How To Prevent Premature Delivery Of Twins Triplets

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Helen - March 8

I am 14 weeks preg with triplets but is very concerned that they will be borned too early. Does anyone have any advice on what to do to prevent premature delivery of my triplets?


? - March 27

usually with triplets they are delivered earlier than the normal pregnancy. the way I understand with triplets they are taken by c-section around 32 weeks or so. just take it easy and eat healthy.


tasha - June 28

well you need to take it easy and eat right. Make sure you get as much exercise as you can because you are in for a work out.


Michele - July 17

I am currently pregnant with twins, and my doctor has told me to take it easy. Don't overextend yourself. You only have one chance to carry these babies. If you work you, you should take it easy when you get home. If your work is at home, cooking and cleaning, don't overdo the daily. chores. Definently, no heavy lifting, 20 pounds is too much. You should ask your doc if your restriction should be a lesser weight. Avoid stress. Make sure that you are drinking plenty of fluids in the hot weather to avoid dehydration or heat stroke. Don't be afraid to ask questions and address any concerns with your doctor.


Bryn - August 12

Drink loads of fluids. Quit work, do not do any strenous exercise, soon you won't be able to anyway. Spend as much time as you can laying on your left side. Keep all your doc appts, avoid stress, just take it easier than you ever have before. I delivered triplets July 2004, this worked well for me, 37 weeks, three six pounders. The best of luck to you.


msg for Bryn - August 13

Bryn, congratulations! Amazing weights and pregnancy time for triplets!!! I am expecting twins and have been worried a lot, esp. because i am of smaller size; but you give me high hopes! Looks like you have done the greatest job while your three were in your belly! How difficult was your pregnancy? Thanks for your post. ---Michaela---


Bryn - August 13

Hi Michaela, congratulations on your twins, multiples are wonderful. My pregnancy was, I'm told by triplet standards, very straightforward. My OB took me out of work at 16 weeks, I was extremely tired which never really went away. No cerclage, but must admit to a lot of pelvic discomfort after 34 weeks, they all came home with me and are doing fantastic, so don't worry, though I know it's easy to say. I didn't stop worrying till I pa__sed week 32. There is every reason you will do well.



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