I Just Found Out I Am Having Twins

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CaseyB - January 30

Hey Everyone! I just found out I am having Twins and I am so excited! I am still so early on (6 weeks) though so I am a wreck knowing that there is a possibility of losing one. One sac was smaller than the other but they both had heartbeats. Has anyone else having twins had different size sacs this early on?


Erin1979 - January 30

Congrats!! I'm not having twins (yet) but my friends just had identical twin girls. One of the sacs was bigger than the other, and at birth, there was only 1 oz between them. Have a happy and healthy pregnancy!! Is this your first pregnancy?


carla123 - January 31

congrats!! how exciting. do you have twins in your family? were they conceived naturally. so pleased for you well done. x


CaseyB - January 31

Thanks! My doctor said it is normal but I am a complete wreck! After seeing them both and seeing their heartbeats I would be so devastated to lose either of them. I conceived them naturally. I had a miscarriage in September and this was our first month trying again. I have two other friends that both conceived three months after their miscarriages and they are both having twins too. Both my husband and I have twins in our family. I actually had an overwhelming feeling that I was having twins for the past two weeks so I wasn't surprised when I had the ultrasound!


carla123 - February 1

hi caseyb i had a miscarriage in october and hoping that i conceived this month! due for af 8th feb so only 7 days!! xx


CaseyB - February 1

carla - I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you!


Rhiannon - February 1

Congrats CaseyB. I had a miscarriage in Oct 04 and 2 months later naturally concieved twins. There was always a size difference right from week6 when I found out. They are now happy, healthy 5.5 month olds who want out of thier crib now. Good luck, and remember it will be a long rough road for you, but hopefully it will turn out ok.


CaseyB - February 1

Thanks Rhiannon - that makes me feel better! I keep saying I'll feel better after the next ultrasound but I know I am going to be so worried all along! Congrats on your twins!


greenelatoya1 - February 2

caseyB- i am new to the site and have only been using this site for the pa__s six week and i was just wandering how did it felt that it was twins did you feel different form having a single baby or is this your first pregnancy and if so so you have any signs that i was a twin. i also wanted to ask you if you took clomid. because i took it and i am pregnant i think it is three weeks pregnant because we did a test and there was a faint line there we use the clearblue pregnancy test and those one are really go so can you help me with the info on this matter. thanks greenelatoya1.


CaseyB - February 2

I conceived them naturally. I actually wasn't surprised at all that I was having TWINS. My symptoms have been elevated from the beginning, my hormone levels were high, and I just had a gut feeling. I had been referring to them as the babies a week before my ultrasound.


Twinmom2be - February 4

I would not worry to much but having gone through having twins. The dr told me that once they see the heartbeats there is only a 5% chance of miscarriage the same chance as later on in your pregnancy. Good luck.


greenelatoya1 - February 12

caseyB-hi it's latoyagreene1 i am just wondering what kind of early symtoms did you start to have that made you think that you were going to have twin was it a big stomach or were you feeling sick all the time or did feel any sort of early movements or did you just felt different when you feel pregnant. thanks


andysbabygirl - February 13

what were you symptoms before you found out you were preg? Did you get more intense symptoms or the same as a singleton?


greenelatoya1 - February 16

hi i just wanted to tell every one that i am pregnant and i did use clomid which i am very happy about. i am now i think 7 weeks pregnant and i just wanted every one to know how happy we are about the new surpise thanks to clomid


Anathi - February 16

H Casey : > ) Congrats I wish you the best beautiful ride to 9mnths. My friend had to wait a little longer due to different weight of her twins. After two weeks trying to wait for the other twin's lungs to properly form up but WOW she left with both her twin from the theater I mean they will just pray . Me and DH are so praying for twins! Whats the reciepy !!!!!!!!!!!! Cogra once again!


MommyExpecting - February 16

CasyB- What symptoms did you have when yo say elevated levels, what was the level at 6 weeks?


MelissaSLP - February 16

Congrats! I m/c'd in Nov. and became pregnant with my twins the next cycle in Jan. I had a great pregnancy with them, but I think I was so much more worried than I was with my first pregnancy b/c I hadn't experienced a loss before. Mine were always measuring about 3-4 days apart and were 3/4 of lb. different at birth (I delivered at 38 +1 weeks). But, they are different babies and unless it's a big difference, it should be ok.



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