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Bless - July 2

Hi i was wondering if anyone out there had a sucessfull IUI when male factor was involved?


Corona - July 2

Hi, our problem was both male & female factor. Hubby had low morphology & I have difficulty carrying. Our twins are now 18days old & perfect thanks to IUI with superovulation. We used puregon & the HCG trigger. This however was not our 1st attempt. You have to be patient to make sure your using the correct amount of meds & timing things well. Good luck!


Bless - July 2

Thanks Corona, our problem is low sperm count. The doctors seem to think only IVF will work... were you told this as well?


freebird - July 5

Our first IUI with superovulation was successful. My DH has low morphology (10%). HIs count was very high, however, so after the sperm wash we were left with a very good sample with a good count. My RE gave us a 45% chance of conceiving within 3 cycles and was extremely surprised that it worked on the first try. I think we got very very lucky.


Corona - July 5

Hubby's morph was even lower...4.5%!! Keep in mind that it can vary 2& either way. Still, even at that, very low! Doc said he would only try 3 times & then we should move to IVF. However, even with superov, I don't produce enough follies for IVF before going into hyperstimulation. Hubby also had a moderate sprem count. We got lucky on the third try. I feel it may be worth a shot for you. It sure costs a whole lot less. Good luck!


Bless - July 8

Here for IUI is only $300 and my clomid is covered. The only problem we have is low count (8 million) but everything else was perfect. The RE said our only hope was IVF ($10,000) I have done research and there is people who have had lower sperm count and got pg. I go Aug. 9 to set a date


Corona - July 9

Bless, good luck in August! Seeing as IUI really wouldn't put too much of a dent in the old pocket book, maybe it wouldn't hurt to give it a try before going to more aggresive treatment. It's much less invasive than IVF. It worked for me, so I'm a strong supporter of IUI, however, remember that everyone is different. Also remember that doctors can really only speculate with fertillity issues as they are dealing with the complex workings of 2 human beings. Just the female body is complicated! It never hurts to get a second opinion. Is it possible for you to consult another doctor? Do you have coverage for meds? They can be very expensive. If you wish to talk more or wish for more privacy, you could always leave your email address. I'ls love to share my experience & maybe offer some support!


Bless - July 9

Thanks Corona, I will be getting a new specialist on Aug.15( so right after my appt) Did your spouse have a low sperm count? And yes i do have some coverage for meds. I think i will try at least 4 IUI before starting to save for IVF. I do believe this may work.


Corona - July 10

That's the spirit!! Keep us postd!



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