Is It Possible To Get Pregnant While Already 3 Months Pregnant

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Drummer107 - July 28

Is it possible for a woman to be pregnant for 12 months?


JD - July 29

The mucous plug was a question in my mind. I did a little research and found out it actually does not seal at conception, but four weeks after conception.


Kim - July 29

I think it must be possible. My husband is a fraternal twin. They also had a triplate that died in the womb. The dr. told his mom that he was actually an identical twin and that his fraternal was conceived later, because she was even more underweight that my husband was. He evidentally told his mom that this was rare.


Tressa - July 31

It is totally impossible to become pregnant once you are already pregnant. The hormonal changes that start as soon as conception occurs prevent new eggs from maturing and being released. There are very rare cases of twins conceived from different fathers, but these acts of intercourse were within a few days of each other, fertilizing two different eggs that were released at the same time. I hope that this answers your question.


me - August 11

actually you can, it is a rare occurence but it CAN happen! Believe me I didnt think it was possible either until I had a miscarriage. The doctors suggested that I go for an ultrasound scan as I kept testing positive. It was at that point they informed me that it was rare but it could happen that i conceived whilst I was already happen, I can't remember the figures but it was something like a 1 in several million chance of it happening and there had already been a case of this happening. As it turned out, I had retained products and not a younger fetus


jj - August 19

is it posible for a women to get pregnet at 14 . and what if the man had a condom and broke during having s_x


311girly - August 20

Are there children on this board. Cussing doesn't make you sound smart. I am a full time college student and while in my biology cla__s last semester, on a weekly basis we had to have a question over the material read. I actually asked this question and the teacher basically said Yes it is possibly to get pregnant while already is very rare. Aside from that who are you people on the board to tell someone they are lying. I think I'll continue reading something that came from a doctor and not some comments from random people with no experience in the field.


Sam - August 23

I honestly don't know if it is possible but I do have a bi cornial uterus which means I have two uterus' and two cervixes'. I was searching this site for info on this and came across this board. I think it is disappointing that some of you insult each other and refer to people as "freaks". This is a board for opinions so lets keep it that way and not insult each other.


lexy - August 23

i just think anything is possible so i would have to agree there is nothing new under the sun


Innocent - August 28

the answer is no


tanya - September 3

no, - you need to read the conception part of your pregnancy book!


Al - September 11

Hey Tressa, I suggest if you are going to post something off the net that is not yours, you state it as so and provide the source.,1511,10405,00.html


ana - September 17



Janeal - September 19

My next door neighbor many years ago had twin girls, one very advanced and one slow. She was told when they were born that it appeared that one was born early and the other was full term. They estimated that she conceived the second twin 3 wks after the first. Also I have another friend who was born a full month after her mother gave her sister up for adoption. Was told she has that seperated uterus thing. I didn;t belive her for the longest time but just about 2 wks ago I saw on the Discovery Channel Birthday program a woman who was in the hospital delivering her baby that was high risk due to seperated uterus or divided uterus. She however was only haveing 1 baby.


bake - September 26

yes, I am a suriving twin of sush a pregnancy my mom had 5 other children,then got preg,for me,she had no reason to make the story up.I would like to Know the medical term for it .


Tracie - September 27

Brian, I believe that it is possible. My sister in law was a high risk pregnancy and had many ultrasounds. During the first two, there was one baby that was measuring right where it should be. During her thrid ultrasound, there was a second fetus that was growing, but quite a few weeks behind the first fetus. As her pregnancy progressed, they grew at the rate that babies should grow, but the second baby was still measuring way behind. My niece was born six weeks early, the second baby did not survive labor because it was too premature. Just so you know, it is not a period that causes the egg to be released. Ovulation actually occurs in between periods. The period usually comes about a week and half to two weeks after ovulation. Good luck.



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