I M HAVING TWINS Due 09 08 09

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Carly XxX - January 21

hey everyone. i found out on the 19th that im having identical twins! i was so shocked i jumped off the bed and shouted "WHAT!!" at the sonographer lol is anyone else due around the same time as me with twins? would love to have someone in the same situation to talk to as i dont know of anyones else who has had or is having twins. x


Ilona - January 21

Hi, I'm pregnant with twins due 9/4/09. They are fraternal, not identical. Result of IVF & 5 day embryo transfer! I'm in my 8th week (7 weeks, 4 days), and I've had 3 ultrasounds, and at our last ultrasound on Monday, we had 2 strong heartbeats.


Carly XxX - January 21

thats great news ilona! i am 11 weeks and 3 days atm so will be 12 weeks on sunday. origionally my edd was 8/8/08 but they changed it to 9th after my scan. its so exciting isnt it. i already have 1 daughter who is 2 in march so she doesnt really understand yet. do u have an appt for next scan yet?


Ilona - January 21

Hi Carly, we have a 13 year old (mine from my first husband who died in 2004). I remarried in 2006 and we started trying right away, so we're thrilled! My next u/s is February 2nd. The doctor said they'll look more like babies then! Are you feeling any exaggerated morning sickness or anything like that?


lisajanelle - January 21

hi carly - i was pregnant with id twins in 2003, due in sept, born in may at 23 weeks. just a word of caution, please be very careful making sure your dr. is as vigilant as s/he should be. especially if they turn out to be monochorionic twins. my little ones developed twin to twin transfusion and my little erika died in utero then a week later they were born. thankfully my survivor erin is now a healthy completely normal 5 year old, but the chances of that were about those of winning the lottery. we are very blessed, but there has not been a day since erika's death that i haven't grieved for her loss. i wish no one else would ever have to go through what we did. very best of luck and wishing you happy healthy babies! btw - i felt fine during my pregnancy as far as morning sickness and heartburn and such go. just had to pee all the time because there was always someone's little foot kicking my bladder!


Ilona - January 22

Hey Carly, quick question - do you feel like you fill up really fast when you eat? I'm getting a little hungrier (especially in between meals), but after a few bites I'm done!


Carly XxX - January 22

ilona, i get very hungry very all the time lol but i was the same with my singleton pregnancy. i can still eat loads but im making sure what i eat is healthy. lisajanelle, thank you very much for taking the time to share your story with me and i am so sorry for your loss. i have researched tttts and i know its very rare but still a very real possibility so i will definately make sure i am monitored closely. i already have another scan booked which i have to go to london for (just 9 days after my 1st appt) where they will do a very detailed scan which will last for a couple of hours. i already have the appt thru to see my consultatnt and my gtt appt is even through! i am glad to hear that erin is a normal, healthy 5 year old! thank you for your best wishes. i also have had no morning sickness or anything yet just exhaustion! thank you again lisajanelle x


Ilona - January 23

Hi Carly, London?? Where are you! I'm already jealous! I'm stuck in the armpit of the US (Indiana - by choice though, I moved here from LA and wouldn't have met my DH if I hadn't come back here). I grew up in Chicago.


carpenter - January 23

congrats I have 5 year old twins there b- day is 09-09-03, I am now going for round 2 I am due in 09-21-09. I don't know yet weather this is one or more yet. Twins are hard but twice the love and the boys are so much fun now. You are truly blessed


carpenter - January 23

Oh, yes mine are identical. mirror twins. you should join the twin project they send you lots of helpful info and get more info from you as the world is still learning about the wonder that is identical twins. 1 in 150 births are identical twins


Carly XxX - January 24

i am from ess_x ilona, about 40 min drive from london. what is the twin project, carpenter? sounds interesting. congratulations on your pregnancy btw :) you are only a couple of weeks behind me. are you hopin for more twins? i read that there is only a 0.4% chance of naturally concieving identical twins! i cant believe it, it was our first month ttc too! im worried my 2 year old isnt going to adjust very well. does anyone know how many weeks the average twin pregnancy goes to? i keep thinking horrible things like (if all goes well beforehand )im going to end up going really premature like 24 weeks or something. i am so excited but im really scared too


Ilona - January 26

I've read that twin pregnancies can go a little shorter - maybe 36-38 weeks instead of 40 weeks. There's always the chance that you may end up on bedrest earlier than that if you're having problems. Another good reason to try hard to stay as healthy as possible during these months! I'm already showing (a little) which is surprising, since I didn't show with my daughter until my 4th month!


Shellz - January 26

Hi, I'm pregnant with twins due 9/5/09. How does everyone know if they are having fraternal or identical already? My doctor said it was too soon to tell. I'm in my 8th week now. I have found that I get VERY HUNGRY the past few days. But I will eat something small and feel stuffed until about an hour or two later..then I'm starving again. I try to bring extra fruit to snack on throughout the day at work. I've actually lost a few pounds, but my jeans are already uncomfortable around my stomach. This is my second pregnancy, I have a 5 yr old son also.


lisajanelle - January 26

shellz - i found out at 18 weeks that i was pg with twins. i had measured on target until then, and only 1 heartbeat had been detected. at 18 weeks however i measured 23 and my afp came back out of whack so they sent me for an ultrasound. so anyway - they could tell that mine were identical because they had only one placenta between them and were in one chorion sac. if everything goes properly identicals should have their own everything and so you can't neccesarily tell till after birth and they can test their dna. or at least that is what my perinatologist told me!


Ilona - January 27

I had IVF with 5 day embryo transfer. We transferred 2 embryos, so we knew all along there may by 2 babies. These would be fraternal. With twins naturally, I guess it's a little harder to know for sure.


Carly XxX - January 27

hey shellz. i was told at my scan at 11 weeks that my twins are monochorionic diamniotic which basically means they share the same placenta therefore they are identical. thats what i was told anyways. i have got my second scan tomorrow in london, im so excited but nervous too. i will b 12+3. ilona, i heard women show earlier in thier second pregnancy as the stomache muscles were stretched by the 1st pregnancy. im showing a bit already too. has anyone felt movement yet? im sure ive felt something but its not very often and its def not gas. hope everyone is ok x


Shellz - January 27

I had my first ultrasound at 8 weeks to confirm my pregnancy and it was very obvious there were two sacs and two babies. I have my next one at 12 weeks. I'm hoping I will find out more info then cause I am so paranoid that I won't be able to tell identical twins apart or get them confused. I've been told I will get over that though. The shock is starting to wear off, but I am thinking about so many other things as well. Like 2 of everything and how my Maxima will no longer accomodate us. It's a lot to sink in, but its also so exciting....



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