Identical Twins Share A Placenta

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cb - September 18

HI, I am 13 weeks 4days pregnant with identical twins, they are sharing the on placenta!! I was just woundering if anyone else here has the same kind of pregnancy, and if so how is it going for you? And what sort of plan do you have?? Looking forward to hearing back from you!!!


melanie - September 23

I had my Identical boys last year and they shared the same placenta. I had them at 38 weeks and had them v____ally.


cb - September 24

thanks for replying melanie!! Did you have any problems during your pregnancy? So far all is going well for me, they are growing good & my doctor is real happy!! I am hoping that I can also have a v____al birth!! If there is anything that you think is good to know, could you please share with me!! Im getting big already (14 weeks 2 days) I've been showing since 8/9 weeks, how big did you get?? This is also my second pregnancy, I have a two year old son!!! Once again thanks for replying!! :))


Lynn - September 26

Hi. I am 10 weeks pregnant with identical twins sharing the same placenta, but two sacs. I was shocked, and still am scared. I am also started to show. I talked to a lady, the other day, at the grocery store who was having twins, and I thought she was BIG. I did not go into details with her. I hope to be able to deliver v____ally as well. I had told my husband that this was going to be the last child, and I think God heard me because now I'm pregnant with two. I have two little girls at home (3 & 1.5yrs).


Candice - September 26

Hi CB. I am 33 1/ 2 wks with identical girls that are sharing the same placenta. At our first US they couldn't find the dividing membrane which made us believe that they were monoamniotic (Sharing one amniotic sac) which is very high risk! Luckily at our 20 wk US we found the membrane which means they are sharing one chorionic sac(the harder outside sac) but each have their own amaniotic sac. I have been exhausted my whole pregnancy and am having a lot of restless nights. I plan to deliver natural, as long as twin A stays head down it will be attempted. Twin B is breech but my OB said that is fine. In the last 3 years at the hospital I am delivering at if the first baby is born natural they have never had to do an emergency section for the second baby, so I am keeping my fingers crossed! I have 2 daughters one is 5 and the other is 3 so we will have a busy household once these two little girls arrive. Good Luck with your pregnancy and Congratulations on having twins!!


cb - September 26

Hi Lynn & Candice! It is so good to know that there are other people out there going through the same kind of pregnancy!!! I am in the same boat as you Candice! At my 8 week scan I was told that I was pregnant with monoamniotic twins, than at 12 weeks & 4 days, they found the deviding membrane, such a big relief that was!! At what week did you find out that you were having girls? I am now 14 weeks & 5 days, and I have another ultrasound at 17 weeks, I am hoping that I will be able to find out than what they are!!! I also have a two year old son at home, and he is a hand full, so I know that I am going to be one busy mum!!! How far does you dr want you to go? Mine said we will try to get me to 38 weeks!! Please keep us informed how you are going, and if you get to have natural birth!! Oh and congratulations!! ( I think I am still in shock) Good luck and take care :))


Michelle - September 27

I too, was misdiagnosed with monoamniotic twins at 15 weeks. I had another u/s a month ago which showed the dividing membrane, but they share the chorionic sac and the placenta. At that u/s I found out that they were boys! I had another u/s today and now the Dr. is concerned because the babies are not growing at a normal rate. He thinks there may be an issue with the placenta, but the babies heart rates are good and they are moving alot, so we are taking a wait and see att_tude. He said it is possible that I could have to deliver early- I am 23w4d now, so I still have a couple of weeks before the babies are viable (I hate that word now!) The Dr. said that the issue is something that could get increasingly worse over time, so he is going to see how they are doing 3 weeks from now. At that point, they will be viable, but that is really scary. If everything looks good at the next appointments, I am planning on v____al birth, but if they have to take the babies because of this problem, I will have to go to a different hospital and I'm sure it will be a c-sect. Good luck to you on your pregnancy! I am sending prayers and positive thoughts your way!


