In Case You Get Pregnant With Triplets Or More

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Just curious - November 2

while taking unprescribed clomid, are you capable of providing for them financially? This is not a judgement question or bashing, trust me. I'm just curious that's all. Feel free to reply annonymously if you want. Again not judging anyone but would just like to know your plan if you do end up with 3 or more babies. Thanks and baby dust to all. (I've been there)


Evelyn - November 2

That's a really good question because I am pregnant with twins, and I really feel like I need to stay at home with them. But that means my husband is going to have to not only support me and him, but also he two new children. I have a feeling it is going to be really rough, I can't imagine having more then these two!


Julie - November 2

I'm not pregnant with triplets, but if I were, we'd be fine. I'm already a stay at home mom-of-2 with great neighbors who've become their adopted grandparents and play with them all the time. My husbands salary is more than enough... I'm really lucky.


Lew - November 2

Yes. ditto to Julie. I think it is so important to look at all aspects of what your decision could mean for you and those around you. I am very lucky to be a stay at home mom and have a supporting husband and great family and friends. I have a fantastic support system! What I found was that how wonderful it has been to find sites where there is so much information about the use and the risk a__sociated with clomid. It has also been so wonderful to read experiences that others have been through (all...the good, the bad, the ugly) You can not make an informed decision with out it! This is a very good question to post, so that others might ponder this subject more and really think it through before proceeding. Thank you, and much baby dust to all! One, two or would be a blessing!!!


tripmom - November 2

so you could afford three times the diapers, three cribs and oh that help you think you would have so easly, if they are premature you will not want that help because of risk of infection. and you are considering the increased medical cost if by chance, which is a big chance, your premature babies, or babies have medical problems. Physical thearpist, speach therpist, and hearing, etc. my nicu follow up apts alone, which are every six months cost me $150.00 per child, and that is just what my very good insurance will not pay. And the kicker my babies are healthy. It is a lot more stressful and expensive then you can imagine. oh and all three of mine were allergic to milk, our formula, with me pumping and supplimenting was $250.00 a week for six months.



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