Identical Or Fraternal Twins

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Kara - September 10

what does it mean if I have one sac with two different heartbeats? I have been told most women have two different sacs; each baby in a single sac.


jess - July 2

Im really not sure but I hope you find the answer because Im curious also.


ladyley - July 5

I think that means they are identical twins only identical share one sac


joanna - July 28

It means that you have identical twins, I have the same issue and I am only 5 weeks along.


Dana G - July 28

I'm an identical twin and with one sac it usually means Identical, if its two fraternal. I think I read somewhere that sometimes fraternal twins can join the same sack at an early stage? GOOD Luck, and a bit of advice, the high school years are going to be rough. It's so hard being compared ALL the time! BUT now we are best friends and I couldn't Imagine life without her.


Christina - July 30

There are two different sacs that the doctors refer to. On is the chorionic sac. If they share that, they are identical. The other is the amniotic. If they share that, they again are identical, but are at a higher risk of becoming conjoined (though it is still not that common). Fraternal twins do not share anything but the mommy.


brucen - August 6

"Fraternal twins don't share anything but the mommy" Hopefully the daddy too!


Kari - August 27

fraternal twin share the mommy,daddy, and 50% of there genes are the same.


brucen - August 27

Fraternal twins hopefully share the same father, but it is possible for them not to. Fraternal twinning just happen to be two pregnancies that occur at the same time, they share no more or less genetic similarity than other siblings.


jenna - September 10

I am under the impression that it means that you are pregant with twins. So congratulations!!!


Steff - January 27

That means your babies might be identical twins. If they were in defferent sacs then they would be fraternal twins.


laura - February 7

i heard that identacal twins can share one sack or seprate but have to share the same placenta to be identacal if they have seperate placentas then they are fraternal


Kimberly - February 7

hi i'm only 5 1/2 weeks along and I cramped some last week and now i'm really sore all over my stomache and tired and my clothes are already tight. Think it could be twins.


fred flinstone - February 13

5 twins


Elizabeth - February 14

It means that you are pregnant with identical twins. One sac means identical twins, while two sacs can either be identical or fraternal twins.


Tina - March 25

I found out I was expecting twins when I was 10 weeks pregnant I asked the doctor that did my ultrasound if the babies were identical or fraternal and she told me it was to early to tell but it looks like there were two sacs and I also read that sometimes there are two sac with identical twins


Jennifer - April 8

It means that you are having identical twins which are enclosed in one sac. The most riskiest of all twin pregnancies.



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