cb - September 27

Hi Michelle, Its all such an awfull feeling, that something can go wrong at any stage during the pregnancy. I am praying for you and your babies, hopefully they will grow by your next ultrasound. I get nervous and excited when it is time to have an ultrasound, Im nervous that they will find something wrong, but Im excited to see them moving around and bonding with each other!! Well I hope all goes well for you, and please keep us updated on what happens, take care :))


melanie - September 27

I havent been on for a while, well CB, I gained 80lbs, and have luckily lost it almost 2 years later, when I was about 20 wks i was put on bed rest, but I also had a 1 yaer old at the time so that was not possible, But I never did have any problems, I did get an us at 2o weeks and have to have an amnio because they said the babys looked liked the had calcium deposits in their hearts and alot of fluid in the brain, But everything was fine. I ended up having a 7lb 9oz, and 7lb 2oz at exactly 38 weeks, and could you believe they sent me home the next day with them. My twins are almost 2 now so If anyone has any questions just let me know. I was told that there would be no harm to the babys for having one placenta that was normal as long as they were separated in the sack, because i guess any other way they could suffer twin to twin transfusion. But I did not have a good us doctor, he would always tell me the worst things that could happen and never anything good, but everything came out fine.


cb - September 28

Hi Melanie! Twin to twin transfusion is what my doctors are going to be keeping an eye on, aparantly it happens more often when the babies share the one placenta, it is only meant to nurish one baby!!! But so far the doctor is really happy with the way things are going! I was woundering if you experienced cramping during you pregnancy?? I am 15 weeks tomorrow! The doctor says it is normal, cause they are growing heaps now. When did you start to feel your babies move?? I started feeling flutters from 10-12 weeks, than about a week ago, they have become a bit stronger, but still cant feel it on the out side!!! It is so exciting!!! Gee I could sit here all day just asking you questions!!! You ahd good size babies, my first son was born at exactly 40 weeks and he wieghed 7lb 3oz!! It is already uncomftable sleeping, Im not looking forward to later on in the pregnancy, Im getting up like an old duck already, get a cramp if I stand up too quick!!! Well hopefully we can stay in touch!!! And thank you for any answers you may have!!! :))


melanie - September 28

No problem, here is my e-mail if you ever want to e-mail me, [email protected] I did get cramps alsp but it was because the babys ehre stretching out my stomach so fast. I laughed when you said how you got up like a duck because about 6 months into my pregnancy I could not get off the couch by my self unless I slid off the edge onto my knees then held onto the couch to pull myself up. LOL. but as you get bigger you are going to ahve lots of discomfort, and I mean lots. It litterally feels like the baby is right there when you go to the bathroom. and there will be alot of pressure. I think I started feeling my boys at around 11wks but you couldnt actually see them on the outside untill I was about 18 wks. Well I could go on and on but not sure what you want to know. Just be calm and enjoy what you can because once those babys are born you will be very busy. I could also give you LOTS of tips for after they are born. I think I left my e-mail in the beggining of this, also anyone else who would want e-mail me feel free. I love talking about my pregnancy and my boys, I am ttc again But I dont konw if I could do twins again.


Candice - September 28

Hi CB. It is so nice to have other woman who are experiencing the same feeling and emotions. I will be the first in my whole family and husbands to have twins, so noone really knows what I am going through. They act as if it is the same as a single pregnancy, but we all know better than that. I have an US today, I have been having frequent US since I was 28 wks, every 2 wks to monitor the babies growth and measure the length of my cervix. The last time I went at 31 1/2 wks my girls were 3lb3oz and 3lb6oz so I am excited to see how much they are growing. I found out we were having girls at 20 wks. My OB wants me to go as far as I can. I just think can I handle another month like this, but I know the babies will be stronger and healthier. My 2nd daughter was born at 34 wks and had to be in the NICU for 2 weeks, I do not want to have to go through that again. I am resting lots and doing everything I can to keep these girls inside until atleast 36 weeks. MICHELLE, I am praying for you and your little ones. Hopefully they will start growing and you won't have to worry about the prematurity. My OB told me that twins that are premature do a lot better than single babies premature. Good Luck and let us know how you are feeling. MELANIE, Congratulations, two years and you are not crazy!! I would like to stay in touch with you. I know I will have tons of questions once these two arrive. Did you b___st feed your boys? I would love to but am a little nervous as to how I am going to handle feedings when I have a 3 year old to run after as well! Let me know what techniques worked best for you! Talk to everyone later!!


