I Took UNPRESCRIBED 100mg Of Clomid And PG With Triplets

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TripletMom - November 2

I have a question for all of you ladies who are taking clomid (unprescribed or otherwise) SOLELY to concieve multiples - what would you do if there was something medically wrong with one of your babies? Unless you have twins or triplets (or more), you cannot imagine how difficult it is to carry and raise them -- even with a relatively easy pregnancy and healthy, well-behaved kids. I hope that if any of you are successful in concieving multiples that you do not make your children suffer as a result.


anothertripletmom - November 2

the nerve of some of you is appaluing to me. Taking unperscribed medicine just to have multiples insane and stupid, along with dangerous. Do you know what you are doing to your body, do you know what risk you are taking. Do you have any idea how premature your babies could be. I was lucky so to speak my 31 week triplets do not have any problems they are healthy but spent 25, 26 and 28 days in the hospital. However I am not the norm. I have triplet family friends that have children who are sick, will always need medical attention and they struggle with that every day. And thank goodness none of them were stupid enougth to take meds just to have twins or triplets.


Irresponsible - November 2

I work in a neonatal intensive-care unit, and we care for many multiples. Do you realize how risky triplet (quadruplet, etc.) pregnancies are for both the mother and her babies?! Yes, things CAN work out okay, but more often than not there are serious complications. Here are a few: For Moms: An increased risk of gestational diabetes, stroke, and pre-eclampsia (a very serious condition) for you -- just to name a few. For Babies: Almost a guarantee of prematurity (sometimes extreme, life-threatening prematurity), an increased risk of innumerable complications following delivery, and an increased risk of incracranial hemorrhage that can cause cerebral palsy and other physical and mental handicaps. PLEASE reconsider what you are doing. If you want to have three babies, that's great -- but try to have them one at a time. Research the facts and consider the consequences of taking unprescribed Clomid.


Mel - November 2

You played with fire. I have triplets from PRESCRIBED Clomid.


unbelievable - November 2

I know exactly what it is like to want a child and that you will do anything to get a child. But come on ladies, do you have any idea what you are doing? If someone told you to jump off a bridge would you do it? I went through heartache after heartache trying to concieve just one child. I am a mother of triplets. They are my life. But I also went thru hell to get them. I went thru three cycles of PRESCRIBED Clomid and nothing. My next step was shots and very fortunate to concieve on prescribed meds. Do anyone of you understand the risks that you are taking when using this drug? Do you realize that having multiples is not a joke and it is not something that play around with! My god people what is wrong with you? Do you have any idea where this drug is even coming from? Never the less what is actually in it. Just bc it says Clomid on the bottle do you really think that is what is in the bottle? Please! Wake up! Having multiples is not an easy task by any means!!!


Jen - November 2

are you nuts?


TripletMom - November 2

My triplets are also as a result of using Clomid - a lose dosage I might add (definitely not 100mg). Anyway, I wouldn't trade them for the world, but I was under the care and advis____nt of my OBGYN. ALthough my 3 were very healthy at birth (33 weeks), and my pregnancy was relatively uneventful - carrying multiples comes w/many risks for both mommy and babies!!!!!


InternetLurker - November 2

I can't even believe someone would make this statement: " i know it is risky to take unprescribed drugs like clomid but then how come can you buy the so easily on the net????" Are you kidding? So your logic is that if it's available on the internet, it must be safe? Are you taking other unprescribed medication because I think you're high.


twinmom - November 2

let me say congrats... but also be ware, i know how it is have IF issues and want a baby or even twins, having gone 15+years with IF tx I also know first hand the issues of having a twin pregnacy not easy... and trips and quad pg are even harder... not only on mom but on babies... believe me that when you deliver a premie baby and have to spend your days in the nicu you will question your self... so just a word of caution to moms to be prepare for the worst... learn all you can re:ptl and pg complications and pre term babies... then good luck and happy bding... twinmom..


onemoretripletmom - November 2

For all of you taking unprescribed clomid, why? Is it really so hard to go to a doctor and take it under their care? Are any of you truly infertile, or do you just want multiples? I have triplets and they are my life, but they are very, very hard work. Also, as a previous poster noted, a triplet pg has a lot of risk to both you and the babies.


sandiya - November 2

Well, I have been so exhausted but thought I would drop in with an update. I see that the Debate is still going on, I don't need to be stressed out so I don't usually come here that much but this will definately be my last time. Anyway, my babies are fine I look like I am already 9 months pregnant!! It doesn't matter as long as the babies are doing okay, which they all look great. We decided to not find out the s_x of the babies until they're born. It is so crowded in there we thought we would just wait. I will be going on leave from my job in a couple of days so my Dh is picking up the slack. He has a great job. Well there's the update, have a wonderful life you all!!


yetanothertripletmom - November 2

The idea of high order multiples is really exciting! Until you spend days, weeks, months in the NICU. Conceiving multiples on purpose is irresponsible and selfish. Have you ever seen a one-pound baby hooked up to a ventilater. Tell that baby about your fantasy to have twins or more.


mama-beans - November 2

"onemoretripletmom"... most of the women on this board, the multiples board, WANT multiples, have no fertility issues, and are taking this drug illegally for the express purpose of conceiving multiples. They have heard the warnings, and don't care. They know the risks, and don't care. For many, if not all, what they REALLY want is the attention that goes with a multiple pregnancy, not necessarily the children... otherwise they could have their children one at a time as was intended, and not have all the risks a__sociated with multiples. To those who NEED the drugs, or got preg naturally with multiples, good for you! Must be very hard, and I don't envy you the stress. To those of you asking for the stress and problems, risking your childrens health... shame on you.


Tripletmom - November 2

It is scary how many IGNORANT, SELFISH grown women are on this site!


Evelyn - November 2

I agree with "yetanothertripletmom". I am pregnant with twins because of in-vitro after trying years and years to get pregnant, in-vitro was our last option. Believe me I wish I was one of those woman who could get prenant naturally. But when I was doing the in-vitro I was praying to get pregnant....and hoping that it would be with only one. I am only 5 ft tall and was 98 lbs, I couldn't imagine this body with twins, not to mention the complications. Now that I am pregnant with twins, I want them both, I love them both, but I am constantly stuck with the fear of pretem labor and having either A. my babies die because they were born too early, or B. them having to be in the hospital for however long trying to survive. I think being pregnant with just one would lessen this fear, and also be much easier to take care of after birth. And mind you, this is coming from someone who is infertile and don't know if I can have anymore children. In-vitro is very expensive so I know we won't be doing that again. So if anyone had a reason for wanting twins, it would be me. But for the safety of my own self, my child, and how it's going to be raising two at once...I would have preferred to have gotten pregnant with just one. Again...keeping in mind that now that I am pregnant with two, I just feel very blessed to be pregnant at all and I love and want both of my babies. But at the same time I'm in constant fear of losing them or having other complications. That's not fun.


mama-beans - November 2

That is one of my issues as well.. by advertising the unprescribed part, you may be giving people ideas. People may purchase this or other drugs from proven less-then-reputable companies and really do themselves or their children some serious damage. People need to take some responsability here.



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