How Often Is The Gut Feeling Wrong

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goblair - November 3

I am 17weeks pregnant and nuts, but I can't shake the feeling that I am having twins. I am not even measuring large which suprises me because my uterus is passing my belly button. The only factors that I have to even question the idea is that this is pregnancy #4, I am 30, and I'm 5'10 and 190 lbs. Each of those things increase your chances but only a tiny percentage. Aren't there just as many women who think that they are having twins and then find out they are wrong? I guess we'll find out in 4 weeks....


Nichole - November 4

I am 18 weeks pregnant and definantly having twins. They were discovered at my 12 week appointment. I was measuring 16 weeks so they did an ultrasound. This is my 3rd pregnancy and I am 29. I also thought I was measuring big before I went in . I could feel my uterus just below my belly b___ton at 12 weeks. Now, I can feel in about 2 inches above my bb. Twins run in my family, but I was still surprised after having 2 singleton pregnancies. My sister had twins and my maternal Grandma had 3 sets of twins. Good luck to you if it's twins you want. Four weeks seems so far away. Sorry you have to wait so long. I have my ultrasound to find out the s_xes in just over a week. I'll be 20 weeks. I hate the wait.


Nichole - November 4

BTW, I also had a gut feeling with this pregnancy that I never had with my first two.


Kathy S - November 5

You could just be carrying high? It makes me wonder cuz you say you are measuring on track for singleton pg? I found out at 12 weeks that I am having twins, it was suspected from my weight gains, I was measuring large, and was feeling way more uncomfortable then I was with my singleton pgs at the same stage...But it did take 3 u/s before they finally saw a 2nd baby. Doc kept telling me there was only one on the earlier u/s's...but I had that "gut" feeling too.


goblair - November 5

I AM measuring a week ahead by my doctor's measurements which wasn't enough for her to consider me measuring large, but with my previous 3 pregnancies I have had HUGE babies without ever measuring large. After I hounded my doc, I had an ultrasound with #3 at 36 weeks and we found out that he was huge. They induced at 37 weeks and he was 8lbs, 15 oz. My first two were similiar, but with a different doctor. My point with all of this is - is that I seem to have a deceptive uterus. It just makes me all the more curious. Just when I think that I have shaken the feeling, I start thinking that I am going to need to buy a double stroller and another crib... I think the men in the white jackets need to come and take me away...


Anne - November 10

I'm 28 weeks, measuring 39 weeks. I started noticing my expanding belly right away. The idea of twins crossed my mind, but I never gave it serious thought. Then I found out at 9 weeks that there were 2 in there. I had no clue!


Kathy S - November 10

It seems that most (maybe not all, but most) twin moms 2 be measure a lot ahead. Not just a week or so. I was measuring 20 weeks at only 12. And like anne, who is measuring 39 weeks at 29 weeks. That does seem to be the appear at least 2 months further along than you would with a singleton pg? Let us know how it goes at your 20 week u/s, eh? I hope the best for you! :-)



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