I Need Advice Conceiving Twins

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blondie33 - September 21

I want to conceive mutiples with clomid and would love to hear from you experienced women about the best successes. I ovulate normally but want to use clomid to increase the chances of conceiving twins. I am wondering about these 3 questions: 1. Which days should I take the clomid on? 2. How high of a dose should I take? 3. I have heard that having clomid in your system from previous months unconceiving can raise your chances of a multiple conception. So would taking clomid while using condoms for 1 to 2 months before trying to conceive increase your chance of multiples? I really want your insight, but please hold your "soap box" on my decision. Thanks


potter-nut - September 22

mir. is this you? -s (if so, just tell me but don't give away my name please!)....anyway, you could check out the thread about the woman who conceived triplets while on unprescribed clomid. there is a heated debate going on there, but it offers some interesting info. i think she took 100 mg on days 3-7, and used progesterone cream after she was sure she'd ovulated. good luck!


twins4us - September 22

Ironically clomid will NOT increase your chances of multiples IF you ovulate ON YOUR OWN. In fact it will hinder you as it drys up the valuable cervical fluid needed to help the swimmers. IT also thins your uterine lining, making it inhospitable for the egg. Funny now so many gals here are taking it to increase their chances when it can do the opposite. And those who don't ovulate it only increases your chances 2-10%. I have links to the following but this site won't allow me to post them, so I took out the pertinent info.....**RE told me about Clomid and twins. 8% sounds about right however this risk is not equally applied to all women. In fact it is the oposite of what you would think. The highest rate of twins occurs in women who are not ovulating at all but are normal in all other respects. This means that if you get them to ovulate and there is more than one egg released there is a higher chance of twins since everything else is normal. If you are ovulating on your own the clomid is being used to hopefully get more than one egg released thus increasing your chances at a single pregnancy** .......and just because you ovulate more than one egg your chances of both being fertilized AND implant are 20-30%..... **Researchers identified 69 women who had released two eggs by detecting that they had two corpora lutea, small hormone-releasing organs that develop in ovaries at the site where the eggs emerge. Fifteen of these women were pregnant with twins, while the remaining 54 women were having one child. This showed that after a woman had "double ovulated" the chance of the second egg also being fertilised and developing was about 20-30 per cent, the same as for a single egg.**


HeavenisMine - September 23

I'd suggest staying away from things like clomid unless a doctor advises you to take it, and even then I'd try any other way. I think, and remember this is a personal opinion so you can take it or leave it as you will, that the best way to have a succesful twin pregnancy is to conceive them naturally if you body is ready. I heard eating yams can help as well....just be careful not to fool around with things like clomid, I've heard it can help some, but it seems to be more detrimental than beneficial. Just my two cents :) Best wishes


MEandHIM - September 24

why not just try soy isoflavones (equivilant to clomid)? or another natural way? They are natural, cheap, can be purchased at your local walmart or GNC and for nomal ovulating women they give you a better chance of concieve twins and wont screw up your cycle. Plus you don't have the nasty side effects that come along with clomid.. OH and they are legal. -Just a though... Also if you are thinking of going the natural route. Today I found a supplement called Femmerol it includes EVERYTHING that you would want to take to increase your chances except vitex and soy which you can ad. Its like $30 a bottle but thats cheap compared to what I spent this month on natural supplements. I bought about 10 different herbs and spent over $100. Look up the Femmerol though.. every thing I bought was in it and then some.


blondie33 - September 25

t"wins4us", I a__sume that by your name you are currently carrying twins, is this right? Did you conceive them with clomid or naturally? Where can I research more about your statement that clomid actually will hinder me conceiving? And to "Me and Him" what are soy isoflavones, and why aren't they more commonly taken or used as an alternative to clomid? My doctor told me that soy products can make a person sterile so I'm just a little concerned about a soy product. Have you heard anything like this? Thanks for all of the advice.


twins4us - September 25

blondie, no I'm not carrying twins I had them several yrs ago. This site will not allow me to post links, but if you cut and paste each of the statements into google you will find the sites I found the info. As far as clomid drying up cervical fluids and causing the lining of your uterus to be thin that is on any medical site....it is the caveat to using clomid.


