I Took UNPRESCRIBED 100mg Of Clomid And PG With Triplets

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ladiistorm - February 27

where did you get the clomid?? PLEASE!


beebee94 - October 15

So can chlomid not be detected by doctor eg. By urine tests or bloods?! 


eve111 - October 23


can I ask where you bought your clomid from. as want a relaible place to purchase.

Im 47 and had pcos before I lost the weight  and now dont have it. Ive been trying for a child for 17 years.



mytime00 - October 25

Hi ,what site did you buy your clomid?

congrats to you and your little blessings


Hymlyde - October 28

Hi, can you please tell me where you got the clomid from. Did it cause you any issue. Why did you not tell your doctor?


unprescribedclomidttc - February 17

im going to buy unprescribed clomid and im 22 and im going to try to have twins of tripplets i wanna have multipule gestation


Marina - March 1

yas2000 how do I get on your other thread?



Lisa2020 - March 9

Can anyone help by telling me a safe site online to purchase Clomid please. Thankyou 


Sammijayne89 - March 16

Hi I'd like to know where you brought the clomid from please Iv been trying to conceive for 4years now 


Janicee - August 23

Why don't you read up at Pregnancytechniques dot com they have a good ebook no need for these drugs


ttclezmum - September 30

In the two week wait after doing the same


Kelly dean - October 5

What day of cycle did u take them please and also is day 1 the day u start coz I started period at tea time or should I count the first full day of bleeding


Debbie1979 - February 5

There is a crazy person on this post!! I'm pretty sure most of those anti-clomid for multiples is the same crazy poster!!


im keen for triplets, I'm 36 and had one baby already but always wanted a big family so I've purchased it online 



Dal - April 6

Hi all,

Doing some research on clomid and want to know how long is best to wait after coming off birth control to start? Can you start right as you go into your withdrawal bleed when taking the last placebo pills, or is it better to wait a full birth control free  cycle?



dkadejah25 - April 6

what is a safe site to order 100mg of clomid on.


Sierra123 - April 22

whats a good online site to order clomid without prescription



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