In Shock RE Found 3 Sacs At 5w2d Help Any Trip Moms

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RLR - April 23

I had a very early u/s due to excrutiating pain from OHSS (thankfully, that seems to be getting better). RE said it's b/c of the 3 sacs she found in my uterus! Yikes. I am in total shock. I know it's way too early and as my re said "3 sacs don't necessarily mean 3 babies," but what if they all stick?! The 3rd one is smaller, but had the white decidua (sp?) around that they look to see in healthy sacs that early. My dh is excited, but I am concerned for the babies and my health. There's just so much to consider. I go back tomorrow for another u/s and OHSS check. I am dying to know what's going on in there! Anyone else have a similar experience? What are the chances of us actually given birth to 3 babies?? Thanks girls!


RLR - April 23

"giving birth," sorry. At tomorrow's u/s I'll be 5w6d.


Krissy68 - April 23

RLR - Congrats and I am saying a prayer for you and dh for healthy babies. Did you take any meds? Please update us as soon as you can. Krissy68


schar - April 23

I am really happy for you 3 is better than none did u take clomid or anything else please tell me on what cd and how much congrats!


MsMonet - April 24

RLR-Girl, just be patient! God doesn't give you more than you can bare and that is the truth. First, be glad that you are preggo. There are so many woman who just can't get preggo ot others who are still trying. I did IVF and got preggo the first cycle. They put 3 embies in and 3 sacs appeared... Not all at the same time because I started out with one and the next wk it was 2 and then 3. The 3rd remained empty after a few wks so I ended up having twins that I just delivered in Feb of this yr. I know that for me... Twins are enough... Don't know what its like to have just one child but twins are enough for me. I was actually glad I didn't have triplets after dealing with my lovely yet very energetic twins from day to day! :o) But I know a few girls who had trips and they manage fine. Its all they are used to as well. We all have our own individual blessings waiting for us. Celebrate being pregnant and know that God will not give you more than you can bare. Can't wait to hear the news! I will check back often.


sphinx - April 25

I conceived triplets and gave birth to twins after one from the identical set stopped development. I think I have learned that you can't dwell on these things. You have to accept and embrace your situation as it is. So, even if you have to accept loss, the best thing to do is accept it and move on for the sake of your family and yourself. If you have 3 healthy triplets, then embrace that. Choose to be excited about it instead of worried. It will serve you much better.


ZenGirl - April 28

OMG RITA!!! OMG! 3 babies?? WOW! are you still soaking it in?? WOW!



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