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donnams83 - April 14

My husband and I were trying for a baby last year and after some time with no results I was diagnosed with PCOS. (I don't ovulate). We are finally able to start trying again. My doctor is putting me on 50mg of clomid. I was looking for anyone who has conceived twins on clomid. Any dose. We would love to have twins. It would be nice not to have to go through everything again. I heard the twin rate is very low. However after reading posts it seems alot higher than what I am reading. I have twins on both sides of my family.


schar - April 14

your best bet is to take it days 3-7 or 2-6 the earlier more eggs


donnams83 - April 16

So you can take it while on your period.


donnams83 - April 16

Who has had twins on 50mg clomid?


kcorley77 - April 30

I had to take clomid when I was trying to get pregnant the last time... I took 50mg for 1 cycle and it did the trick. I had fraternal twin boys. We have been trying for a year now and nothing. Im afraid I need to do clomid again, but I dont want twins again... I had a lot of complications with the ones I had... we almost lost them at 23 weeks (preterm labor). Good luck to you!!


Teddyfinch - April 30

the earlier you take the clomid, the higher your risk of miscarriage because of underdeveloped eggs. twin rate is maybe 3% so don't get your hopes up too high.


donnams83 - May 2

Well good luck to kcorley I hope you are able to conceive on your own. Thats the problem with fertility meds you never know. I have read that Twin rate for clomid is anywhere from 3-7% but after talking to alot of people in this forum and others it seems that rate may be alot higher. I did not ask if twins were in their families which is a big contributor. I have twins in my family but there also has been a high rate of twin miscarriage I only hope that doesn't happen to me.


Michas - May 4

You guys..I conceived naturaly last year but had to have a labour induction at 16 weeks after they found out hat the baby had Turner's syndrome with a serious cycsistic hygroma and had no chances of surviving. I tried again for months though I ovulate every month and I never missed a period, In the end I started with clomid 25mg for the first doze and the second month 50mg, Im now almost 6 weeks pregnant, I'm very tired but I don't have any morning sickness or nausea, I'm not sure whether it will be twins though they strongly run in mo mother's side and my siblings are actually a boy and girl twin set...Please wish me luck..not so much for the twins ...but I healthy baby/babies.. I wouldn't wanna go through another shock of loosing a baby I felt Kicking..


momoftink - October 14

hey I have read so many of these stories, I am currently taking provera then will start clomid on days 5-9, you can check out my blog, as I will be updating any side effects to these medications daily and my outcome, if I will get prego on the first round. Copy and paste it into your address box. Check me out at I want to hear some of your experiences...Hope to hear from you soon


wannababy6 - October 24

Hi. I am new to this so I'm so sure where to start. I had my tubes tied when I was about 24 and then a reversal when I was about 32. I am now 35 and still not prego. My doctor put me on clomid 50mg, I started them yesterday. I am praying for a miracle baby, has this happened to anyone and does this clomid really work? I had an hsg done last Oct. and found out that my left tube is working but my right one is obstructed. I wanna a baby with my new husband. please help. thank you all =)


rm0528 - January 25

I have been hoping for a baby for well over 3 years with no luck. I am taking provera for 10 days to regulate my periods tomorrow will be my last day taking it. Then I have to wait for my period to start and start taking clomid 50mg for the first time on days 3-7. I want this so bad. Has anyone gotten pregnant on days 3-7? Did you take anything else while on clomid? How long after until you got a positive pregnancy test? By the way i am 23 if that makes a difference. any info will be greately appreciated thank you baby dust to all!!!


Sarah5152 - February 2

I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Clomid) - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.


perrykay - October 10

My husband and I have been trying to conceive for two years now last year I was told that I do not ovulate so my doctor started me on clomid 50mg. I have been taking it for 4 months now and wanted some imput from other clomid users to see if I should bump it up to 100mgs or give it a few more rounds? Thank you ;)


Lisa21 - October 12

Hello every one my husband and I (23 and 25) Been ttc for 1year and 3 month but nothing but BFN We had a miss carriage with twins back in 2010 of nov I been doin research about clomid and want to try it Just wanted to kno when do I take it I have a 4 to 5 day cycle How many to take per day (100mg) How long to take it for And is it ok to take if you O


veronica56 - September 8

I bought 50mg of clomid at and after years of trying I was able to get pregnant with it. They will send it to you without a prescription too.


Lara_Goldman - January 26

I'm getting pregnant I have a good stock Clomid. I ordered it at with great discount. Godd luck to you girls!



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