Information On Twins Pregnancy Needed

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byanka - May 1

I thought I had ovarian cysts (period was 1 week late and experiencing abdominal cramping), so I had an ultrasound, which showed I was actually 5 weeks pregnant. There was only 1 yolk sack. Did a pregnancy test that day, and a solid second line showed up within about 15 seconds. Morning sickness began at 6 weeks (instead of the usual 8 weeks), and I have been feeling sick everyday (all day) since. Lots of cravings, headaches, always hungry, heart burn and indigestion. Someone suggested I could be carrying twins. I was a bit sceptical, as I had read that with identical twins, the egg splits in the first week of pregnancy, and I only had 1 yolk sack at my 5 week ultrasound. I am going for another ultrasound at 7 ½ weeks. Does anyone have any information or been through a similar experience


twins4us - May 2

it could be twins but only another u/s will tell you for sure. The egg splitting would be done by 5weeks...that happens before the egg implants or around the 3rd week. Symptoms are very unreliable in diagnosing twins as moms of singletons can and will have the same ones as those with multioples. Twins can be missed by early u/s, those sharing the sac are the most common ones missed, not because the egg hasn't split yet, but because the embryos are so small and often hide behind each other. Good LUck at your next u/s.


Twinmom2be - May 2

I had an ultrasound done at 5 weeks and only 1 sac was found (with a possible other sac but it was very small and the dr said that it was prob just fluid). Then at 7 weeks 2 sacs with 2 heartbeats showed up very clear. M/S has nothing to do with twins. I barely had any. Good luck.


onetwothree - May 4

I had less morning sickness with my twin pregnancy than with my singletons. I guess every pregnancy is different. Let us know what your 7 1/2 week u/s reveals!


j3jones - May 14

I agree with twinmom and 123, I was so sick with my singleton,a now pregnant with twins, I have very little nausea. I found that speariment helps. I use the Altoids mints.


write2sarah - May 25

I knew I was pregnant three days before my missed period. Just found out at 7w I'm having twins.



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