Is It Possible To Miss A Twin

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CLC - December 11

I went for an ultrasound at 6w3d due to a cramping that had me bent over for five minutes (much worse than anything i have ever felt before) Well at the ultrasound We (the tech and I) saw the baby and a heartbeat as well as what looked like another sac behind it but you could only see the side.(that was a transva___al ultrasound) Well I had another ultrasound done at 9 weeks the baby measured 8w6d but the other sac was not visible. I asked the tech about it and she said it could have been the angle. She tried to show me what she was talking about but it wasn't visible. Well I figured maybe the sac moved further up.(another transva___al) When I was supposed to be 13w5d I measured 14w3d. She also told me she almost couldn't see the baby bc of how low my placenta was. (another transva___al) Well about 2 days later I had bad cramping and when I went to sleep I woke up a couple of times to cover my son back up and each time I just thought I had to pee and since I didn't feel like I had to go bad I just went back to sleep. When I woke up and went to the bathroom my pants were covered in blood. I was taken to the ER by my husband and my mom watched my son. They did a abdominal ultrasound(my first) but only looked at my lower right side (complete opposite from where I had found the heartbeat which was the upper left side so I thought she wouldn't find a baby and would have to look else where) Well she found a baby and the baby measured 15w2d when it was supposed to be 14w6d She then did another transva___al and told me again that she could barely see the baby that way bc of my placenta. While she went to get someone to wheel my bed back down to the ER I looked at the screen which I wasn't able to see during the ultrasound and it said my baby weighed about 5 ounces already. And from that day on I could only find the heartbeat at the same place I found it b4. It was a strong heartbeat then I tried once again where the baby was and found a faster (by 10-15 bpm) heartbeat that was strong. Could it be twins that were implanted far apart and not seen bc of my low placenta? and bc the tech did not look anywhere but the lower right side?


bump - December 12



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CLC - December 14



B - December 21

I am a faternal twin. I was born in 1980. My parents had the doppler to listen for the baby's heart beat and the doctor heard one heart beat and thought an echo of the heart beat. So my twin brother was born and my parents were very happy. The doctor began repairing my mom with sutures and I stuck my hand out and grabbed the doctor's wrist! (Or so the story goes)The doctor said "We've got another one here!" My mom being tired, not expecting twins, and not wanting to go through labor all over again yelled "Nooooo!!" But Oh yes! There I was! A beautiful girl! My dad called his parents and said "Well, I got my boy!" They said "That's great!!" And he said 'I got my girl too!" They were in disbelief. My mom was tiny and although she was Big the doctor told her the singleton she was carrying was going to be big. He didn't suspect twins either because they don't run in our family. I don't know if US were available then or not but my parents couldn't have afforded to have one anyway, but yes, I was a total surprise. all 5 pounds 14 ounces of me!


t - December 21

It is always possible that you started out with twins and lost one. That is way more common than most people would believe. I hope the rest of your pregnancy is a little less scary. GL.



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