Is This A Crazy Plan

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duttyeh - September 12

It is roughly a month to the day that I lost my babies, I was pregnant with triplets and miscarried one at five weeks. lost the other two at roughly 14weeks. My body is finally starting to feel normal and Im not AS emotional as before, but ready to try again. It was my first pregnancy, I'm 31, and took no drugs but had recently started(2months before getting pregnant) birth control and stopped it after one month because of the decreased libido. Twins run in my family but part of me wonders if the abrupt stop in BC played a part as well... My plan is to take BC for one month, then stop when my period starts, then take 50mg of clomid on CD3-7, I figure it increases my chances of having multiples and I'm sorry but I feel so robbed of my babies, I know I can't reproduce them but I wanna have multiple reporduction...any thoughts on doing it this way?


wifelady - September 12

No it's not a crazy plan as far as i'm concerned! First of all... i am so sorry for your loss! I was recently pregnant with twins... and had a missed miscarriage (kind of) we discovered at 12 weeks that they had stopped developing... scheduled a d&c but i miscarried the night before and still had the d&c so i guess i got the worst of both worlds! This was a little over three weeks ago... and i TOO felt robbed of my babies... it was not my first pregnancy but it hurt my heart so bad... I am gonna start trying when my cycle finally begins... still no period in sight and will be taking clomid cd 3-7 because i now want twins... i do not want to replace those babies because i will always count them seperate but i think it is perfectly normal for people who have lost one baby to want another so naturally if you lose two (or more) then you would want to experience that same type of pregnancy! I conceived my twins naturally as well and i support you ALL THE WAY!! because i'm in the same boat... only i'm not gonna take bc for a month. I've never been on bc sooo no real reason for me to get on it. Good luck girl! I'll be rootin for you!


duttyeh - September 13

Thanks wifelady! Sometimes I'm not sure if I'm thinking rationally or emotionally, not to say there is anything wrong with the latter, but just want to make sure I'm using some amount of reason! I'm so sorry for your loss and enduring it twice:-( I hope the outcome turns out how you want for next time!


twinsmichelle - September 16

i'm so very sorry for your loss. i've lost a child i can't imagine losing three. i hate to say this, but if it were me, i'd want a singleton pregnancy if i lost my multiple one, due to all the scarey stuff involved and my preious loss. i'd think maybe it was too much on my body perhaps, plus the risks are higher, and everything is scarier, and our bodies truly are meant for one at a time, though healthy multiples are born every day, i'd just be so scared of it happening again, but that is ME, and i'm not in geirf over such a loss, so it's hard for me to understand that, but i do understand grief, and loss, and i'm really sad you have had to go through so much. you will be blessed soon, i know. right now, I'm pregnant with twins, and really frightened. triplets would scare me to death. i'd just try for one healthy baby and if God happens to give you more than it's meant to be, but as a mom, who knows firsthand what it is like to love and lose, even if we think we aren't trying to replace something, in any way shape or form, in our subconsious, we really sort of do sometimes in a round about way. i lost a ds and i wanted a ds back, and God sent me a dd THANKFULLY, so i didn't have to go through life comparing them, and thinking to myself in some way, is my son really in there? or other crazy thoughts, i know it all sounds so weird and i said i never could replace my child, and replacing him was far from the reason i wanted a ds, but years later i realize now it was in my grief, and i can't replace him, noone ever will, i mourn and remember him for him, but when you are in grief nothing is rational and it shouldn't be. just hope and pray for healthy babies, be it one at a time or both, life is too precious, we have to take the blessings we are given and find happiness in that. i'm trying to adjust to being pregnant with multiples, because i have so much fear. we only could handle one more, we felt, in every way, and i feel very scared, but i love my children, but sooo fear losing another. it's an awful place to be, i hope God gives you a stick bean or beans really soon. so sorry again for your horrible losses.



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