Is It Possible To Get Pregnant While Already 3 Months Pregnant

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onetwothree - March 16

Just sounds to me that your friend didn't wait for the 6 week mark. I have heard of siblings being 9 months apart.


Erin1979 - March 26

Actually there was a woman in Canada who had two uterus'. She had 2 babies, not twins, 3 months apart.


naturechild70 - April 3

it is possible, however, EXTREMELY unlikely. Therefore next to impossible. I would a__sume she is lying unless proven by a doctor. Go to the doctor's with her and check out her story. ask questions. She would be a one in a trillion if it were true.


Mandy1984 - April 12

there is a condition that an egg can be fertisized up to 13 days after 1 has already been F'ed.. I think there has been 10 recorded cases its something like parcite conjoined twin usually joined at the head, unless normal conjoined twins 1 baby will usually only have a head, The last case was in 2000 in egypt and the only sucessful case to be separated (of course only 1 twin lives as the other is considered a parasite) This is the only condition I know of that another egg can be fertilized after conception but 13days is hardly 3 mths :)


midnight_drift - April 13

It amazes me how rude some people are! And that this argument has gone on since May of 2004!!!!! Alright, many people have websites and personal information that it is possible, and hey, I believe it is, because it happened to my mother, while she was pregnant with my sister. She lost the other baby, but she still had my sister. I know, I was there! So please, stop being so rude, saying someone is STUPID for not knowing, is an ignorant thing. No one is a freak, no one is stupid, I would have asked the question myself even. I feel bad for the person that reads this, and a lot of you are calling him/her stupid. Please, can some of you grow up?


ameliaspence - February 1

i am pregnant with a 29 week baby and a 26 week baby.... YOU CAN GET PREGNANT WHILST ALREADY PREGNANT.....


Corona - February 1

It is not uncommon for twins who are conceived at the same time to measure at different gestational ages during your pregnancy. My twins always measured at least 2wks apart.


myiysis - February 16

stop the arguing it has happened before very rare but noone can tell you if it is happening to you so get the blood test and find out...


samehere - February 17

This post is about 3 years old. So I'm pretty sure the girl isn't pregnant anymore.


KAR - September 12

Yes this is possible very rare but possible, so i am sorry to knock you down a peg or two "stupefied" but your obviously not as well informed as you think you are. There was a case of this happening in the last 3 months in Hartlepool England where a woman gave birth to 2 baby's which were conceived a couple of months apart from each other.


laceyd__kens - November 14

A relatively definitive answer - it happened to my mother. I was a full term baby, and my twin (born at the same time) was a tiny preemie, half my size, and placed in an incubator for several weeks. We were later told Mother ovulated and had some bleeding throughout her early pregnancy. Superfecation or what - my parents were told at the time, after a 2nd heartbeat started, that there would be two babies...very different sizes...and 50 years later - the story still astounds. We "girls" are fine, and had regular pregnancies.


Josh - March 4

hello, if anyone is still on here, my fiancee and I are dealing with this right now. we even went to several different doctors and they couldnt believe it either. First we we're having twins, and very excited, then come to find out she went into preterm labor and when she delivered she found out there was to more that was conceived several weeks after the first two. We just had the second set 2 1/2 weeks ago. for the most part they were all healthy. several days after giving birth to the 2nd set they told her she is over 2 months pregnant with 1 more. They diagnosed her with "Uterus Didelphys" and told her that even though she was pregnant her body is still producing eggs. She wasnt on any fertility meds either. They even interviewed her at the hospital and put it on the news. So for Inquiring Minds it IS possible.


RobinK - March 14

Actually, that's not entirely true. Although EXTREMELY rare, women have actually conceived while pg. I'm not sure how or why it happens, but we had at least one hospital case in which a woman that delivered was also carrying a 6 month old live fetus. No, the dates weren't wrong. No, it wasn't a twin to twin transfusion. The babies actually were 90 days (approx) apart in gestational age.


RobinK - March 14

You're lack of medical knowledge is even more tragic. It IS possible, although highly unlikely, to carry babies with different gestational ages. Your credentials to make such a bold, and rather ignorant comment again were?


Alyson1013 - August 14

This is for stupefed your so stupid stop acting like you know everything when you dont know anything your lack of knowledge of basic anatomy is appalling and disheartening it is too possible, it's very unlikely but it is still possible.


wifelady - August 31

HAHA this is funny... i was in advanced biology where we learned about this actually... it happens that dogs sometimes will have a litter of puppies from different donors because they release eggs at random throughout heat. Though humans do NOT do this typically sometimes it DOES happen... The absolute fartherst apart twins can be is 6 weeks... because in some women (yes rare) they really do get a period the first month because their hormones are not as high maybe they ovulate late so their body just hasn't caught up whatever. So the idea is that a woman conceives one baby at 2 weeks... at 4 weeks her body mistakenly has a period and carries on to ovulate again 2 weeks later. 6 weeks apart... other than that it can be two eggs from the same cycle just days apart... thats actually quite common with fraternal twins. I can't believe how intense this debate has been since you can really look it up... oh and the mucus plug does NOT form right away to let everyone know... the cervix closes of when the body realizes it's pregnant... if it hasn't realized yet... the cervix would not be closed... mucus plug or not! Judge my knowledge i don't care :) I just think this explains why sometimes people have missed twins... maybe the other one was conceived later and was undetectable at the time... who knows but it is interesting to think about! GOODNIGHT everyone... thats enough knowledge gabbing for one evening :)



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