieved that I'll soon have some answers. I couldn't imagine going the entire pregnancy not knowing if everything was ok. As soon as I get the results in a couple weeks (and have my 20wk checkup), I'm switching doctors! If I have any news tomorrow I'll post it!


3babies - April 5

Hi Destany, I'm currently 23 weeks pregnant with my third child. I had similar suspicions at first about twins (add to this my mum is a fraternal twin). I wasnt sick with my other pregnancies, was with this one, all day every day. Also showed earlier. I didnt say anything even to my husband, he actually asked me if I thought it could be twins. I have had a few ultrasounds (last at 19 weeks) and there is definitely only one baby (specialist did last ultrasound and very thorough, so I'm sure). It sounds possible with your situation, but I thought I'd just let you know, its not unusual to have a completely different pregnancy. By the way, we have two boys, and we're not finding out what this is (family are driving me mad enough, I figure they can wait!!!). Good luck with your amnio and just to rea__sure you, my SIL had high results, but normal amnio, and perfectly healthy little boy.! :-)


destany - April 6

I am so happy today! No twins, but no amnio either. It's such a huge relief! After sitting down with the genetics counceler and going over the quad screen results in depth with her I was even a little annoyed that they brought me in in the first place. Out of four hormones, three were perfect one was a tiny bit high. And it was the one that they don't know anything about! It's just one of the four that has nothing to do with the mother and that's why they check it - because they can! We did a 45 minute U/S and measured and a___lyzed everything from the tip of his nose to the legnth of his knuckles - I'm serious! They found that he's absolutely perfect, nothing that they would expect to see with a DS baby, not even the tiniest abnormality. We were confident, as was the dr. who did the U/S that there was no reason to risk having an amnio. I'm not the slightest bit dissappointed that it's only one baby, he's just extremely active is all, a little ball of fire! The name Aiden really fits! Sorry for going on, I'm just so exctatic and relieved that everything is okay!


yetanothertripletmom - April 6

Congratulations on your healthy baby! I've heard so many many many women get false positives on the quad screen. I'm glad yours turned out to be nothing!



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