Is Anyone Having Twins From IVF

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azgirl - June 22

I noticed there are a lot of clomid twins, but just wanted to make friends with some IVF'ers having twins. I am 10 weeks and could use some people with a similar experience.


MelissaSLP - June 22

check out the site They've got a ton of expecting Mom's and many have gotten pregnant with IVF. Congrats on your babies!!!!


Mega - July 10

Azgirl, I'm about to start IVF & I'd love to have twins. I was curious about how many embryos you transfered to conceive your twins. If you don't mind me asking. Anyway congrats! on your pg., how exciting.


azgirl - July 11

I had three embryos transfered. It was a pretty painless procedure. I was told to be on bed rest for 24 hours, but decided to give myself a little more time. I stayed in bed from Friday, the day of the procedure, until Monday afternoon. I don't know if that is what helped or not, but I basically wanted to do everything I could to make it work. Have you started all the shots? Where are you in the process. I would be happy to answer any questions you have. Good Luck and let me know.


Mega - July 11

Wow, well whatever you did it definitely worked! That's wonderful! Thanks for the info. I haven't started the process yet, I'm hoping to get into see my dr on Friday for a consult. I'm in the waiting game now for AF to show so I can hopefully start supression. My dr was supposed to send in our application for Shared Risk too so I'm in that waiting game as well. I was planning on transfering 2 embryos (though I know it's way too premature to decide for sure) but one of my friends suggested that 3 might up my odds for twins so I was just curious. Thanks for the offer to answer my questions, as you can imagine I have a ton of questions right now. :) It's so nice to "talk" to others who've already been there & better yet have their own success story. So is this your first pregnancy?


azgirl - July 12

This is my second pregnancy, the first one resulted in a miscarriage a couple of years ago. And I hadn't been able to concieve since so we did everything and finally IVF. But i am just about 13 weeks and able to kind of relax. When you get to taking the shots let me know and I can give you some advice to hopefully make them a little easier to handle. My Doc asked us before he implanted the embryos if we were worried about having twins, we said no so we decided to have 3 put in. We only had a 10% chance of all three taking so I wasn't quite worried. But it depends on the doc, I had a friend that did IVF and her doc would only do two. Keep the questions coming.


Mega - July 12

Sorry about your m/c. I'm glad you're feeling more relaxed now that you're in the 2nd trimester. Thanks. I'll definitely let you know when I get to that part of the cycle. Any tips you can give would be great! I'm still trying to find out about our Shared Risk application, grrr! I don't even know if my RE submitted it yet or not & I've called 3 times now trying to find out and supposedly I'll get a call back today with an answer but I'm getting pretty antsy. Office hours are almost up & my phone is silent. To DH & I our acceptance into Shared Risk determines when our IVF timeframe hence my impatience. 10% chance of triplets with 3 tx isn't bad odds. We'd love twins but the thought of trips is pretty scary. I know it's too early for the u/s to tell gender but do you have a feeling on what the gender/genders are of the babies? Do you want to find out the genders ahead of time? Have a great night!


azgirl - July 13

I made a deal with my DH that if there was more than one baby we would find out. I didn't want to if there was only one but he wants to be prepared so we will hopefully find out in a couple of weeks. I think there are two girls, but DH is always asking how his boys are. Time will tell. You mentioned a Shared Risk App, what is that? Is it something to do with your insurance? I am still fighting mine to pay the IVF bill. They have denied me twice for dumb reasons, but obviously I needed it b/c it worked. I am just hoping I don't get a big bill in a couple of months.


Mega - July 13

Yikes! Good luck with the ins. battle. From what I hear deneying claims a couple of times is not an uncommon stall tactic, if your ins. says the cover IVF and you have a policy stating that I don't see what choice they have but to suck it up and pay. No, I don't have any IVF coverage unfortunately but Shared Risk is an alternative for those with no coverage. Basically you pay double what 1 cycle of IVF would cost but it covers 3 fresh & 3 frozen cycles and if you don't take home a baby after all those tries you get 70% of your money back. Not every clinic does Shared Risk though, I got lucky b/c mine just started offering it a few months ago. That'll be interesting to see which of you are right. Maybe it'll be one of each & you'll both be right. Or are the twins identical? While a surprise would be really cool, I can see why your DH would want to be prepared. I think I want to know for my first pg, but maybe make the 2nd pg a surprise. Or not! :)


