Is Anyone Else Waiting To Find If They Are Carrying Twins

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shepner - March 1

I have a ultrasound scheduled for March 8th to confirm my doctor's suspicions that I may be carrying twins. I have your common symptoms: measuring 28 weeks when I'm 23 weeks, Lots of movement all over the belly, I have 3 sets of fraternal twins in my family I have never been so anxious in my life, I am very excited, I have always thought it would be so wonderful to be blessed with 2 little bundles of joy, my husband thinks this is wonderful as he is a twin and loves the idea that there may be two that will grow up together and be best friends. I would love to hear from anyone who is on the same boat!!! 1 week is still a long time to wait!!


ashley - March 1

shepner, you didn't have a 20 week u/s? I am waiting for my u/s which is friday. I am measuring off by 3 weeks. Its been slow progression how about you? At 14 weeks i measured 15. At 17 I measured 19 and at 19 weeks I am measuring 22 weeks. Has your growth pattern been the same?


shepner - March 2

Hi Ashley, I did no receive a u/s at 20 weeks!!! I live in Winnipeg(Canada) getting an ultrasound is not as easy as you think it should be so unless your a high risk you wait until 24-28 weeks!!!!!crazy isn't it! I was not measuring bigger right from the beginning.... I have been measuring off since about 16 weeks I was measuring 19 weeks, then at 23 weeks I'm measuring 27 weeks!!! So he is suspicious it may be 2 babies but only the u/s will confirm that!! You must be so happy your u/s is tommorow!!!!!


Corona - March 2

Not able to get an u/s in Winnipeg? Talk to your doctor. My sister had her 1st child in Winnipeg & she has an u/s at 18 wks. The same way we so it in Ontario. Actually until the end of the month I'm in BC, & I also had an u/s at 18wks however I'm "high risk" & have know that we're having twins since 7wks. That u/s at around the 18-20wk mark is to make sure that everything is progressing as it should once your 1/2 way through. If your that nervouse about it, demand anu/s from your doctor. I mean our taxes pay for our health care! Good luck & keep us posted!


shepner - March 2

It was just my luck!!! My sister just had her daugter Dec 16 and she had her 1st u/s at 14 weeks, another at 20 weeks and fetal a__sesment at 32-33 weeks??? I do have one scheduled for next Wednesday!!! Congratulations on your twins Corona!


ashley - March 2

Corona-when did you start measuring off? Just curious. I rationally tell myself I dont have twins in the family and I am young (27) that there is no way its twins, but for some reason I just can't get the thought to go away. I guess i'll find out for sure tomorrow. Maybe its all the family and friends going "gee you sure are big, is it twins?" Now i'll feel really dumb if its not ha ha!


Corona - March 2

I didn't start measuring off until into the second trimester, but in the first I lost a lot of weight. Try not to listen to what others say. I mean, every pregnancy is different. You'll be able to find out more at your u/s. Good luck!


ashley - March 4

ITs only one and its a boy for me! YAY


Corona - March 4

Congrats on your baby boy! Isn't great to see that everything is fine & that your baby is healthy?


Caitlin320 - March 8

I think I might be carrying twins. I am only 8 weeks pregnant now and my first appointment is tomorrow. There is obviously no u/s scheduled yet but I am going to ask how soon I can get an u/s. I have had a strong 6th-sense intuition that it might be twins from almost the very beginning, plus I had a twin-dream. I think it is identical boys (just a guess based on the dream.) We will see! My symptoms could be in line with twins, or not-- you never can tell with the size of the belly or the degree of m/s. My biggest indication is just this feeling I have. So we'll see. I'll actually feel a bit dissapointed if it isn't twins! Lol.


amber31_06 - April 18

At my first prenatal last week I was 12 weeks by dates but my uterus measured 18 weeks. I am 34 and this is my 6th pregnancy( I have 4 children, 1 pregnancy ended in mc). The dr says that either my dates are wrong or it is twins. I was charting so I am certain about my dates but I still cannot believe that twins are possible. My first ultrasound is in a week and the anxiety is almost more than I can stand!


sarahbaby11 - April 19

amber i would believe it. the chances of twins increases with the number of children you have and your age. so twins might be in your future. good luck i'll keep my fingers crossed for u.


deltabwa - April 27

Shepner , Caitlin and Amber - wondering what the outcome was. How did it turn out? I am also waiting and wondering. My hcg's were extremely high and doubling super fast. My u/s is Tuesday. It's been along wait.


Silent_Wish - May 4

Hi like to ask please? how early did you notice tiny bubble like movements and i know its NOT gas. lol Also did your ankles and fingers swell with twins please?. Im 21 days late and have had 6 negative tests. Waiting to hear blood test results. My belly is swollen as is my fingers and ankles and i do feel "something" strange???. I have had other pregnancies last one was 12 yrs ago.


onetwothree - May 4

That is odd. If there is a baby in there big enough to create movement, then your tests should come out positive I would think, especially if you are 21 days late. To answer your question, I was 10 weeks when I felt odd vibrations that drove me absolutely nuts. I had no idea at the time that it was twins. I hope you hear good news from the DR!



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