Identical Twins

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twinhope - July 30

I am 30 years old and pregnant for the 1st time with twins!!! My husband and I are both fraternal twins ( I have a twin brother and he has a twin sister) but the Doctors tell us that our twins are identical! I am almost 14 weeks and the Doctors have not been able to find a separating membrane....which means they may be MoMo twins....and extremely high risk. I have an appointment at the high risk clinic next week to find out more. Has anyone else been in this terrifying situation??? Did they find the membrane later in the pregnancy???


ID Girls - August 8

hi tis is my second pregnancy but my first time having twins...I found out I was having mono-mono twins about 6 weeks ago I am now 17 weeks and found out there going to be identical twin girls. I did not find a membrane later on because there isn't one, once the doctors told me about the risks and problems that can happen during my pregnancy I broke down and cried. Things are getting much better now the twins are both healthy. The only thing that scares me right now is at 6 months I've got to be put into a hosptial until my babies are born (which doctors have decided will be at 32 weeks(8 month)) so as of nov.21st I will be having a c-section and my little miricles will be here. There are still alot of concerns with what can happen for 1 or both of the babies but I take it one day at a time and look forward to the day that I can hold them in my arms!! God bless you and your famly I hope all goes well.


Krissy68 - August 8

Hey ladies have a great weekend! twinhope - I will say a prayer for you and your twins. ID Girls - I will say a prayer for you and the girls! Keep us updated please. Krissy68


twinhope - August 18

Hello ID Girls! Thank you so much for your response! Congratulations on your twin girls and I will keep you and your family in my prayers. We have recently discovered that our twin are boys!! I have yet another Dr. appointment today because my Dr. are not agreeing on whether or not a separating membrane exists....2 Dr. think they have found one and the other has not found one! It's a mess...and meanwhile, they think there may be evidence of twin to twin transfusion. I am still pretty terrified, but so far the babies look healthy. There is about a 17% difference in size between them. Has there every been a size difference between your girls?????? Thanks again!


kathj - August 20

Hi All you ladies with a mono mono pregnancy there is a websites for monoamniotic pregnancies. Just to a search on Monoamniotic and Im sure you will get there. The ladies there are all in the same boat. They offer great help and support and you can see all the sucess stories and pictures of all the beautiful momo twins. I wish you all the best in your pregnancy but it is worth it in the end. Kath


Karenw - September 21

Hi, this is my third pregnancy but for the first time having twins.... When we were first "diagnosed" as having identical twins, they didn't find a membrane. Not until 18 weeks, which had us all very stressed. The membrane that we have is as thin as a piece of saran wrap, which is not particularly thick!!! However, it is there..... With MoDi twins, the risk of twin to twin transfusion is higher than momo so we just need to keep having the ultrasound tests every two weeks now (we are 25 weeks) and just hope and pray for the best. I hope all goes well.


Krissy68 - September 22

Karenw - How are you doing? I am keeping you and your twins in my prayers. Take care and keep us posted. When are you expected to deliver the babies? Krissy68


ID Girls - September 22

Hello again...on bedrest at the hosptial now.. :( missing my little boy but I know this is best for my twins. Found out that we're expecting identical girls for 100%, so excited I can feel them kicking alot too now.."wow" I forgot what it was like!!! Nice!! umm...they are both doing great so far and we had an ultrasound done 2 days ago and one is weighing 1lb 3oz,while the other is 1lb cute. It's nice cause as of today they will be getting montored 3 times a day to keep a close eye on them. The c-section is going to be Nov.21st of this year. I'll be 8 months along then and they will be just fine. It's all in gods hands now!!! Thanks everyone for the notes from time to time keep me and my family in your prayers as I will yours!!! :) God Bless!!!!


Krissy68 - September 22

ID Girls - I am so happy for you and I am so glad you pop in to give us an update. If I understood you right you are in the hospital and you will be there until the babies are born. I know you are missing your little boy but you said it right this is best for the girls. I will keep you and the babies and the rest of your family in my prayers. Do you have names yet? Take care!!!! and do what the doctors say. Here is my little update I am currently on cd 21 8dpo 5th day straight of taking my progesterone gel which is a first for me because I always forget after the 3rh or 4th day so far so good. I want to test so bad but I know it is way too early I am having some discomfort but I don't want to get my hopes up. I am very bloated, nausuated, hungry all the time like I am straving and haven't ate in weeks, lower back pain, headache and tired but I do work 2 jobs but I am more tired then normal and last but not least I have been having bm 2o 4 times a day and it has been very soft unlike me I only have bm every day when I am on AF (sorry tmi). I have promise myself I will NOT test early unless I have some MAJOR symptoms then I will test early. I can test in exactly one week to the day which will be Sep 29. I will keep you updated. What do you think should I go ahead and test. I still have several hpt so I wouldn't have to go out and buy any. Not sure if I told you but I did take clomid 50mg cd 3-7 and estrogene 1mg 3 pills 2 times a day cd 8-12 (well I forgot to take the last dose of 3 pills on the morning of cd 12 do you think that will hurt anything) starting taking progesterone gel (by procheive 8% gel) cd 17. Please give me some advice. Rub your belly for me and again take care. Krissy68


twinhope - September 22

Hello everyone! I am now 21 weeks and the doctors have found the membrane. I am not having momo twins.....but I have been having some problems with twin to twin transfusion. The Doctors have been monitoring me weekly and things looked really bad at about 17 weeks....but things have gradually been improving, thank God! My babies fluid levels are almost even now which is fantastic. We also found out that we are having baby boys! So exciting! Best of luck to everyone and keep me posted on what's happening with you all. I have been reading! You are all in my prayers! Stay positive!! xoxoxoxo


Krissy68 - September 23

twinhope - this is wonderful news and thanks for updating us. Take care of yourself I am still waiting to take my hpt I have about 6 more days left before testing but I am giving up that it will be a bfn. I did break down and test yesterday I was 8dpo because I was just sick to my stomach of course it was a bfn. I will update. Rub your belly for me. Krissy68



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