I Just Found Out I Am Having Twins

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taneesha - January 29

i am so scared i am having twins and i have a 2 yr old at home and my hubby is in the military


lilmama - January 30

Well, we are in the same boat kinda. I have an 8 month old and am having twins ( he was 4 months when I got pregnant) and my husband is Air Force! I was really scared at first, but once the news sank in I am very happy about it. Just try to look at it this way- God will only give us what he knows we can handle! What branch is your husband? Where are you stationed? We are in Grandforks ND--The other north pole!! Good luck with everything!


kim - February 16

true that =) not exactly in the same boat here, but somewhat. my husband is in the army, and we are stationed here in korea right when they are talkin nuclear bombs of course. i'm 10 weeks along, with a possiblity of twins. my sister had her twin boys when her daughter was only 1 1/2 . if you are lucky enough to be around your family-make sure they are involved. they can be the biggest help. also look into day care on base so you are not overwhelmed. being in the military does have some perks. i went over to my sister's regularly to help her out and stayed with her when her husband had to go on business trips. i know she stresses tremendously when all 3 are screaming at the same time, but she always looks at it as a blessing. just remain calm and remember to breath =) good luck to ya!


hiu - February 16

Congrats i know it will be hard but look at is as a miricle i say two is better than none like some can have!!! Hope it all goes ok 4 u where u on clomid x


sheri - May 1

i am in the same boat as you...a 20 monthe old and expecting twins in sept.


melissa - May 1

Same here. I've got a 26 month old and expecting twins Oct. 3rd. Kinda scary, huh?


Angela - May 3

Teneesha-i am 9wks4d preggo with twins, first pregnancy and my hubby is in the Military as well!


*** - May 3

I love the name Karson for a boy or Karsyn for a girl


*** - May 3

Whoops wrong thread. Sorry about that.


Sara - May 27

I just found out that I am having twins & I have a 2 yr old at home. I am very very scared & my husband is home...However one of the twins heartrate was very low so I am also worried about that


Lauren - June 7

Hello were any of you on clomid & if so what does & days was taken?


Mom of 4 going on 6 - June 7

concrats, and yes having twins is scary, I have four kids already 9,8,5,and 3 and my twins are due in Sept. Hope everything goes well for you


Lauren - June 8

Hello Sara & Mom of soon to be 6 - Were either of you on clomid & if so what days was it taken & what amt? Love to hear from you


jesse - June 8

I just found out I am having twins due in january. I have a 7 month old (born in oct.). My honey is freaking out and I am a little as well. I am just concerned about the health of the babies. I have heard lots of scary twin prego stories. Goodluck everyone.


Marie - June 9

I am also expecting twins due in December and have a 9 month old son so I know how it feels and its hard being away from home and family but the best part is you have a husband that is there to support you hopefully emotionally and physically and if and when he's not around I'm sure there is a few close friends who will help you through this. My husband and I are in Japan he works for the military and its really hard being away but I thank god every day that I have a great husband and wonderful son and everything happens for a reason. I truely believe that. I'm scared to have twins as well but trust me the moment they arrive all that will be the last thing on your mind because your motherly instinces will take over I promise.You'll be fine believe in that ok???


sheri - June 9

where are you from? I live in a military town in new york.....let me [email protected]


Sara k - June 13

I am a twin and my mum reckons we were easier to cope with than my elder sister! Apparently we kept each other entertained rather than the constant attention my sister seeked when she was little!!!



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