How Soon Did You Find Out About Your Multiples

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CarolinaCowgirl - June 24

I am awaiting, this question isnt a direct question......just far along were you when you found out you were having twins/multiples? Did you suspect it before? What made you suspect it? Just curious and thought others may be interested


CarolinaCowgirl - June 25

Come on.......I want some answers! ;)


drea - June 26

Hi Carolina.....dont hold your breath around here to get answers, its all about Clomid on this board, its hard to actually start a "pregnant with twins" post. Anyway, I found out I was pg with twins at my first pg visit with my ob. She always does an u/s to see the heartbeat and stuff. I almost fell off the table when she said "oh there's two" I had no idea, but in retrospect, I did feel stronger symptoms than I did with my daughter, but I just chalked it up to having felt it before. Well, I'm now 25 weeks along and I still cant believe I;m having twins, its pretty scary. Good Luck


IsabellasMommy - June 28

I found out about 2 weeks ago that I'm pregnant and I go for a u/s on Monday. I've had blood work done twice already and I wasn't sure why they did that twice, but didn't question it. This pregnancy is different than my last, all of the symptoms have been stronger than with my little girl. Drea, did you feel your twins moving sooner than your daughter?


drea - July 1

Isabella, yes i did. I think I started feeling movement this time around 16 or 17 weeks or so, but not movements like you feel later, more of the flutters and bubbles, but now (I'm 26 weeks today) they dont stop for a minute. These two are doing flips all day and night.


FlyBear - July 4

Drea, twin girls or boys or one of each?


drea - July 7

FlyBear...I'm told fraternal girls, but everyone else is insisting that I am having boy/girl twins by the way I'm carrying. I've yet to see boy parts on any sonogram so I think its safe to say 2 girls (lol).


Krissy68 - July 7

drea - congrats when are they due. Krissy68


FlyBear - July 8

Congratulations. Do you have little girl names picked out? When are you due?


drea - July 8

Thanks Girls. My official due date is October 7th, but for some reason I'm feeling like its gonna be September 16th (which was my daughters original due date). I am 27 weeks today and I am starting to feel really uncomfortable, I cant imagine how I'm going to feel by September. We havent agreed on names yet, we have a few we are throwing around like Ava, Kiera, Madelyn, Hannah, Sophia, Olivia, but my dh is very stubborn since he thinks I decided my daughters name without consulting him (which isnt true). Girls names are much harder.


Krissy68 - July 8

drea - thats my baby daughter's birthday she will be 4 and it is also my stepmother's birthday as well. Keep us updated. Krissy68



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