Is Anyone Having Twins From IVF

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Mega - August 2

Yes, PIO shots are Progesterone in oil, all those abbrevations get confusing. If you have any tips for those that would be great. That's what I'm dreading the most I think. Oh yes, I have a bit of padding on my tummy which probably makes it a prime spot for injections. I'm excited to try your trick. I'm excited to start the Lupron actually. Then I'll actually feel like I'm doing something TTC-wise. I'm on Birth Control Pills (BCP) now. Did you do those? Wow, they should be kicking in a week or so, that's exciting. Won't be long now! How cool will that be, the first kick. All the kicks actually.


azgirl - August 3

My tip for the progesterone shot is the same as the luprin. Make the skin tight. Also whatever side is getting the shot, put all your weight on the opposite side. For example, if your getting the shot in the left side, make that side relaxed and pull all your weight on your right leg. It makes the muscles relax and the shots a little easier to take. I always held on to a pillow and put it over my tummy. It just gave me something to hold and it helped me not flinch when I got the shot. I have heard of some people leaning on a sink. But you will probably find what works for you. I was never put on Birth Control. Is there any reason they have you on it besides them not wanting you to get pregnant on your own while taking the meds? I had read in my books that you shouldn't have unprotected s_x while taking the shots b/c they didn't know what harm that could do to a baby. So are you counting down the days until you get to start? that's so exciting!! I'll be thinking of you.


Mega - August 3

Thanks! Oh yes, I'm definitely counting down the days. Exactly 1 week & like 3 hours til I do my first Lupron shot. It's so funny to be excited about getting shots. :) I think the main reason I'm on BCPs is b/c I have PCOS and they just want to time my cycle exactly right + Oing on my own is a hit/miss thing. And also to avoid a natural pg though that's highly unlikely right now. I'll try the pillow thing for the PIO shots, worth a try.Thanks. I did the leg thing with the Repro shots & it does help but I involuntarily flinched anyway so maybe clutching a pillow will keep me from doing that. Did the progesterone injections make you bruise or were your muscles sore? That's what scares me. I had a prog. injection once to induce AF & it made the whole muscle sore for 2 weeks. Ouch! And I'm generally not a pain whimp but I'd hate for that to happen on both sides for 6+ weeks. However, I'm wondering if the nurse hit a nerve, DH did that recently with the IM trigger my last IUI and I had a similar reaction. Oh well whatever. I'm sure the anticipation of those injections is worse than reality. Well, I'm out of here. Have a good night!


brewertracy - August 9

HI azgirl, I just found out that I am having twins. On Monday the ultrasound confirmed two heartbeats. We did IVf and also Fet cycle . This is my second set of twins. I have 11 month old boys as well. To me it was easier with two than when I had my son 7 years ago. Some sleepless nights, but you get that with any newborn baby. I wish you all the best


Mega - August 21

Azgirl--Hi! I hope things are going well for you & the babies. I started the stims on Saturday. (Finally!) I have several resting follies so I've got my fingers' crossed that this will be a pretty high producing cycle. I have my first e2 check tomorrow. I just wanted to say hi, update you on the stims. I hope things are going well for you. Later!


azgirl - October 6

Mega- How is everything going? It has been a while since we've talked, how did the shots go? I was in the hospital for a month with unrelated prenancy problems and I am anxious to hear how things are going for you. We found out while in the hospital that we are having a boy and a girl. We are very excited!


Mega - October 10

A boy & a girl, how exciting! Congrats!! I hope you're feeling better now. Sorry to hear you were in the hospital. A month! Yikes! Well, the shots went fine. The Prog. in Oil (PIO) shots weren't bad at all. Or I should say not as bad as I was fearing they would be. But my cycle ended up being negative. We were pretty bummed about that, but I had 7 embyros frozen, so we're doing a FET (Frozen Embie Tx) at the end of this month. We'll probably put back 2 then as well. Thanks for checking in!


Mega - October 31

Azgirl--How are you feeling now? I hope you're doing better now. How far along are you at this point? Are the twins doing a lot of acrobatic moves right now--moving around all over the place? I had my FET transfer on Friday. We tx 2 4 cell grade b embies and I'm hoping for the best. I'd love to be posting here soon as a twin mom to be. Anyway, I hope you're feeling well. Take care!


Tashawithtwo - June 29

Hi name is Natasha I am just about 10 weeks with twins and would like to talk to other with twins.



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