Is It Possible To Get Pregnant While Already 3 Months Pregnant

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Brian - September 11

Is it possible to get pregnant while already 3 months pregnant?


katie jo - May 30

No, there is such as thing as a mucus plug that seals the cervix after conception.


Brian - June 7

My ex claims that she is pregnant with my baby. She was already 3 months pregnant with someone elses baby. She said she had a period while she was pregnant and the egg was fertilized.


stupefied - June 9

The lack of knowledge here of basic anatomy is appalling and disheartening. No, it's not possible.


nanatwo - June 29

apparently it is a rare occurrence, i jus read an article on cnn about an italian women who will be giving birth to one baby months before her triplets will be born.


mimi - June 30

No you can't get pregnant once you are already pregnant. Like Katie Jo said, once you become pregnant a mucous plug forms at the entrance to your cervix, which makes it impossible for sperm to go through it. So I think that she is just trying to pin the baby on you. You should have a blood test done if she trys to claim that its your child.


cjb - July 7

yes you can get pregnant twice, it is rare, but I know a woman that had two uterus, that means two separate pregnancies


crystal - July 10

no you can't get pregnant while your 3 mounths pregnant!


ebony - July 11

Mimi, I work on the labor and delivery floor in my hospital and women that have two uterus are fairly common. The other uterus usually doesn't work but in some cases it does hence pregnant while already pregnant. Do your research before rea__suring people of what can and can't happen.


Becca - July 12

I too know a woman who was pregnant with two babies each in thier own uterus. It is possible to have two. I a__sume that it is extremely rare though.


To Ebony - July 13

Well I am a student enrolled in a Physician a__sistant program at Loma Linda University, and I am currenty working as an LVN at Pomona Valley Hospital. Yes in strange cases some women are born with two uterus just the same as their are simese babies being born. Its very rare and abnormal, and a women cannot get pregnant from this, it would have to be removed in most cases. Ebony I advise you to do YOUR research before trying to correct Mimi and confuse others. Just because a women has two uterus does not mean that she would get pregnant after already being pregnant. And to Brian, you need to have a talk with your girl friend and a__sure her that honesty is very important in a relationship. Good Luck to you.


Mimi - July 13

Okay I did my research, and I found out alot of vital information. It is called SEPTATE UTERUS. A double uterus, the uterus has two cavities, each cavitie may have its own cervix and v____a. So the women would have two cervixes and two v____as. It is estimated that one in four women will have reproductive failure due to this abnormalty. Their are problems with the women being able to carry the baby to full term also. Most of these women have had or considered surgery to correct this. It is very rare, and it was stated that a women with this condition cannot become pregnant again after already being pregnant. Like I stated before, Im informing others that a women can NOT get pregnant while she is already pregnant. I have did the research, talked with my doctor, and called a Gyno. Office. They all agree that since it is already hard for a women in this condition to get pregnant, IT IS HIGHLY IMPOSSIBLE FOR HER TO BECOME PREGNANT WHILE ALREADY PREGNANT. I think someone needs to brush up on their education, what do YOU think?


Jen - July 13

Yes it is possible to get pregnant once you already are pregnant. My mother was pregnant with me and a month later pregnant with my sister. I was a month over due and my sister was born on her due date! She was ripe and I was over cooked and peeling.


ebony - July 15

You can say ALLLLL these people are lying but if something kind of strange and crazy happens to your a__s I am going to laugh when people say you story is BULL! Strange abnormal things happen everyday. Some people call them maricles and some closed minded people who can't open there eyes enough to see whats in front of them call them freaks! I know what I know and it has happen. Just like the women who was pregnant with twins and she delivered one baby while the other one stayed in to full term. That's not suppose to happen either... BUT IT DID! Some things just happen. By the way I am an RN. Let me know when you get to that point.


ebony - July 22

shouldn't you be the one that is looking for a hobby??? I mean you are the one up at four in the morning cussing people out for trying to give medical advice. I am just trying to help. That's why the message board is here right? People are calling folks freaks and liars and crazy! Just let a person give their opinion and this will be a nice site to visit. Give it up. I am an RN that's why I visit this help people! I see this mess everyday and nobody forces me to do it after hours but I do it to help!


brucen - July 22

Check it out: superfetation


Drummer107 - July 28

Is it possible for a woman to be pregnant for 12 months?



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