melanie - September 28

Hi, Candace. congratulations on making it this far already, your almost there, well to tell you the truth I only b___stfeed them the first milk which is the colostrum, after that I couldnt do it anymore, I had a 1 year old that had just turned 2 the month before so I was not able to b___stfeed them, It just wasnt possible for my it was too hectic. But I found some wonderfull bottles at toys r us and babys r us, they are called, Podee handsfree feeding system. These bottles saved my life when I had 2 hungry babys, its also way easier if you have to go somewhere. It's not that bad now that they are older but the first few months was very hard, You have to stay up longer at night feeding than you usually would, that was the only thing that was hard for me, was waking up every 2 hours and staying up for another. well my e-mail is [email protected]


cb - September 28

Hi girls, I sent you Melanie an e-mail, I hope that you get it!! Candice I know what you mean about people thinking carrying twins is much the same as one baby!! My own partner even thinks that at times!! Although his brother & his wife have a set of fraternal boy/girl twins, they are now 5 years old!!! But I dont see her that often. Please let us know how your ultrasound went!! I had a checkup today (im 15 weeks) and she said that I was measuring at 20 weeks!! Im going to be so huge when we are going through summer, when I pregnant with my son, the last few months was during winter, looking forward to moving back in with my partner, the whole house is air-conditioned! :)) Take care everyone!!


Candice - September 29

Hi CB and Melanie, how are you ladies doing this morning? My US went well yesterday, the girls are growing good. They are both head down and about 41/2 lbs each. I was always so worried about Twin to twin transfusion but it seems they are doing good. Melanie, I hope to b___stfeed as long as I can, my husband will be taking 3 weeks off and my mother-in-law is coming to stay for a week after. I am also a little nervous as to how I am going to handle everything. I have a 5 and 3 yr old and I want to make the transition for them as easy as possible. How did your older child adjust to the babies? I will have a lot of help and support so hopefully that will get us through the first month! CB Where are you from? I am in Canada and we are just entering our cold winter. I never had a child in the winter so it will be an experience for me. My girls were born in Spring and Summer. You sound like you are doing good. How are you feeling? I am just feeling very tired and drained alot of the time. I try to rest as much as possible but it is hard with two other kids. Well take care girls and talk to you soon!


cb - September 29

Hey Candice!! Good to hear that your ultrasound went well! :) Im from Australia. Our summer starts in December, but it is starting to warm up now!!! But my babies will still be small when winter starts, which I am happy about!!! I am so glad the morning sickness has pa__sed now, can start eating again! I think im getting growing pains, down low, but on both sides!! Can be very uncomftable at times though!! Apart from that all is going pretty well. Do you have any names picked out for your girls??? I think I have girl names sorted, but have no idea about boy names ( really hoping to have girls) They are Jazlyn Raye, and Jaedyn Morgan, but thats just so far! Have a long way to go still :)) MICHELLE, how are you going, well I hope, my prayers are with you!!! Talk soon girls :))


melanie - September 30

Candice, that is wonderful, they are getting big, that is so great. At this point I dont think you need to worry about twin to twin transfusion any more, and you are trully blessed to have so much help. I didn't have any. My mom worked so did everyone else I knew and at the time my boys were born my husband was unable to get time off of work. So it was me alone all day with newborn twins and a 2 year old. So you are lucky. I had all of kids in the middle of winter which I guess worked out good so I wouldnt have to go anywhere or take them anywhere untill they were older. But I just found out yesterday that I am pregnant again and this one (or these) LOL will be born in the summer and CB those names are so cute for girls. I named my boys Victor Manuel, and Vincent Alexander. I hope I have a girl this time, after 3 boys I really want one now and if it is I would probably name her Alyssa or alexandria, not sure yet, well enough about me, Ladies take care of your selves.



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