MEandHIM - September 25

google -> isoflavones phytoestrogens swine ..... You'll find a study done on pigs. Phytoestrogens are anti-estrogenic (meaning the bind to estrogen receptors tricking the body into producing more because it thinks its under producing them. It does the EXACT same thing that clomid does, its just not as strong. That study on the pigs/swine shows that introducing isoflavones or phytoestrogens caused the pigs to produce more offspring. Also you can google "Soy Unlikely to Affect Women's Fertility" and you'll see that they actually did a study in 2004 (later then the other studies saying it did make people infertile) and it states that Soy doesn't have a negative effect on womens infertility. Also the only studies that have determined soy has effects on fertility are those done on newborn rat pups. Soy will make newborn rat pups sterile but it works the opposite on a mature reproductive system. As for humans.. there is a very important develemental period for males and females when they are around 3-6 months of age. There is a significant rise in various hormones which determine how fertile the child will be. If those hormones are interfered with it can cause infertility that is why large doses of soy are not good for infants. Not sure how to find the article on that but I am sure if you do some looking you'll find it. Now last but not least there are multiple ways that estrogen works and different receptors. Isoflavones bond to some that are the same as the ones that clomid bond to and also to others that clomid doesn't bond to. There was actually a study done that showed that taking Clomid for 5 days at 100mg and isoflavones for 10 days at 1500mg can actually increase your chances of pregnancy. Isoflavones (stuff in soy) can reverse the anti-estrogenic effects that clomid has on the uterine lining so that it doesn't thin out. I have also heard that it works wonders on your cervical mucus as well. You'll need to google "High Dose of Phytoestrogens Can Reverse the Antiestrogenic Effects of Clomiphene Citrate on the Endometrium" to find that study. And as for why Isoflavones isn't being marketed well, I am not sure but I know that it cheap in delute forms or in the concentrated form that I bought (by solgar) its fairly expensive. I paid almost $40 for my bottle. So there must be a good reason to use it if they can sell it for so much. JMO


MEandHIM - September 26

Clomid Side effects * The most common side effect is flushing during the time of clomiphene citrate administration * Ovulation pain - because the result of taking clomiphene is increased ovarian stimulation, it is not uncommon to notice increased ovarian sensitivity around the time of ovulation. Ultrasonography may be performed since abdominal pain may represent ovarian hyperstimulation. * If visual complaints are present, clomiphene citrate may be discontinued. * Other side effects include nausea, b___st tenderness, headache, depression, mood changes, and v____al dryness. ******In up to 50% of patients clomiphene citrate will decrease cervical mucus production. This may make it **impossible*** for the sperm to swim through the cervix into the uterus.***** Some physicians will try to treat this problem by having the patient take estrogen. Estrogen treatment is not very successful. The best treatment is to perform intrauterine inseminations to bypa__s the poor cervical mucus. Timing of the insemination is best accomplished using ovulation predictor kits. If the kits are unable to be used ultrasound and an HCG injection can be used to prompt ovulation and time insemination. ***** Another *common* side effect of clomiphene citrate is poor development of the endometrium. If the endometrium is less than 7 mm in thickness, pregnancies are rare and other treatment options should be considered. -Google "Pacific Fertility Center Clomid" for the page that came from. I think that if you take clomid you on one hand may increase your chances of getting pregnant but on the other hand you may actually decrease your chances. Plus I've heard of alot of women miscarrying just after getting a BFP because their uterine lining was too thin. *side effect of the clomid*


blondie33 - September 27

Thanks so much for all of your advice "me and him" and twins4us" I really appreciate it. I'm going to check out all of those websites and research it. "Me and Him" is the purpose of the baby aspirin to increase the thickness of the lining? And if so, what is the recommended dose and on what days? I have had a couple of miscarraiges in the past and that was without clomid so I'm a little concerned that it will happen again. Also I have heard of people taking clomid for 7 days instead of 5 to help facilitate more egg production from the early days and stronger eggs from the latter days on clomid. This sounds similar to the idea of clomid taken in conjunction with isofavones ( but I realize that that is also for improving your mucous and lining). What do you think? Has the isoflavone worked for you or anyone that you know? Thanks


MEandHIM - September 28

I've not yet tried Isoflavones. They are sitting on my counter I am just working up the courage to take them. My DH doesn't want me taking anything so I may not take anything at all. We will see. This cycle though I'll go all natural. I already have 2 kids and keep thinking about how bad I'd feel to have 2 more take away attention from the 2 I've got. 1 would be alright but 2, hmm. I've always wanted twins but the more I think about it the less appealing it is to me. **About the baby asprin: It is used to thin your blood so that you can avoid clots in your uterus and the placenta.. If you develop a clot when the blast. attaches to your placenta it wont develope and you'll miscarry.. Also if you develop clots when the placenta is formed then it could block blood flow to the baby and also cause you to miscarry. The idea is 1 baby asprin (or 1 81mg asprin) every day of your cycle except during your period (it will cause your period to be really heavy if you take it during). Some women only take it from Ovulation to BFP or to AF but its really up to you.


