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sara b - May 23

It has been 7 weeks since my LMP and I have an IUD. I have had three negative HPT's and the dr. lost my bloodwork.... (great i know). I went for an ultrasound today, both transva___al and abdominal. In the abdominal ultrasound I clearly saw the outline of my uterus with IUD. Above the IUD were three, YES THREE!!!!, black round things. The tech started drawing arrows to them and I just couldn't help myself anymore, I had to ask. As soon as I asked she told me she coulndn't tell me anything and turned the screen away while she labeled them. After this she started the transva___al and kept the whole machine down by my feet where I couldn't see a thing. Has anyone ever seen anything like this during early pregnancy? Could I have cysts in my uterus? Cancer? I'm freaking out. Please tell me if your babies looked like this at 6 1/2 weeks. I could deal with triplets, just not anything that's going to kill me. Thank you all so much


sara b - May 24

Anyone plz?


TripletMom - May 24

hmmmm....I am wondering why your doctor didn't do a simple urine test in the office for pregnancy. I am not an US tech so I dont want to speculate, but I would ASSUME that if it had anything to do w/a pregnancy you would have been told something then and there by either the tech or the dr. good luck


sara b - May 24

There was no doctor. The ob/gyn does not believe there is any chance I am pregnant because of my IUD. I have all the symptoms so my regular physician ordered the u/s since my ob/gyn is being ignorant to say the least. My ultrasound was after hours (6 PM or so) and it was only the tech, my toddler, and I in the room. Guess I'll find out tomorrow when the report comes in. Thanks for responding.


yetanothertripletmom - May 24

By seven weeks you definitely would have had a positive HPT and you would have seen heartbeats on the embryos if you were pregnant. I can't imagine you're pregnant. The black round things could be cysts, fibroids, pockets of fluid, your ovaries, anything. U/S pictures can be very tricky to read. Good luck and let us know what they are.


sara b - May 24

can you have cysts in your uterus? I looked up ultraounds of fibroids and fibroids are solid so they show up grey. I really don't think these were fibroids. Do you know what would cause pockets of fluid? Whatever the things are they are in my uterus because they are literally touching my IUD. The tech had trouble seeing my ovaries because they sit so far out (she actually told me this, go figure) so I know they were too close to be ovaries and if I have three ovaries I'm in trouble. Anyways I haven't taken any HPT's since the first two or three days after my period was late. I think I'll get another one for in the AM just in case. Other than that I called the medical records department and I'm going to get a copy of the report tomorrow so I'll let you know how it turns out. Thanks everyone.


snugglybugglys - May 25

When I was prego with my twins, I didn't get a positive result until a little over 8 weeks...closer to 8.5 weeks. So good luck...it is possible. And I also got prego when I had my IUD. Baby miscarried VERY early, but yeah it's possible.


sara b - May 31

I called about my u/s report. The nurse said "everything looks fine." that's all my report says!!!! She didn't know whether that meant I'm fine and not pg, or whether the baby(s) are fine. I'm going to wait and see if I miss this period as well. Its due today and I had spotting last night. I picked up another HPT in case the spotting doesn't pick up to a full AF. Guess I'll keep you updated yet again!!! GRRRRR.


littlemanclothes - May 31

the us tech is not allowed to say anything or give diagnosis on what they see. i have had several cysts removed. the cysts are usually light colored amongst the dark background, and when they do ultrasounds, they usually will measure the cyst. if the tech was just drawing arrows, maybe you are pregnant!!! im not a pro, so i cant be sure. but good luck



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