If PG With Twins When Did You Feel Them Move

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eyebeeablessing2u - December 8

For those of you you have been PG with twins or more... can you tell me when you felt them move...... and also how early you delivered ? I am only 10 weeks and possibly with twins... still waiting for a second ultrasound.... I am pretty sure I felt baby(ies) moving today.. kind of feels like little bubbles ... and I have also touched down there and felt a lump then it moves away..... Thoughts...?


cola - December 8

very unlikely...its probably gas or bowel distention


Tina - December 8

I am in the same boat(I replied to the other question you posted about the subject of movement) Yes it is possible. Like I said in the other response I felt my son at 13 weeks and it was confirmed by my doctor. This pregnancy I felt the same movement and little lumps starting at the 10th week until the end of my 11th week. I also suspect twins. I have only had v____al ultrasounds and one abdominal. With the v. they only a little room to see bc my placenta is/was so low. With the abdominal they checked one side of my abdomen and that was all (I was in the ER they were only checking to see if I miscarried bc I was bleeding heavily) but if it were twins I believe they would be far apart bc that is where I feel the movement (so if it is twins I suppose they implanting far apart one probably where it was supposed to and the other low (considering the low placenta). Plus I found the heartbeat on the other side then where the baby was and at 15 weeks I know the baby is not big enough to give such a strong heartbeat so far away. I don't know about the twin situation (or at least I wont until the 23rd (well my mom will but she is going to keep it a secret until christmas morning bc the tech is only going to tell me if they baby is ok and tell my mom the rest) But I do know for a FACT that you can feel movement that early. Each woman's uterus has a different level of sensitivity to yours and mine are probably very sensitive. Good Luck Hope You Find Out Soon.


Sissy - December 16

Yes, because there is less room... whereas a woman with 1 fetus will feel the first flutters in the 16th-18th week and twin mommy will feel it much earlier. In most cases it is simply because one baby is forcing the other to the front of the abdomen. It is likely that you will only feel the one baby's movements until later in the pregnancy


twingle - December 17

I guess I was weird...I didn't really feel them until 24th week or so and they were so jam-packed all I could really feel was one moving his head (which was really bizarre) and the other one rubbing his tushie (which he still does at age 4, lol). I felt a lot more movement and earlier with my single PG last year, I am a__suming because he had more room!


kisha - January 6

i dont think it was movement u were feeling. i am 25 weeks pregnant with twin boys and i didnt feel there powerful kicks til about a month ago. i knew i was having twins since i was 5 weeks and was waiting for them to kick or move just to confirm that they were really there, and boy did i wait almost 4 months for it but i was worth the wait.


christina - January 7

my twins is 10 weeks old now and this is my second pregnant, i also feel the movement in my tummy too...its hard to descride the feeling but is definiately not gas movement cos i don't feel it when i am not pregnant,but during my first pregnancy which is only one baby i only feel the movement at 16 weeks...good luck..hope u will recieve the good news soon...


10 weeks - January 24

With my first I felt it at 14 weeks, and felt this one while only 10.. Granted, I had to be on my back, with a full blatter, but it happens! It felt more to me of something bumping into my blatter.


Jen - February 11

I felt this baby (s?) at 11 weeks and thought I must be crazy, but it was definitely kicks. My first baby I didn't feel til 21 weeks. And this one moves constantly, sometimes it hurts already and I'm only 13 weeks. I began to suspect twins early on but especially the last few weeks. Plus I started showing at 7 weeks which is not normal at all. I dont find out for sure if its twins for 5 more weeks!


Nahcol - February 11

Today I just turned 9 weeks. I have been feeling movement also. Last night while laying on my left side, I felt something like light tapping. When I gently poked my side, I could fell movement float away, then it came back. It happened about twice. I wanted to make sure I wasnt going crazy. I have a two year old so I know what gas feels like, and this was definately not gas! It kind of freaked me out to the point where I couldnt sleep. I have to wait till my 12th week to have an ultra sound.


mel - February 12

I'm not sure how far along I am b/c don't know the date of my last menstrual, but the doctors are guessing about 11 weeks. I've been feeling this baby or babies move for about 2 wks now.I at first thought I was crazy too but I'm sure that's what it was and not gas.


firsttimemomtobeoftwins - February 12

i felt my twins move at 10 weeks also mine feel like little b___terflys fluttering in there. its pretty neat. this is my second pg with twins my first i had a misscarriage and that was 2 months before i got pg with these two.


patty - February 23

its not really kicks, I'm also 10 weeks with twins.... Its more like flutters. every once in a while I'll feel flutters. Good luck.


Jacalyn - February 28

I am 7 weeks and found out we were having twins last week during a v____al ultrasound. We saw and heard the heartbeats. It was pretty cool. This is my first Pregnancy. I have not felt anything that resembles fluttering yet. Slight Nausea, not too bad.


Kathy - March 2

This is my third pregnancy, and I felt my first flutters at just shy of nine weeks! It definately gets earlier with each PG. I also am suspecting twins. I feel huge -I'm 11 weeks and look the way I did at 5 months last time! The doctor has confirmed that my uterus is developed beyond the point where it should be. Hoping to find out how many there are soon!


Jacalyn - March 22

Nachol, I am ten weeks this week with Twins. Last week I was in a meeting and felt tapping as well. It was bizarre to me as I don't have any other children and have never experienced this sort of thing. I am glad that someone else has felt tapping. I thought I was losing my mind because I thought I wasn't far enough along to feel them. Hope everyone is feeling OK.


Lenora - March 29

I am 12 weeks 4 days and this morning I felt one of them move. This is my third pregnancy so I know what it feels like and know it is definitly not gas!! It happened 5 times in a row in the same spot I know I am not imagining it!:)



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