evon - May 19

blondie33 so what did you decide to do........did you try the isoflavones? I have the same idea as you....I have ordered clomid........and i waiting on it to come.


samehere - May 19

Evon- just to let you know, aside from all the dangers of taking u/p clomid like you have been told about on here, women who take clomid when they have no problems conceiving can actually hinder their ability to conceive for months. Clomid messes with your cycle and your lining so after all of this, you will still most likely get pregnant with a singleton. Also, if you are to get pregnant with twins, please make sure you are very healthy. Multiple pregnancies have many risks for babies and mother. It actually quadruples your chance for a heart attack during prengnacy and you are thirteen times more likely to develope heart disease, aside from a whole list of other complications.


Teddyfinch - May 19

samehere: evon's a tool that keeps asking retarded questions in multiple posts. i'd just ignore her because she won't listen to anyone unless they tell her what they want to hear.


blondie33 - May 20

Evon, I haven't done anything yet, but here is my game plan. First of all my doctor said that it is simply not true that clomid adversely affects the ovulating system in women that do ovulate, and makes them less likely to conceive. In fact, I am a regular ovulator, and I took 25 mg of clomid for a cycle to conceive multiples. And I conceived the first month that I tried, just like every other attempt at getting pregnant for me has worked on the first try, the clomid didn't mess me up at all. I still ovulate like clock work, every 31 days. I did have a baby girl from that attempt. Now I intend to use a higher dose. I already have my clomid, and I'm just waiting for my baby to get a little older in the event that I do conceive multiples. My plan is a four month endeavor. Month 1: prenatal vitamins and folic acid. Month 2: add clomid 50 mg days 3-5, using condoms. Month 3: same as month two. Month 4: up the clomid to 50mg days 1-2, 100mg 3-6, 50mg day 7, and maybe 25 mg days 8-9. I will not use baby aspirin because I believe that it will increase my chances of miscairrage. I will use mucinex before conception and progesterone cream after I have ovulated. I already know exactly what my cycle is like because I have charted my temperature many times. I will be sure to chart my temperature for the 4 months because I will probably ovulate on a different day with clomid in my system. I will also use ovulation kits during month four. But I will bed every night for 15 nights. During my other conceptions, I bedded every night from day 9 until day 23 (and always ovulated on day 16). I know that everyone says that that is a waste of sperm, but I guess my husband has plenty, because it has worked first month everytime for us. After s_x I stay laying down and slide a pillow under my bum to keep everything inside. And I don't get up from bed until the next morning. I know that my chances are only 1 in 10, but I'm willing to play those odds. And yes I understand all of the possible rammifications for my body and health and those of any unborn children. So Evon, you should do whatever you think is best for you. Let me know what your plan is, and good luck.


blondie33 - May 20

Evon, I just re read that post and I meant to say that in the 2nd and 3rd month that I would take clomid 50mg for days 3-7, not 3-5. Sorry for the typo.


Queen_Wench - May 20

I don't agree with what you want to do, but here's some real advice and knowledge: taking clomid for several months without conceiving does NOT increase chances of multiples. It will actually impair your chances of conceiving at all, as the anti-estrogenic effects kick in and thin your endometrium & dry up your cervical crypts. This is regardless of whether you ovulate on your own or not; it's just that for some women, it's worth risking the side effects for the benefits of ovulating. Any doctor who says that clomid can't have a negative impact on conception is a liar and a quack. Do your research. Ovulation stimulant drugs are serious, and should not be toyed with for something as frivolous as an adolescent dream of having twins. Clomid in particular has a high incidence of causing cysts, which can stall out your cycles for a while as excess progesterone is produced. If you respond too well to it, and are not being monitored, you also run the risk of OHSS, which is painful and possibly life-threatening if severe. Ovarian torsion can also occur if you over-respond; extremely painful, loss of ovary possible. Oh, and by the way: over the counter progesterone creams do very little, and are basically a waste of money. If you really need P4 supplementation, prescription forms of P4 are the best bet. Ladies, please become educated about your bodies!!! Read research papers, websites by REs and fertility clinics, and medical journals.



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