Identical Vs Fraternal

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Amanda - September 3

Hi -- I haven't posted in a while...I'm 23 and carrying twin boys which were conceived quite naturally(and unexpectedly). I am about 25 weeks along now. I see so many women on here saying they know their twins are fraternal or identical. I have researched this and asked many doctors who say unless 1)they share the same sac OR 2)they are boy/girl twins there is no exact way to be sure what twins you have without genetic testing. How is everyone finding out?


c - September 4

Hi Amanda & congratulations on your pregnancy!!! I am 11.5 weeks pregnant with identical twins! They could tell me because they are in the same sac! But another way to tell is if they share the same placenta (they can still be in there own sacs)!! Another way of being curious about it, is if they are both the same s_x! As yours are both boys! If there are no twins on your side of the family, than they could just be identical!!! good luck with it!! :)


tab - September 4

hi ladies! congrats! I am ttc and ov 1st, 2nd snd 3rd, both my ovaries had sharp pains, one after the other, did this happen to u when u ov?


Amanda - September 4

The doctors I talked to said that one placenta doesn't necessarily mean the twins are identical, neither does two placentas and two sacs necessarily mean they are fraternal. So far, the only sure exceptions that I have been told are 100% w/out fail are the two I mentioned in the first post. Good luck with your twins as well! :)


Mary - September 4

Hello Amanda, I was asking the same question myself because the ob doctor and peritologist consultants have told me there is no way of knowing. I am having natural twins- two seperate sacs and 2 placentas that have conjoined. The ultrasound techs have told me that they are fraternal but the doctors have told me that they do not know. I was a bit confused because I figured the doctor should know more than the techs. I did some research although and apparently you really cannot tell unless you do furthet testing. The norm is although seperate sacs and 2 placentas mean fraternal but their are instances that they can be identical. Crazy how the body works. Good Luck and Congrats on your Little Angels



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