I Didn T Know I Was Having Triplets

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Brianna - September 10

I just went to the doctor today to find that I was pregnant with TRIPLETS and not just the one baby we expected. I had been wondering about why I was gaining so much weight, but now I'm concerned about how much I need to gain. I am two months pregnant, five feet seven inches and I now weigh 147 pounds, a 20 pound weight gain! Is this COMPLETELY normal? Am I just paranoid, and is there anything I can do to regulate my weight?


3ontheway - September 10

You should gain between 60 - 70 pounds with a triplet pregnancy!!!


Juliette - October 28

Snap I am 10 weeks with triplets and have also gained a good deal of weight. Just how sick are you feeling?


E - October 28

Wow. I am shocked. Aside from the weight issue, are you scared about this? I was terrified at the thought of twins (DH wants them so badly) and I just cannot imagine three. It is all so beautiful yet such a shock I would think. What frame of mind are you in about this? XOXO


Juliette - October 29

Good state of mind. Going forward with optimism and willing to do what ever it takes to ensure their safe arrival. if I am told to go to bed at 22 weeks then so be it. I am trying to eat healthily rest for at least an hour a day and arm my self with facts and information. Apart from that their is not much else I can do. Good luck with your twins.


E - October 29

No twins for me. I thought we might be having them but it is only one baby. Glad to hear you are so excited about three. Good luck!!


triplets on the way - November 5

Hi, My husband and I are pregnant for the first time through IVF. I'm 6 weeks and I'm pregnant with triplets. We are very nervous and are worried abou the risks of having triplets. I'm only 5"0 and have gained quite a bit of weight. I was suprised to see I would have to gain 60-70 pounds. I don't know if my body can handle that. I have been feeling sick most of the day.


Juliette - November 6

Good luck with your triplets. Sadly we lost one of our triplets this week. There is a lot uf useful information on the web about triplets. One or two things, you don't need to triple folic acid, but I found a recommendation to add an extra protein and calcium portion per day. To help with sickness I have recently discovered sprite (v cold) as good. Apart from that little portions at least every two hours. Also try mint boiled sweets like foxes glacier mints. really anything your body craves. also finding a smell that helps you, i have taken to sniffing coffee grounds. Best of luck


nancy - November 18

Please please take it easy and drinks lots of fluids, take your vitamins and read Dr,. Luke's book twin, triplets or quads, I forget the exact name of it. Gaining weight is the best thing for your babies so they do not spend a great deal of time in the nicu. good luck.


Twins - December 9

Don't worry. I have a set of g/b twins James and Jamela. During my pregnancy I gained well over 50 lbs and had a successful delivery. Of course I was nervous about how my body would handle this and if I would ever be able to lose the weight once I had my children. Now 18 months later my children are happy and healthy and I am working on losing the rest of my weight. This rapid weight gain I common and you shouldn't be worried. Hope everything works out for you and your multiples. ~~Good Luck~~


Triplet pewrson - February 10



marvele - March 10



rohini - March 26

my lmp is feb192005 i want know how many months iam in my pregnancy


To Rohini - May 27

My lmp was Feb 19 as well and, according to my dates, I will be starting my 15th week tomorrow... Erin Congrats!


Sarah - June 28

Im 5 months with triplets and i have already gained 104 pounds so yes that is normal


CJ - August 21

I am 14 weeks with triplets and my belly is growing but I can't seem to gain weight!!! I am eating ice cream before going to bed, cheese, etc...All of which my Dr. wants me to do, and it seems like I can't put on any weight...it's making me nervous, but as all of you triplet Moms know, It's hard to eat more than a few bites at one sitting. Anyone else with this issue? I'm so afraid that my babies won't be healthy and it just makes me want to cry...I am 5'2" and weighed approx. 112# pre-pregnancy. I've always been someone who could eat and eat and eat and not worry about gaining weight...but now I have a major reason to want to pack on some weight! HELP!!!


[email protected] - October 15

I'm 2 months pregnant with triplets too! i gained 23 pounds already. do you feel like a your huge already, because i do



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