I Took UNPRESCRIBED 100mg Of Clomid And PG With Triplets

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sandiya - September 12

I took clomid 100mg and just found out I am PG with triplets!! Is there anyone in the same situation??


yas2000 - September 12

hiya sandiya, many warm congrats on yout triplets...the person to talk to is in the thread 'this is kim' who also got pregnant with triplets on uprescribed clomid!!!you sould be able to sahre your expericne with her!!! but back to you....where do you live, why did you decide to take unprescribed clomid, how are your tiplets doing, did you tell your doc and does anyoe else know what you have done??? if so how is their reaction etc???could you also tell me how many courses you took, any failures or successes before???what days did you take it and did you do what some of these woman do take all the the other meds as well???what about symptoms and how di your doc react did you tell him and if not what was his diagnosis???please could you also let me know what days you took it and for how long and did you do a test or have symptoms...i would so muhc appreciate an insight how it all happened to you and how it is going!!!thank heaps!


congratulations - September 12

pls answer all of the pp's questions! ;)


Wendy - September 12

Yeah, I would love to know, too!


sandiya - September 12

Hi, I like in Oklahoma right now. I took the clomid because I knew I was not ovulation and would go for 3-4 months at a time without having a period. I decided to skip the 50mg dose and went straight for 100mg. I wasn't taking anything else except Natural Progesterone Cream. I did not tell my doctor what I did but he looked pretty surprised at how I ended up with triplets being that he was delivered almost all the babies in my whole family! I took the clomid on days 3-7, ovulated on day 14 and started the Progesterone Cream right after ovulation. I was so scared to take a pregnancy test until I was almost six weeks pregnant, I took one on Aug.30 and got a strong positive. I had a doctors app. on Sept.7 and my doctor did an ultrasound after I begged with him to do so. He started counting the sacs, Baby A heartbeat is... Baby B... and Baby C.....and I almost pa__sed out on the ultrasound table. From about 7 days after conception I had sore bb's. 2 weeks after conception I started having morning sickness really bad. And the smell of fish would make me gag. The dr said the babies are fine and all of my tests came back normal. But now I am in the High Risk category. These will be my first children.


YAS2000 - September 12

I AM SO GLAD YOUR DOING OK....PLEASE make sure you keep us posted on your progress....so you are currently how many weeks??? i just took an ovulation test this morning and it came out +ve...but i am only 9 days since af...so am not sure whats happening this seems too soon...how does one know they have ovulated using the ovulation predictor kits???you say day 14..how did you know it was that exact day??? my b___sts are sore and cm very wet, plus my first ovulation test is +ve..i will take one again tomorrow and the day after...so if i were to take 3-4 tests how do i know when i actally ovulated???i had interocurse 2 days ago thinking i wont ovulate for another week..so i do hope nothing has happend as yet as i do want to try clomid next month.. hope someone can shed some light on this!


yas2000 - September 12

how do you use progestrone cream and where and can one buy it????or does that need to be precribed!!are they different types (not asking about label) or is there only one type (chemically) of this cream?thanks1


sandiya - September 12

You don't have to have a prescription to buy progesterone cream, I got mine from early pregnancy tests.com. Make sure it is the Natural Progesterone Cream its almost like a lotion. But you only use it AFTER OVULATION. Usually when you detect your surge using an OPK you will ovulate any where from 24-36 hours after the surge is detected. I am currently 10w 2d.


T - September 13

Sandiya congrats... if you don't mind could you please give me the steps you took, My periods are irregular and I'm trying to conceive, my periods come when they want to if at all I go to the doctor and they give me provera ... so how did you decide what time to take the clomid if you weren't haven't a period and how does the progesterone cream work and why did you have to use that do you rub it on your v____a, I'm sorry so many questions, I'm desperate, how do you tell when you ovualate, Please tell me exactly what you did step by step from the time you were trying to conceive, please Thank you


T - September 13

I sorry Sandiya I forgot to ask you should I take provera before taking clomid so that I can get a cycle, and how did you get clomid with out a prescription and how much did it cost


sandiya - September 13

Hi T, I was told that if you are absolutely sure that you have not recently ovulated and become early on pregnant you can start the clomid without the provera. 1) I took provera 10mg for 7 days and five days after my last pill I got my period. Starting on day 3-7. I used OPK tests and got a surge on day 14, we BD and about 5-6 weeks later I got a BFP. Right after I was sure that I had ovulated ( about 48-72 hours after the surge I started the progesterone cream. It is just a cream that you can pretty much rub anywhere on you body, legs, ankles, arms, neck, hands and it is dissolved into you skin. In a "normal cycle" progesterone is produced at a certain level after ovulation, I think any number above 15 is good.


Deb - October 2

My 25 year old daughter is pregnant with triplets. She had a fourth fetus but that died last week, She is about 8 weeks and 4 days pg, She did take clomid.there are her first babies,


Cheryl - October 2

Congrats on your triplets! However, clomid is a presciption medication for a reason - women can develop painful cysts, ovarian enlargement, and vision problems. I think it is very irresponsible of your to promote the fact that you took it without a prescription. It only encourages other women to do the same. Just my honest opinion.


Cheryl - October 3

I'm not anti-clomid at all. Infact, I conceived my first and third child on clomid 150mg and 50mg respectively. I experienced painful ovarian enlargement each time. My concern isn't with clomid - it is with taking clomid unprescribed and unmonitored. As an RN and a spouce of an ObGyn, I understand the risks a__sociated with "self medicating" very well.


Karen - October 3

I support your point of view Cheryl. I took two cycles of clomid 150mg under the care of a Family Doc, and my ovaries were so enlarged they were almost touching. The pain was unbearable! I had to take 3 cycles off of ttc so they could heal. Furthermore, some women get their medications online. This can be risky! Here is what the FDA says about it: http://www.fda.gov/fdac/features/2005/105_buy.html Importance of being monitored on clomid: http://health.ivillage.com/infertility/infertdrugs/0,,5jqz,00.html?iv_arrivalSA=1&iv_cobrandRef=0&iv_arrival_freq=2


yas2000 - October 3

hi. i just repeated the sarcastic comment of the lady before...where i a__sume she must have had it up to here with those people who judge us for taking clomid unprescribed..so i think you misunderstood me...i have started a new thread for those taking clomid in the hope of conceiving twins..so mainly unprescribed...and am hoping we can all share our experiences positively..with the good the bad and ugly that might happen and hopefully will not!!!!please don't hesitate to post on that thread!i am pro clomid...unprescribed...so i think you got me wrong...'yes..here we go again' was meant to cheryl and karen the last 2 posts before me' we all know the risk and don't need people ramming it down our throughts again and again...thats all...to everyone else on clomid unprescribed..good luck and lots and lost of baby dust to you all!!


Lisa - October 3

Okay, I have a sincere question.... why "promote" the fact that you take it unprescribed? Why can't you just state that you take clomid? I feel it is unethical do promote it.



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