Mega - July 20

Hey Azgirl! Hope you're feeling well. Well, I started BCPs on Sunday & am now on CD 5. I have my IVF education day at my clinic on Aug.9th. I'd hoped they'd get us in sooner but that was the earliest appt., but DH is able to make it that so that's good. Then I start the supression med (not sure what I'll be on) either the 9th or the 10th, they require that you take the cla__s first. So I feel like I'm officially on my way now. Hope things work out well with your ins. company. I'm eager to find out what the babies genders are, let me know when you find out!


azgirl - July 26

Sorry I have been MIA. Work and vacation have been consuming all of my time. I am so happy to hear you get to start your treatment. You will have to let me know what meds they give you. I hope all is going well. Once you start the process it goes pretty quick. We starting on the 4th and had embryos emplanted by the 28th. So it's nice not to have to do a lot of waiting. We are just waiting until next month to find out what we are having. Let me know if you have any questions, I would love to answer them. Haven't heard from ins company so i am hoping that means they finally sucked it up and paid the bill, but my fingers are still crossed.


Mega - July 26

Hi! Hope you had a nice vacation! Bet the break was needed. Wow, your cycle did seem to move fast. Hopefully mine will too. Thanks! I'll let you know when I get my protocol, which I imagine will be during the cla__s. I think I'll probably do Repronex for sure, I did that on injectibles & responded well, plus I have a box leftover that I don't want to waste. Otherwise I have no clue what my dr will prescribe, can't wait to find out though. I'll keep my fingers' crossed too that your ins. sucked it up & paid the bill.


Mega - August 1

Azgirl--I just got my protocol for IVF. I'll be doing Lupron starting on 8/10 & start stimming on 8/19 with Follistim. What med/meds did you use? Tentetively my ER is around 8/31 with the ET around 9/3. Did you do a day 3 or a blast transfer? It's finally starting to feel real now! I'm so eager to get started...


azgirl - August 1

YEAH!!! Mega I am so happy for you! I was on luprin, which was no big deal. The most painless of the three shots. Then I was put on repronex for the egg development. They did the ER on a Tuesday morning and did the ET on a Friday. So I guess it was a 3 day. This month is going to fly by for you and you will be at the big ET day in no time. Just a tip on the Luprin shot. Since it goes in your belly it's pretty painless, but don't pinch the skin together. It actually works better if you make the skin kind of tight by taking your fingers and spreading the skin. Does this make any sense? If not let me know and i will try to explain again. Good Luck and just remember to think only positive thoughts the whole time. Keep me posted, I will think of you.


Mega - August 2

Thanks, Azgirl. And thanks for the Luprin tip too. I always pinched the skin for the ovidrel subq trigger shot, & it usually bled. So I'll definitely try it your way for the Luprin. I think what you're saying is to sort of flatten the skin & then inject the needle? Is that right? What way to do you spread your fingers apart--left to right or up to down? Or does it matter? Since all my shots will be in the tummy area I'm kind of worried about running out of areas to inject. But I guess I can start reusing Luprin areas with the Follistim pen. I used Repronex for injectibles so I was actually kind of surprised to read I'd be on Follistim, but whatever they think will work best for me is fine by me. I had to have a high dose of Repro to respond well so hopefully it'll be better on the Follistim. Did you have to do the PIO shots? If so, how horrible is it really? If that was part of your protocol I'm sure you're not on those anymore, right? Are you starting to feel the babies move yet? Or is it still a little soon for that?


azgirl - August 2

Your lupron shot goes about an inch below your belly b___ton and you have to alternate sides. So it pretty much has to stay in one are, but the needles are really small, like diabetic needles so its not so bad. I did bruise a couple of times, but never had pain from them. Right, flatten the skin and it didn't matter which way you flatten it, it just helped the needle go in smoother. I don't know about you, but i had a little fat right there, so that kind of helped. I am not sure what a PIO shot is. Is is progesterone? I was on progesterone shots from the day of ER until I hit 10 1/2 weeks pregnant. I can tell you about those if that is what you were talking about. Sorry I am kind of slow with the lingo. I still haven't felt anything. Doc says I should in the next week or so. I thought I had once or twice, but it was probably just gas. I am starting to get a small outie belly b___ton, which I am not to excited about that. My husband thinks its funny. But that is something I can't really do much about, oh well.


Mega - August 2

Yes, PIO shots are Progesterone in oil, all those abbrevations get confusing. If you have any tips for those that would be great. That's what I'm dreading the most I think. Oh yes, I have a bit of padding on my tummy which probably makes it a prime spot for injections. I'm excited to try your trick. I'm excited to start the Lupron actually. Then I'll actually feel like I'm doing something TTC-wise. I'm on Birth Control Pills (BCP) now. Did you do those? Wow, they should be kicking in a week or so, that's exciting. Won't be long now! How cool will that be, the first kick. All the kicks actually.



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