Interpreting Ultrasound 5 Weeks Could I Be Having Twins

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mdh412 - October 12

Hello ladies! I'm 26 y/o, this is my third pregnancy in 4 years, and I am in my 6th week. Last wek, when I was 5weeks and 4 days, Iwent to take a sonogram. But everything occurred so fast and the doctor couldn't see as much. I couldn't say much either about it. He said that the pregnancy was visible though and to go back in 2 weeks so we could get a better picture. When I came back home I began staring at that picture, really closely. Then suspicions started raising. I saw a single sac inside my uterus, but could see two small bean or kind of rice shaped white shapes right next to each other. I know sonograms are very hard to interpret, especially if the machines used don't portray a very clear picture. It all looked blurry, but these two grains of rice looked kind of pointy, and the opposite side, looked a little wider. There is a complete separation between these two white forms I found having exactly the same shape and size. I went online and compared photos of women having an ultrasound around the same time, and found one that looked almost exactly the same. There is at least two pairs of twins in my mom's side. My uncle has a pair and my mom's aunt had a pair. I'm showing a lot faster too. Considering myfamily history, age, pregnancies close to each other, growing bump, and myy own interpretation of this ultrasound, what do you think? Do you know someone that wen tthrough the exact same thing?


Teddyfinch - October 13

could it have been the embryo and the yolk sac? they are side by side and the yolk sac shrinks as your baby grows.


twins4us - October 17

Sounds like the yolk sac as it often is misinterpreted as a second fetal pole. The fact that you are showing and this is your 3rd pg in 4 yrs, I would be surprised if you didn't have a baby bump. A doctor/tech is trained at interpreting the images.... often the untrained eye sees things and misinterprets them.


mdh412 - October 21

Hey there girls, hope you're all okay! I finally scanned the ultrasound pic. I'm putting here the original one and an edited one so you can see where everything is located.



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