Is It Possible To Miss Twin At U S

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4buzybeez - November 28

hi, i went for my 1st u/s today. they estimated that i am 7wks pregnant and due mid july 08. The sono only saw one baby. Is it possible to miss twin at such an early stage? this pregnancy say been very different for me but i know all pregnancies are! Does anyone have hungry pains very 1hr or so? mine is worse at night. i'll be hungry about 20mins after i had a full feed! its gets very tiring because most of the time i dont feel like eating but i have to for the baby and also if i dont eat i get very sick. i have been pretty lucky that i havent had any bad nauseas, the only thing i have is extreme tiredness. the sono today, when she first saw the baby she said ' its very tiny ". now she has maded me very worried that my baby isnt big enough for its age and will affect its health and growth. i was quite shocked when she said that cos my stomach is actually very big! everyone has been guessing that im around 4-5 months preg!!!


4buzybeez - November 28

oops! forgot to ask. is a v____a u/s better than a belly u/s? do they see it more clearly? i had a belly u/s. the sono did it pretty fast to me, wasnt even in there for more than 10mins and she was done! maybe cos baby still small and not much to look at!. this is my first time at this new u/s medical centre. with my previous pregnancy i always went to the same one and they always took their time there and give me a picture of baby afterward, with this u/s i didnt get a picture for my baby for keepsake. maybe should ask my doctor to refer me to another u/s centre at my 18wks rountine u/s.


twins4us - November 28

Yes it is possible, but not likely. If the tech spent 10 minutes looking arond they would have seen another sac as it is rare for the sacs to be the exact same shape and size and be directly in front of one another. Getting big isn't always a factor of may be because you have several kids and or your pg are close together. There aren't any twin symptoms only pg ones. Yes vag u/s are better than abd ones, but they are still adequate in diagnosing twins. Hope that helped. Good LUck with your pg.


Expecting3 - November 28

We were told by the songrapher that he could not see anything the first time we went, twins the second time and now have finally confirmed we are expecting triplets!!! So, yes, it can happen. The internal scans do see more clearly but it probably wont be needed by the next time you go.


4buzybeez - November 29

expecting3: oh my gosh! CONGRATULATIONS!!! how far along are you now? i also have a girlfriend who had triplets at the end of last year. they just celebrated their 1st birthday last weekend. i hope everything goes fine for you and all the best to your babes! keep us updated on your progress!!! for me twin would be a blessing even tho a would be too crowd in my small apartment but im happy with a singleton as well, as long as baby is healthy i am very happy. this was a unplanned preg, since i already have 3 kids, my youngest is 1yr and i was planning him to be my last! i guess God has better things planned for me eh?



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