How Will I Cope With Twin Girls

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danielle - November 5

how will i cope with two twins girls


Melissa - November 7

Wow! Congratulations! Let me just say that I would LOVE to have twin girls. I have two boys and am 20 weeks with our third. I will find out tomorrow what I am having, we are keeping our fingers crossed for a girl. Just think of how much fun you are going to have with two girls! I love my boys very much, I would just love to have a girl to dress-up, do her hair, pa__s down my wedding dress and other girly things. You will be fine, just take one day at a time and be thankful for you miracles.


Gemma - November 18

Yes congratulations! I always daydreamed about having twin girls! You will learn to adjust to them and will have a wonderful time together!


danielle - November 18

i am only 17 though


redeem - November 18

my friend is about your age with twins on the way, and she's getting support from those that love her, including me. She admits that it's going to be hard raising twins on her own (she dumped her ex) but she's determined to get through it, and I'm proud of her. I think you'd be able to handle it too danielle


Dawn - December 21

I am also pregnate with twin girls. I consider them a double blessing. This will make our 2nd and 3rd girl. My husband really wanted a boy. But I'm happy with 2 healthy babies and one already at home. I'm sure it will be hard at times but you can make it through. To answer your question "How will I cope with two twins girls?" with God's help. Rely on him for everything. Talk to him about everything each step of the way and he will see you through and light your path. God Bless You!


t - December 21

You won't remember the first 3 months, but just remember, it gets easier, and eventually you will be the only mom out there who can get her kids ready on time because you've had so much practice doing double duty! Really, it's not hard mentally, just time consuming. But you will cope. Good luck, all of us "veteran" twin moms are available here for support.


SANDRA - January 11

I have the same question! I am expecting twin girls and am scared out of my mind but excited all at the same time. I have 2 boys at home already and just wonder how I will make the switch from trucks and jeans to bows and dresses!!! I am sure you will do fine and you will have to little girls to love and spoil, think of it this way, you are young enough that by the time they are young teenagers you will still be cool!! LOL good luck God bless!!


Jenn - January 16

Danielle, i know how you feel,i am only 25 and have a 6 yr old a 4 yr old and 5 month boy/girl twins.i was scared to death,and did not know how i would manage.i was very small only 115 pounds and the doctors said i would not make it to term.i had a hard pregnancy,and it made it worse becouse i had 2 other children to take care of.with no help other than my husband.and he had to work all the time.i ended up having my twins at 31 weeks,the day i turned 7 months.i was so scared for them,but thank god i had already gotten the steriod shots for their lung development.the first 2 months we were so buisy back and forth to the hospital that it all seems like a blure now,but after dealing with the emotions of having 2 3 pound babies in the nicu for 2 months,when they got to come home,it was so easy to take care of them. you worry how you are going to cope with 2 babies,but after you get those babies home you don't even ask that comes so natural.don't worry in a very short time you will learn how to take care of both there needs at the same time and you won't even realize it when you have been givin a blessing,cherish it,and every can do it or god would not have chosen you to be a special mom.


Jenn - January 16

i want to share with you a poem i wrote for my twins.i hope no one minds. My two heroes From the day i knew i was having both of you my heart melted. you were my angels from up above,you were not here yet but my heart for you was filled with love. Then you came on the seventh month,our eye's were full with happy tears,but there were times that turned to fear. To see you so helpless on monitors and more was the worst id ever had to endure. day after day i would walk that floor. You both showed you were very strong and got to come home. we were so happy you both were here in our arms,for that wait was way to long. I thank god every day for letting me be one of those special moms,for you both have showed me what it means to be strong. you are my heart you are my life you are my heroes love Mom


LIDIA - January 17



Jenn - January 17

thanks Lidia,sorry you had to fix your make up :) i have another one,this one made me cry for about 30min.i don't know who wrote it and i can't remember what site i got it off of but i will share it. and any mom who has had to deal with a baby in the nicu that was premature,this poem will bring back all the emotions.


Jenn - January 17

As I Love You Through The Gla__s As I love you through the gla__s a tiny hand sweeps across the blanket reaching out to me. You lie there in the stillness of your slumber clinging to life; I reach inside to touch you and you stir slightly; I feel a tiny breath like a feather caress my fingers as I love you through the gla__s. One eye opens easily staring into mine; Can you see me? Can you feel my presence as I love you through the gla__s. I ache to hold you; I await the moment when you peacefully rest in my loving arms. A silent tear rolls down my face; I slowly turn to walk away only to glance back one more time as I love you through the gla__s.


vikki - February 1

well i have to cope at 14 with two sets of twins but i have triplets on the way and i am only 14 so i think u will manage


cheryl - February 9

If you want to talk email me. [email protected] or visit my website



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