I M HUGE At 12 Weeks

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Erin - October 20

So far, my OB doesn't think it's twins, but I've thought it was from the beginning. I heard two hb's at slightly different rates (but heard them in the same place at the same time) with my doppler the other day and then now, I've popped out big time and am in full time maternity clothes. To get an idea of how huge I am, check out these pics: http://tinypic.com/dbgbd http://tinypic.com/dbgc0 What do you think? Is it normal to be this big this early? Thanks in advance!


E - October 20

I am thin and was showing at 12 weeks. I felt pretty huge too. I know that an ultrasound would pick up twins at 12 weeks. There would be no way to miss it. Have you had an US yet?


Miss - October 25

Erin, I can't wait to find out if you're having twins or not. :) I was 7 weeks along when they saw the two sacs and "lima beans". haha I would ask your doctor for an U/S to see if you're carrying or not because inquiring minds want to know! HAHA Good luck! :)- Miss


Nicole - October 31

Wow! You are showing a lot for that early!! Let us know as soon as you find out... sometimes OB's can be wrong =)


JWH - November 2

I can't open up your pics but let me know what your next ultrasound shows. I am 12 weeks pregnat with twins and it's always nice to here from other people that are in the same boat. Good Luck!


Naomi - November 3

I am huge too my ob can't believe how much i have popped but she only found one heart beat she says that doesn't mean that there aren't 2, they could be hiding one behind the other, their heart rates could be so close to the same that it makes the rate seem faster, I go for an ultra sound on the 11th and will have them look for 2!


Erin - November 3

Oops! Tiny pic quit hosting the pictures a couple of days ago... here's an updated pic of 13 weeks: http://tinypic.com/em2z9


Greenwood - November 4

I can't see your pictures what's the site address again?


Jailyn - November 9

I was medium frame and was showing a lot at 12 weeks. Everyone thought I was going to have twins but it just turn out to be a big baby. At birth he weight 9 pounds with 8 ounces 21 inches long. But then again big babies run in my side of the family. He is now five month old.


Jennifer - November 15

wow, i'm 13 weeks too and i'm not showing at all....


Millie - November 16

you do show a lot!! I am having twins and I went on to maternity clothes in my12 weeks. It actually could be because I was very tiny to begin with. But you do show big. I hope you are having twins if you really want to! Good luck. Let us know soon. I can't wait to see you at 5th month--that's when most of the women balloon up!!


eliz - November 17

I am 7 weeks and have quite a tummy too, everyone keeps asking me if I think its twins. I say its either that or Im giving birth to a manatee!


Gemma - November 18

Whoah! I am 16 weeks with a singleton baby and don't show half that much! Maybe you are further along than you thought or maybe you're having twins! Have an ultrasound!


a - November 18

wow, I wasn't that big until my third trimester. I was still in my normal clothes at 20 weeks! Is this your first baby?


nichole - November 18

How early did you go in for your u/s, And did you see one or two sacs during your first u/s? Thirdly, do you know what your HcG levels are? I went in last week (5th week of preg) and they saw one sac and MAYBE a second. My HcG levels are very high too. We had fertility drugs & IUI and have been praying for twins! I'm hoping they missed seeing the second one! We find out next week. Is this similar to you?


c - November 28

Im now 15 weeks, and getting bigger by the day, but I looked five months from 8 weeks, I think you might be winning though, had my 12 week U/S scan and theres only one in there, so your not alone


Lisa - November 28

I'm 12 weeks and I've been showing for awhile. Is this your first or second? I heard you can show sooner with your second because you've already been through it once before!



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