Identical Twins Any One Nervous

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mica - August 21

i have a 5 and 7 year old daughters now expecting identocal twins we were suppost to have only one more but not now everything is going to change drasticaly we have to buy a new suv ours isnt big enough and i have to take a leave at work at 24 weeks we find out the s_x on 8/24/05 what if its 2 girls that will be 4 girls oh my gosh i am feeling the anxiety but, also excitement and i never know if they are both all right cause you cant distinguish one kick from another they say identical twins have a bigger risk of not both making it some one help my anxieties please!!!


cb - August 21

hi mica, congratualions on your twins! I am also pregnant with identical twins (im 10 weeks tomorrow) mine share the same sac, does yours??? How far along are you? I am also scared of the outcome, but i just keep thinking positive, i go for another scan when i am 12 or 13 weeks, hopefully to find a membrane between them!!! I hope all goes well for you and your babies :))


mama2be - August 21

first of all, congrats! secondly, relax, mama!! its the best thing you can do for you and your children. I'm 23w2d with identical girls, and yes I have my concerns and worries, but it doesn't help me if I get all worked up about it. I tend to read and ask my dr. a lot of questions, since that's the only thing we really can do. think positive and take it easy.. things have a way of working out for the best. ~hugs~


to mica: - August 27

What was the s_xes?


Candice - August 27

Congratulations to everyone. How exciting!! Mica our situations sound very similiar it is almost frightening. I am now at 29 weeks and carrying identical girls. I have a 5 year old daughter and a 3 year old daughter. So we will be having four girls. I am very excited, my husband is freaking out. We also had to purchase a new vehicle, I drove a car before and now find myself in a MiniVan. It is a huge life change. I always say what was supposed to be our 1 BOY turned into 2 GIRLS. I had all the anxieties as well. My Dr. and family helped me through. There is no point in stressing too much it is not only unhealthy for the babies, but you as well. Keep thinking positive and getting lots of rest. I understand how hard that is with 2 more children at home but you have too!! Good Luck and I hope you post back with the results of your US!



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